Infestissumam Review

artist: Ghost date: 04/08/2013 category: compact discs
Ghost: Infestissumam
Released: Apr 16, 2013
Genre: Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Hard Rock
Label: Loma Vista
Number Of Tracks: 10
"Infestissumam" shows these Swedish rockers not only making a strengthy comeback, but giving a standout album altogether.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Infestissumam Reviewed by: UG Team, on april 08, 2013
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Sound: Swedish rockers Ghost B.C. return to the music world with their new studio album, titled "Infestissumam". Ghost B.C. are a relatively new metal band, releasing their debut album back in 2010, however they have already gathered a massive following worldwide, with a musical style that most strongly resembles those early releases from Blue Oyster Cult, as well as their captivating stage persona. The identities of the band's members remains a complete secret; with their lead vocalist, who goes by the name Papa Emeritus II, the only distinguishable member of the band, who appears in a skull mask and a cardinal outfit, with the rest of the band known literally as The Nameless Ghouls, draped in completely black draping costumes. Although their personal identities remain unknown, what fans know of the band is their powerfully nostalgic sound, which not only returns but is further amplified throughout their new studio album, which is first kicked off with "Secular Haze", which boldly showcases their captivating riffage and swooning singing style. Another noteworthy track off the new album is their unique take on the ABBA classic, "I'm A Marionette", which has been entirely overridden with the band's own signature style. It's not only a standout return for the rock band, but a fantastic album overall, that leaves little more to be desired. // 8

Lyrics: Lead vocalist Papa Emeritus II gives a standout vocal performance throughout the entire new record. He can masterfully add passionately perfectionistic amounts of depression or anger into his singing, that has enough strength to tie a failing song together; that is, if any one of the tracks needed such a thing. Each song that's included in "Infestissumam" is musically dynamic in nature, and like aforementioned, leaves very little to be additionally desired. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, "Infestissumam" is a standout album by Ghost B.C., which shows the band making a dynamic, strengthy comeback. The production quality for an album is a commonly unsung hero, and when it comes to "Infestissumam", it couldn't be better. It helps provide the entire album with a knockout '70s style and vibe, which gives it more of a "classic rock" feel than "heavy metal", but the end result is fantastic nonetheless. Any fan of rock or metal, as well as any previously established fan of Ghost B.C., should definitely look into picking up this album for themselves, as it would be a worthy addition to your personal music collection.

// 9

- Lou Vickers (c) 2013

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