The Legend Of Ronnie Thunder review by Get Your Guns

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (3 votes)
Get Your Guns: The Legend Of Ronnie Thunder

Sound — 10
Exploding out of Nashville, Tennessee, Get Your Guns brings out their debut album, the Legend of Ronnie Thunder. The album is a mixture of metal and southern rock, and tells the story of a confederate Captain Ronald "Ronnie" Thunder. After his 9th battle he participated in during the Civil War, he had seen three out of his eight older siblings die in battle, and was captured by Union soldiers. His house had been used as a hospital for wounded southern soldiers at this time. But while he had been away, the Union had burned it to the ground, leaving no survivors. Upon hearing the death of the rest of his remaining family, Ronnie Thunder vows to have revenge. Overall sounding, this is a very solid album to me. Jeremy and Nathan are very good musicians, and well as the other band members, who put this album together very well. There are no real verses and choruses, but they take you from one riff to another. The album is sure to get you on your feet.

Lyrics — 9
Trevor can scream pretty well, and you can actually hear what he's saying pretty easily. At least when he's not doing it low. His voice fits very well with the music, and it seems almost perfect, though it might take one a few listen to get used to it. Lyrically, the songs go as followed: 01. Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids - about telling "Johnny Boy" not to stop playing his fiddle. A great little song to start off the album, which flows into the second track. 02. Ronnie Thunder Says "Fuhgettaboutit" - Ronnie seeing his brothers killed in battle, "United side by side, then torn apart at the seams" The tone of this song seems more of an angst than the tragic topic. Throughout the record, there is references to swallowing poison, starting towards the end of the song. 03. I Saw Rock City - Ronnie's visions of Rock City and expressing his hatred to the Union, who is responsible for the death of his family, repeatably calling them, "Fascist Ghosts." 04. The Abc's Of Critical Conversation - another vengeful song. Trevor stops at the refrain to sing a few lines, which we find he's got a good voice. One memorable part in this is when Nathan machine-guns the snare drums at Mach speed for about 10 seconds or so. 05. Business In The Front, Party In The Back - a description of the Thunder house on fire. A rather bouncy mood, even though every one in the song is dying, but the song gives the event justice by slowing down in an interlude. 06. Billy Badass - named after Thunder's partner, General Thomas "Billy" Smith, who seeks revenge with him after escaping from captivity. The song seems to be about hunting down Union soldiers, "They Retreat Back to the Hills/Where all Their Troubles Belay" with the Poison reference surfacing again. 07. The Black Champion - the Final track of the Saga, with the death of Ronnie Thunder. It's about eveything that Thunder, Smith, and their men have gone through in the war, "I Saw the Flames/In the Horizon/I Brought the Pain and/I Sought the Horror/I Fought the Masses/And I Surpassed It./I've Slain the Weak And/I Had the Power." Only 30 feet from his ruined home, Ronnie Thunder was shot nine times, and died before he hit the ground. The song rips through it all, great guitar solo, final interlude, and an inspirational outro. "I came to fight/I came to win/We conquered all."

Overall Impression — 10
Get Your Guns is something new, something I've never really heard before. Southern Metal, yes, but not quite like this. This has become one of my favorite albums over the listens, and has grown on me. If it were stolen, I'd buy it again ASAP (the only thing is, the other track that seems to be non-existent now a days, "Party Your Body," could've been on the album, since it's it about Thunder and his death. But I guess it's not).

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