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artist: Get Scared date: 02/11/2016 category: compact discs
Get Scared: Everyone's Out To Get Me
Released: Nov 11, 2013
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Alternative Rock
Label: Fearless Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
Get Scared has a very unique stile, which you first understand after listening to "Everyone's Out to Get Me."
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
Everyone's Out To Get Me Reviewed by: GhostDragon, on february 11, 2016
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Sound: The Get Scared's album "Everyone's Out to Get Me" contains 12 tracks and has the length of 42:48. It's the first Get Scared release under the label Fearless Records.

The vocalist Nickt Matthews amazes with calm vocals as well as with powerful screams and growls. Get Scared is a master at connecting lighter rock with metal and everything that belongs to metalcore and post-hardcore, like deep riffs and loud screams. It's definetly worth buying, even when it can be more difficult to order it, when you don't live in the USA. In many countries it is only possible to buy it at a high price from the import. But it is really worth it and you can download it from iTunes or Google Play. The album is a perfect mix of heavy, aggressive riffs and lighter, slower parts. The titles "Told Ya So," "My Nightmare," "The Strangest Stranger" and "At My Worst" belong more to the heavy parts of the album, while "For You" is a positive song with a very cheerful melody (I don't interpretate the lyrics now). On the opposite site there is "Stumbling in Your Footsteps," which is also calmer, but has a quite negative atmosphere and some dark, sad lyrics. I think that the only minus point is that it sometimes, in a few lines, seems that Nick Matthews has a too quiet and too high voice and it seems like he would have to "fight" against the instruments. But as I said, it's only in a few songs and only through a few seconds or something like that. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics in "Everyone's Out to Get Me" are often rather dark and are about depression, self-harm or suicide. It's worth pointing out, that Nick Matthews, the vocalist and lyric writer, struggled with depression and tried to commit suicide. But there are also some hopeful, positive lyrics which have a positive energy and stand in contrast to the higher mentioned sad lines.

Here a short list with the songs:

1. "Told Ya So" - A breakdown and a growling part in the second half. Contains the title of the album.

2. "For You" - The most cheerful song on the album, but the lyrics aren't as positive as you would think. There are no heavy breakdowns, screams or growls, but it definitely has something very hypnotizing.

3. "My Nightmare" - A song which is, I believe, about a relationship, kind of a love-hate between a man and a woman. He doesn't want her around, but also doesn't want to loose her. It seems that the person disappointed the other one ("This is not what I expect from someone that I love"). Again a heavy screaming part, which you wouldn't expect in a song like this.

4. "Badly Broken" - A song about depression, sadness and resignation ("You know I'm not alright, this where I draw the line. I've tried to run, I've tried to hide. But I'm so badly broken.") It's also a calmer piece and a very emotional one.

5. "At My Worst" - Kind of a rebel-song ("They can say whatever, they can say whatever they want."), which immediately throws a spell on you.

6. "Get Out While You Can" - Also a very emotional song about someone who seems to destroy himself. Maybe about self-harming.

7. "God Damn Liar" - Powerful, aggressive and very interesting. The best track on the album, in my opinion. I think that the line "Maybe I should cut my wrists" is pretty obvious.

8. "Us in Motion" - A positive, hopeful song about starting a new life, making something worthwhile. Like "For You" is has a cheerful melody, but it has also a nice text, which immediately conjures a smile on your face.

9. "Cunning, Not Convincing" - Verses and the chorus more rock or post-hardcore, but there is again a screaming part, which is so typical for Get Scared.

10. "The Strangest Stranger": If listen to this track, you're pretty sure, why Get Scared belong to post-hardcore and goth-metal. Deep, slow riffs and loud vocals. Sung very emotional by Nick Matthews.

11. "Stumbling in Your Footsteps" - Sad melody and a text about disappointment and loneliness. About someone, who misses someone. But then there is a powerful chorus which is the complete opposite of the calm verses.

12. "When We Were Strong" - Emotional. At the end Get Scared shows again, what really heavy post-hardcore is. // 8

Overall Impression: As I said, a very good album, really worth buying. I hope it is the album which will bring Get Scared fame all over the world, because I think they deserve it. Except for the partly too weak vocals, it's a very good album with great melodies and aggressive riffs, which are interrupted by calmer and very interesting parts. At the beginning I didn't like the quite high of Nick Matthews and thought it's kind of annoying, but after a while you can't imagine a better voice for all their songs. Very impressive are the growls, which you wouldn't expect from the vocalists voice. There is one star less, because of the parts which sometimes don't seem to fit together. In "My Nightmare" I think that the chorus is to fast after the screamed bridge and it's a really huge difference and you're like "Is this a new song?," just because it doesn't fit. But you get used to it and after a time, it's not a problem anymore. Get Scared has a very unique stile, which you first understand after listening to "Everyone's Out to Get Me." Buy the CD, download it or whatever. It is worth it. // 9

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