Selling England By The Pound review by Genesis

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  • Released: Sep 30, 1973
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (33 votes)
Genesis: Selling England By The Pound

Sound — 9
"Selling England By The Pound", is what I consider the best album Genesis ever made. Tony Banks discovers synthesizers and real soloing, Steve Hackett introduced sweep picking to progressive rock, and Peter Gabriel's vocals were at their best. The album is started with the two radio hits, "Dancing With The Moonlit Night" and "I Know What I Like", considered the greatest works in the Hackett/Gabriel era. The rest of the album fluidly runs with little error, with "Firth Of Fifth", "After The Ordeal" and "The Cinema Show", one of Banks' greatest keyboard solos.

Lyrics — 9
Even after writing "Suppers Ready" for Foxtrot, Peter Gabriel was still full of amazing songs, and his vocals were just as good if not better. His reference to pop culture destroying Britain's music in "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight" is genius, and his writing about mythology and classical Shakespear in "The Cinema Show" is especially good. Even Phil Collins' vocals in "more fool me" is Beautiful.

Overall Impression — 10
Compared to the sometimes more drawn out songs in previous albums, "Selling England By The Pound" is essential. "Firth Of Fifth" was the first song that got me into Genesis, with the piano intro, the amazing lyrics, synthesizer jam session showing off Phil Collins' worth as a drummer, and the amazing guitar solo at the end, this song is my personal favorite song of any Genesis song. If there is anything on this album that's not perfect, it's "Battle Of Epping Forrest", one of those songs where the band got a little carried away with their jamming. If someone stole this from me I would probably slit their wrists with a rusty fish hook! If you are not sure what Genesis album to get, "Selling England By The Pound" is a good start!

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    Before I know what music was I listened to Genesis, since my father would put their tapes in the car/cd's at home, and I'd listen to them. They are really amazing! Dancing With the Moonlit Knight and Firth of Fifth are probably the best progressive songs ever!
    genesis is good if kinda boring to me. i always liked yes and king crimson better when i comes to prog music. Dancing With The Moonlit Night and Firth of Fifth are still some of the best prog sings ever though
    Joey .G
    I LOVE this album. I got it 5 years ago but i still listen to it constantly. A lot of musical quality.
    Lord Waltaa
    Firth of fisth solo... greatest of any times! lots of words in battle of epping forest, A gabriel song and notice the base line too.. LW
    Well, I've learned Firth of Fifth, and I can play the solo, but I will NEVER master it. The guitarwork in that song is incredible! The lyrics send shivers down my spine, and they COULD NOT pick a better voice than Peter Gabriel, so 10/10!
    I agree with you on that JLM, Firth of Fifth is a great song and probably the best in the peter gabriel era. The Keyboard and Guitar solo's are so structured thats its like Steve and Tony Spent years planning it. Dancing with the moonlit night is a great song too, just like firth of fifth.
    You're crazy, Battle of epping forest is a masterpiece. The rythm change are amazing, it's a powerfull song and it is theoretically complex.
    Battle of Epping Forest is utter tosh. It spoils an otherwise perfect album. Also, Tony Banks wrote the lyrics to Firth of Fith. Not Peter Gabriel. And blue cheese is the best. Green just smells like socks.