Chariot Stripped Review

artist: Gavin DeGraw date: 04/14/2006 category: compact discs
Gavin DeGraw: Chariot Stripped
Release Date: Jul 27, 2004
Label: J-Records
Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock
Number Of Tracks: 23
It's an illustration of how great, how real, artists can sound when they aren't constrained by radio-ready sheen.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 10
Chariot Stripped Reviewed by: Sash0, on january 06, 2006
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Sound: Chariot Stripped contains all the songs from original album Chariot plus bonus cover version of "Change Is Gonna Come" from Sam Cooke. As Gavin said in an interview: "I would like for people to get closer to the textures of the human voice..." - this is exactly what this album presents. It sounds like you would be sitting in the same room Gavin and his band are playing. Some songs are just voice-piano others are whole-band-sound. It brings you to the roots of real life performers "In The Good Old Days" where all the extra sound equipment (computers and all other gadgets) wasn't available. Great piano skills, great bandsound and perfect voice. It sounds astonishing! // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics are somewhat deep as the artist describes his own experiences and thoughts. Some may be a bit melancholic, some playful other satirical. You can find very touching metaphores and also very dodgy girl-love lyrics. Overall the good ones prevail. Singing skills as well as the compliance of the lyrics with music is perfectly played-out. // 10

Overall Impression: Gavin DeGraw definetely brings freshness to the table of modern music. He journeys back to the ideology of music where the sound is pure and straight from within the performer, to where the lyrics are poetical and where music and only music is really what matters, not the clothing, whiteness of theeth or other superficiality. Gavin has a great deal of experinces playing live (over 10 years), he plays several instruments (piano, guitar, sax), he writes his own songs and has gathered a great deal of material that is for now available only live. Him getting bigger and more known shows that people still care for "real music." // 10

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overall: 9.3
Chariot Stripped Reviewed by: Swinger, on april 14, 2006
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Sound: Gavin's music was very relaxing and it sounds like he took his vocal chords and poured it onto the CD. I'm impressed with this because I know that he is very talented and I didn't expect the cd to be this good especally listing to the acostic version. His style is unique and kind of classy. His voice is amazing! // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics were impressive. They actually made sense (most of the time). What I mean by that is that I didn't quite understand the meaning of Chariot or Chemical Party even though they are good songs. I think it would have been more benificial if he could did his lyics a little better but besides that they were good. Once you listen to the songs you will have to listen again and again. The songs were realistic and many pople can relate to them. The lyrics go with his face; they are both beautiful. He put a lot of emotion in his lyrics and maybe some of this stuff did happen to him that's why he's so emotional which I think makes the music sound better. // 9

Overall Impression: My favorite song on this albulm is "Just Friends" because it just makes you want to rock and sing along with it.None of the song are boring but he sure can sing you to sleep. I love that he styled this albulm up to what he thought sounded good. I hated that when he's at a good part in the song he slows his singing down which really starts to get annoying. This CD probably can compare to maybe future Ashley Parker Angel's cd and I'm sorry to say but I think Ashley's CD would be better. No offence to Gavin but I love Ashley. If I was to lose this CD I would proably have to go get another one for sure (I'm joking) sike! // 9

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