Live At Monsters Of Rock review by Gary Moore

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  • Released: Sep 30, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (15 votes)
Gary Moore: Live At Monsters Of Rock

Sound — 8
First of all, I want to say that I only know these songs. And don`t know the originals or other songs. And I say that 'they' are a band. Because it`s not only Gary Moore. So let`s begin. They`re impressive live. You can feel the power of some songs really coming through the stereo. The power mostly comes from the riff`s who are to be honest... basic. Don`t expect a song with 100 different chords, riff`s and everything. Ofcourse they go beyond E5 - G5, and sometimes have a pretty intresting riff or chord progression, most of the time made by a bluesy note between. But you can make good rock songs with just the basics. Take Stand Up or Shape of Things wich is the opener of the gig, it`s a hell of a song according to me. A few basic chords, but play them on the right way and it kicks ass. Though the riff`s aren`t the best in the world, the solo`s are amazing. Sometimes they`re around two minutes but it doesn`t get boring, wich is a sign of skills. Short summary: 01.Shape of Things, just a rock song. Has a really good bridge. 02.Wishing Well, a bit slow rock song with really good solo. 03.Rectify heavy rock song with some good riffs. 04.Guitar Intro Gary Moore shredding... 05.Stand Up Powerfull bass, wah pedal and a bluesy solo. Awesome song. 06.Just Can`t Let You Go To be honest a boring slow song iwht a heavy break. 07.Walking By Myself Blues-rock. 08.Don`t Believe A Word first the slow-blues version. Then the fast-blues-rock. 09.Out in the Fields Heavy rock song, with an interesting break-down in wich the crowd get`s enthousiastic. Good vocals 10.Parisienne Walkways Blues-rock song. That`s mostly a solo actually. I think it`s a good CD for driving in a car on a highway.

Lyrics — 9
The first song, Shape of Things latst 5 minutes. And at the end of that song Gary Moore can already sing so high that you wonder if he has been castrated, and he sings amazing in Out in the Fields. The vocals are from good to astonishing, and it`s live. But in Stand Up for example, they`re not so powerful, wich is a pity I think for such a powerful song. But in Walking by Myself he has a pretty powerful voice. The lyrics: There`s Out in the Fields, with good lyrics, and there`s Just Can`t Let You Go with pretty onoriginal lyrics if you aks me. None of the lyrics are like poems. No ethical questions (Though Shape of Things is a bit ethical) or something. Overall it are decent lyrics, some are better then others. The lyrics are about stuff like love, non-love and war.

Overall Impression — 8
So, it are a bit basic riff`s, but with some bluesy notes between them they become better. The solo`s are pretty damn good. And every song has one, so if you like to hear some good solo work you should give it a try. Gary Moore is a blues-guitarist (as what I heard) and you notice that in his solo`s. They have a bluesy edge sometimes, and in the blues-rock songs it`s as bluesy (with a rock edge) as Sex Pistols are punk. The CD consist 5 rock songs, 2 blues-rock songs, Don`t Believe a Word is first played slowly-blues, and then they play the fast version, a guitar solo interlude and there`s Jus`t Can`t Let You Go, that has a heavy break-down but is further a (too) slow song. Gary Moore does runes the slow part actually with a too heavy solo bit, wich I find a waste. A more then good CD to listen to if you like rock, and can listen to some blues once in a while. But listen to a song before you buy. It`s maybe not your taste.

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    Good God folks, he made one comment about one band that wasn't even the focus of the review! Leave it be! And you! (points at interviewer) Don't be a 12 year old back at them, just ignore them like mommy told you to.
    zigslip wrote: 01meliac wrote: erm, well im right! Whitesnake are shit! merely your opinion, theres plenty of people who would say whitesnake are not shit
    i wouldn't say whitesnake are shit! if you actually listen to the stuff, then its good music, regardless of whos playing it in the band!
    okay one for the record, i know of the tosser that goes by the name of 'samueltjones', and he knows **** all about music and doesn't even play guitar FFS, just go home same, a review contains you opinions, of course its gona be biased one way or another. Seriously sam BUT OUT!
    Gary is the epitimy of what the eletric guitar should sound like. No gimmicks, just one man playing a guitar with lots of emotion. One word of warning, when you buy the album prepare to spend all of your spare time learning, listening and playing it. Gary moore=guitar god