Infestissumam review by Ghost

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  • Released: Apr 15, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (85 votes)
Ghost: Infestissumam

Sound — 8
Swedish rockers Ghost B.C. return to the music world with their new studio album, titled "Infestissumam". Ghost B.C. are a relatively new metal band, releasing their debut album back in 2010, however they have already gathered a massive following worldwide, with a musical style that most strongly resembles those early releases from Blue Oyster Cult, as well as their captivating stage persona. The identities of the band's members remains a complete secret; with their lead vocalist, who goes by the name Papa Emeritus II, the only distinguishable member of the band, who appears in a skull mask and a cardinal outfit, with the rest of the band known literally as The Nameless Ghouls, draped in completely black draping costumes. Although their personal identities remain unknown, what fans know of the band is their powerfully nostalgic sound, which not only returns but is further amplified throughout their new studio album, which is first kicked off with "Secular Haze", which boldly showcases their captivating riffage and swooning singing style. Another noteworthy track off the new album is their unique take on the ABBA classic, "I'm A Marionette", which has been entirely overridden with the band's own signature style. It's not only a standout return for the rock band, but a fantastic album overall, that leaves little more to be desired.

Lyrics — 9
Lead vocalist Papa Emeritus II gives a standout vocal performance throughout the entire new record. He can masterfully add passionately perfectionistic amounts of depression or anger into his singing, that has enough strength to tie a failing song together; that is, if any one of the tracks needed such a thing. Each song that's included in "Infestissumam" is musically dynamic in nature, and like aforementioned, leaves very little to be additionally desired.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, "Infestissumam" is a standout album by Ghost B.C., which shows the band making a dynamic, strengthy comeback. The production quality for an album is a commonly unsung hero, and when it comes to "Infestissumam", it couldn't be better. It helps provide the entire album with a knockout '70s style and vibe, which gives it more of a "classic rock" feel than "heavy metal", but the end result is fantastic nonetheless. Any fan of rock or metal, as well as any previously established fan of Ghost B.C., should definitely look into picking up this album for themselves, as it would be a worthy addition to your personal music collection.

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    I love it. It's a little less "old school metal" (Excuse my terminology) and a little more pop rocky (is that the right term?) in my opinion. It's like listening to the Beatles and Abba if they decided to be satanic. It's awesome! They haven't disappointed me yet.
    I for one love this album! I couldn't stop listening to Opus Eponymous since I got it and I have a feeling this is gonna be the same situation with Infestissumam. You can tell they've grown alot more with their music since 2010 and taken on alot more influence from bands from different genres. Am I the only one who can here a little bit of Pink Floyd in the bridges of Ghuleh? Love it, nothing more I can say!
    I've got to say, when this review was first posted, I listened to the two videos just for kicks...I've come back to this page a bunch of times to hear "Year Zero" the past couple of days. I really like their groove. Does anybody know the deal with their satanic messages? ARE they satanists? I was wondering if someone could provide a little bit of insight into this....
    i think its just a theme they use for their music, i highly doubt they are satanist.
    There not... was also the singer of Subvision and sings about falling in love with a blondie. Subvision is amazing too!
    Probably yes they are, the singer was before this band singer/guitarist in allmighty death metal band called ''Repugnant'', and also in that time he appears on interview satanic. Of course in Ghost they do it little over the top. Singers name in real life is Tobias Forge, in Repugnant he was called Mary Goore and now he is Papa Emeritus, needless to say he writes all the songs on both, Repugnant and Ghost. Hope this helps!
    Okay. I figured it was kind of a theme that they were going for (which they nailed). Nevertheless, great stuff!
    Cant wait for this! Tobias Forge is god!!
    And Im happy that UG didnt use the name ''Ghost B.C.'' on this one
    Wow. The first link sounded great! I'll have to check these guys out. They seemed to have really hit a nerve with a lot of people.
    I just ordered both albums, can't wait to get them! Now, I'd like to respond to several other comments I just read on this thread...first, Ghost sounds *nothing* like 80s hair metal, they're more early to mid 70s heavy rock with an evil, wicked mean and nasty message (ala Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult meets modern doom). Second, for the guy who thinks they're over can only be over rated if you don't have the chops to back that rating up, and Ghost is the most badass band to hit the scene since Pantera IMHO! Third, for the people who are *already* complaining that the new album doesn't sound exactly like the first one...get over it! Bands have this strange inclination, after they finish making one collection of songs, they move on to the next. While they will revisit the previous works in their live performances, they will usually never try to recreate their last effort, they will always try to grow, innovate, and create something NEW, so as not to become a cariciture of themselves! Ghost's first album is incredible. The new one, from what I've heard so far, is incredible, if not a little different...but, it is still, without question, in all ways grandiose and evil, GHOST!!! For the love of all things dark and sinister, don't try to pidgeonhole this killer band the second they've gotten off to a great running start by wishing for the same stuff over and over...if you actually got what you wanted, by the third album you'd be complaining that it all sounds the same! Once again, GET OVER IT and enjoy what this awesome band has to offer! In omnibus malum et tenebris, nos gaudent ... grando Domine Satanus, principi scilicet tenebrarum!
    Really these Guys never seem to disappoint me. Great stuff from them, and in a strange but likeable way.
    This album is downloadable online, so i have been listening to it heaps over the last day and this is album is just amazing much better than opus eponymous in my opinion. My Favorite songs would be body and blood, Ghuleh/zombie queen and Jigolo har megiddo
    i forgot the song per aspera ad inferi is another favorite from the album.
    Stephen Vaughn
    I think Ghost is really awesome. I know a lot of people don't want to like them but come on Year Zero is about the rise of Satan. What's more metal than that?
    How have you reviewed it if it's not out yet?
    They send copies to people who review it before the release, and by the way, it has all ready leaked if you can not wait another week.
    Marcus 90
    Am i the only person who thinks this band is overrated?
    You and maybe 2 more somewhere. Gotta let them grow on you. There not a love at first listen band. But when it starts growing on you it takes you over!!!! Especially the 1st album! Love these guys!
    Just got the official release today! I did like the first one slightly better, but this one was pretty nice and well-rounded all the same!
    The album was good, but it's inferior to the first one. We can tell that they made a more mainstream approach (ah coincidence that they got involved with metallica), and only in a few songs I can feel that eerie atmosphere that I liked a lot from the first one. Infestissumam translates to Hostile, but I couldn't feel any hostility in this album.
    Papa Emeritus: ''We make mainstream music so we can spread the word of Satan.''
    They surely didn't need that on their debut, being sold in their gimmick and their antics is pretty fun but I can't overlook the fact that the moment they started getting relevant they announce the new album, they associate with metallica and with dave grohl and magically turn their sound to a more mainstream one. I just hope if there's ever a 3rd album they make like the first one.
    does anyone here a bit of an opeth resemblence? i'm thinking like a ghost reveries sorta vibe and melodies. but less of the death metal element?
    Do not use ''Ghost B.C'' band is called ''Ghost''
    "The B.C. is silent, and as soon as we can, its gonna be taken away forever." - Nameless Ghoul It was changed only in America for copyright reasons