Gone Troppo Review

artist: George Harrison date: 07/27/2006 category: compact discs
George Harrison: Gone Troppo
Release Date: Oct 27, 1982
Label: Dark Horse
Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Psychedelic
Number Of Tracks: 10
"Gone Troppo" remained Harrison's parting shot for a long time. It's not his finest album but does feature a number of under rated songs that have been overlooked by fans and critics.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Gone Troppo Reviewed by: fr0zt, on july 27, 2006
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Sound: Gone Troppo had almost nothing going for it. Generally unfavorable reviews have made me pass up this album time and time again. Being a George Harrison fan, I decided to purchase it with low expectations. Gone Troppo has a very fun feel to it. This is perhaps the happiest sounding album Harrison recorded during his career. It has an almost tropical feel all the way through. There are very prominent slide guitars in the song "Greece", which is excellent. For anyone who enjoys Harrison's poppier side, they will be pleasantly suprised. There are a few mediocre songs (on Harrison standards), but I'd still be listening to those songs than anything on pop radio. Fans of Harrison love his use of interesting chord progressions, melodicism and unique songwriting. They will not be disappointed with this release. I played this album at my High School graduation party, and people enjoyed it. // 9

Lyrics: George has an excellent voice as always. The lyrics as clever as always. // 8

Overall Impression: The 1 star review on Allmusic.com almost boggles my mind. It is sad how such a good release can be marred by bad reviews and becomes virtually ignored. I do not claim this album is his best, but it certainly is his most consistent in feel and mood. There are a few slow songs, but they are good nonetheless. I also feel that this album deserves to be studied just as much as his other albums by anyone who is fascinated by his songwriting. Wake Up My Love, That's The Way It Goes, Greece, Gone Troppo, and Dream Away are some of my favorites from this album, and favorite George Harrison songs in general. It's not perfect, but that's not what it's trying to be. It's still a winner no matter what you believe. Get All Things Must Pass first, then you can't go wrong with any of Harrison's releases. // 9

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