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artist: Gamma Ray date: 01/29/2010 category: compact discs
Gamma Ray: To The Metal
Released: Jan 29, 2010
Genre: Power Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal
Label: earMUSIC
Number Of Tracks: 10
Gamma Ray is back with a brand new pure metal album to blast through the stereos of any metal fan in the world.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 8.3
To The Metal Featured review by: UG Team, on january 29, 2010
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Sound: German metal band Gamma Ray is back with a brand new pure metal album to blast through the stereos of any metal fan in the world. After gaining great success with Land of the Free II, Gamma Ray comes back to the classic heavy power metal created so long ago. The band has come back stronger than ever with the album To The Metal. The music put into this creation is very admirable with catchy melodies and even catchier riffs. Every chord change was thought of with great accuracy as to what sounds the best, rather than just making a song for a song. The keyboard lines were put to great use in the song Deadlands, which then turns into a very remarkable song with head-banging drum beats that bring the listener awe-struck immediately. The keyboards also allow for a great use of melodies to be further established into the song. Enough with the catchy melodies though, and take it to songs such as Time To Live, or Shine Forever. These songs are purely riff driven with heavy distortion and fast riffs that make any guitar player want to pick up the guitar automatically. Their even appear to be softer songs in this album, these include Empathy and No Need To Cry, which both sound very ballad like.

Hansen and Richter combine their ideas perfectly yet again, like every album. They play in sync perfectly, like any other great guitar duo, but better. They even play two different riffs altogether as seen on Shine Forever, where one guitar is playing the main and lead riff, while the other is playing a more simplified version of it. This give the listener a more interesting appeal and this is why Gamma Ray has to be the catchiest, if not best Power Metal band on the scene today. Solos are extensive and perfectly executed, as seen in probably the best solo on the album, Mother Angel. // 9

Lyrics: Vocals are done to a great extent by Kai Hansen, with many different styles thrown into the album. No Need To Cry reminded me of a better Axl Rose in the song Don't Cry. Certain vocal styles remind the listener of King Diamond and his ecstatic vocal abilities. Sometimes Hansen even sounds like Stratovarius lead singer Timo Kotipelto. Lyrically all songs are beautiful with songs of regret, the angels, and overall a happier tone to the lyrics then the past couple albums. To The Metal is a song about the genre of metal, as the title of the album and song hint at. // 8

Overall Impression: Gamma Ray has been critically acclaimed around the world, and now the praise is just about to contort to higher levels than before. Every song on To The Metal is a creation that emancipates itself from any other song on the album. The flow from song to song is perfect, and the listener never gets bored of any song, no matter when or what time it is. 2010 has started with a hopeful look into the this year's metal with Gamma Ray already soaring above expectations, and straight to the metal. // 8

- Sean Michael Gonzalez (c) 2010

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overall: 9.7
To The Metal Reviewed by: SpaceEater1000, on june 24, 2010
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Sound: When I heard Land Of The Free 2, it was quite possibly the best album I have ever heard. Which is saying alot, as cliche as it may sound. Amazing melody, hard and heavy riffing, soloing that is second to none and a Huge feeling of heart and soul. When creating a master piece such as this, I was intrigued to see what these guys put in front of us. I was not disappointed. This album has everything any metal fan could want, melodic genius, epic vocal lines, prominent in verses, pre choruses and choruses. Not to mention the guitar... Some of Gamma Ray's finest and well structured songs to date. For lack of a better English word... The solos are insane! I mean I've always known that Kai and Henjo are really great shredders, but I've found that they (mainly Kai) tends to focus more on writing Good solos instead of fast ones. This record has both of those qualities. Empathy: A typical Gamma Ray opener. Fast double bass, hard riffing and great vocal lines. The chorus, however is not typical GR. If you listen very closely you can hear the heavy, almost death metal like over dubs. A very good song. 5/5 All You Need To Know: Epic intro, verse is heavy and powerful as hell. The chorus, the first time I heard it, I thought to myself "Ah, what an anti climax" as it's so happy and joyful... BUT after about two or three listens to the song, it grew on me, and with Michael Kiske's voice it only adds to the whole point. 5/5 Time To Live: This is Gamma Ray at it's finest. Totally mind blowing intro, the verse is also heavy and kicks your ass, the chorus blows you away, with pure genius melodic lines. Solos are excellent and and the drumming is technical as hell. 5/5 To The Metal: A hard, "I'll kick your ass" metal anthem. The riff may be seen as a little predictable, but it sure gets the point across! Lightning solos from Kai and Henjo. 5/5 Rise: Genius intro, clean guitar into the hard distortion sound. The verse is fast and has double bass that'll make a guitarist play Air Drums... I did. Great chorus, great solos very fast and a killer track. 5/5 Mother Angel: You must be getting pissed off here, but I gotta say it... EPIC intro. Very 80's style. The song is slower and has an eerie, melancholic sound to it which is really cool. These guys know how to mix up the happy, uplifting songs with the lower sadder ones. Solo is outstanding. 4/5 Shine Forever: This is my least favorite song on the album. The verses have those Primal Fear/Priest style high screeching. Don't get me wrong, I love that kinda thing, but I don't think it's very Gamma Ray... The chorus is a little too corny for my taste. Once again, don't misunderstand me I know it's a great song, but the happy tune and the lyrics are too much. 4/5 Deadlands: Great song. Very good chorus, and even better verses. Solos are second to none. 5/5 Chasing Shaddows: Okay, solos: Amazing. The guitar work is great, and the vocals are perfect, and you hear the emotion and Kai's voice and playing. 5/5 No Need To Cry: This is the ballad of the album written by Dirk in memory of his father. If this doesn't shout emotion, I don't know what does. Very good vocals, and melodic line. 5/5 The two Japanese Bonus tracks: Great songs, but I don't think they are really part of the album. I hate unreleased tracks. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are overall very good. Some corny lines hear and there, but hey what power metal band doesn't have that every now and then. There is so much heart and soul in these lyrics, I think that Kai Hansen is one of the worlds best, and most versatile singers. Listen closely to what is happening in the vocal section of this album... The words are very well written and fit Perfectly with the music. // 10

Overall Impression: Gamma Ray Are the godfathers of power metal, and if you try to tell me otherwise you're an idiot wrapped in a morron. This is epic stuff, they deserve all the credit and success they have achieved over the years. Very few bands are as consistent as these guys. Unlike so many other bands, they've kept their style and only improved on it. Most impressive songs? I don't know, they all have unique styles and all catch a different side of emotion. What do I love about it? Everything, great music, solos, vocals, drums, bass, keyboards, over dubs, album cover is really effective as well. If it were stolen/lost? Very simple: It wouldn't. // 9

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