The Summoning review by Glamour of the Kill

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  • Released: Jan 24, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 6.3 (6 votes)
Glamour of the Kill: The Summoning

Sound — 9
I noticed when browsing the site that nobody had bothered to review this album despite their EP has already been reviewed here, and this album being at least six months old, so I thought i'd give it a try. For those of you not 'in the know', Glamour Of The Kill's debut record, "The Summoning", was released in January 2011. I'm not sure if the album is available in the US as the band is almost unheard of there, but i'm sure it'd be on YouTube by now. The band (A four-piece consisting of a vocalist/bassist, two guitarists and a drummer) have put together a great album - The sound is pretty much a merge between Bullet For My Valentine's "Fever" and Avenged Sevenfold's "Waking The Fallen". Here's a track-by-track of the album: 01. "If Only She Knew" - The album's second single, a fairly mainstream track which I believe starts the album off on the wrong foot. A poor opener with fairly dull lyrics and vocals. Suprisingly, the track lacks a guitar solo, but contains an apparently 'br00tal' breakdown to make up for it. 02. "World's End" - The first chance for the guitarists to show off, a song filled with excellent vocals, both clean and unclean (The latter of which, are performed by both guitarists as the singer cannot scream) and a lengthy guitar solo. 03. "Feeling Alive" - A mainstream track and the first single, a positive release in comparison to the album opener, complete with a solo, breakdowns and a great ending. 04. "Dying From The Inside" - A track that begins with a slow-paced riff which eventually speeds up and then bursts into a screamed verse. A brilliant solo also backs up the integrity of the song. 05. "Lost Souls" - One of my personal favourite songs off the album, with an amazing riff, great vocals (All clean) and a blistering solo. It's worth mentioning, the lyrics are pretty good here, too. 06. "Malevolent Reign" - A promising acoustic track with a huge flaw - It's just too short. At a measly 1:52, the song just seems like filler added simply to give way for the next heavy track. It could have been a brilliant song had it been extended. 07. "Supremacy" - The heaviest song on the album and one of the most interesting to listen to, despite the boring lyrics. A breakdown gives way to a short but brilliant solo. To add, the riff used is fairly catchy. 08. "Here, Behind These Walls" - The longest song on the album clocking in at 5:32, the song is overall pretty dull but does have some fairly interesting parts (i.e. the screamed second verse, the breakdown, guitar solo and ending) 09. "Through The Eyes Of The Broken" - A fairly boring song, complete with a boring riff, unsuprisingly dull lyrics and shockingly, even a dull guitar solo to top it off. This seems like one of the few filler tracks on the album. 10. "Army Of The Dead" - The best riff on the album, by far. A great breakdown, too. No solo here, but the great guitarwork threaded underneath some of the vocals, more than makes up for that. 11. "The Summoning" - What a song - The best on the album, definitely. It begins acoustic, and much like Gunslinger by Avenged Sevenfold, suddenly bursts into noise. Catchy and positive lyrics were scribed for this song, that essentially sums up how life should be lived. The song ends with the best solo on the album - Lengthy, and overflowing with awesome. 12. "All I Have To Give" (Bonus Track) - If this is counted as a full track, this is definitely the heaviest on the album - Not "Supremacy". The song starts immediately with a screamed verse and there are hardly any clean vocals utilised in this one, and the solo too, is pretty good.

Lyrics — 6
There are some pretty good lyrics in the chorus of "The Summoning", "Live your life 'til the end, I will never change and i'll never regret. Always follow your heart, If you never try you will never get far." However, in the exact same song there are some rather horrid lyrics in comparison, such as, "I said from the start, Just follow your heart, You'll see, That there's no stopping me." The point I'm trying to prove here, is that the lyrics are good overall, with some shining moments despite several letdowns.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall, any fans of bands such as Bullet, Trivium and Avenged, that bother to read this, I recommend you buy this album. The vocalist sounds like Matt Tuck on helium (That's not a bad thing, trust me), so I'm sure it would be hugely enjoyable for most. I honestly believe that this band deserve a far larger fanbase considering the fact they put out a record as good as this one.

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    I got this album a few months ago, and i think its really really good. It combines the post hardcore influences with breakdowns etc.. and it has a classic rock feel with songs like, 'Feeling Alive'. I'd say 9/10
    ya i absolutely love this album. i'm surprised they haven't been recognized very much for it because in my opinion it is one of the best albums of 2011 so far.
    I didn't really understand what comparison you were trying to make with the lyrics. Both paragraphs convey the same kitschy feeling; there's even a line that's repeated.
    Hm. I hate it when people lump together Bullet, Avenged, and Trivium. Disgusting! But anyway, it can never hurt to check out new bands...
    Always follow your heart
    ... Seriously? How is this rambling cliche with no structure an example of good lyrics?
    hriday_hazarika wrote: I didn't really understand what comparison you were trying to make with the lyrics. Both paragraphs convey the same kitschy feeling; there's even a line that's repeated.
    I could've picked better lines, but yeah I was trying to say they essentially wrote a mix of great and terrible lyrics.
    Ibeanez wrote: Seriously? How is this rambling cliche with no structure an example of good lyrics?
    If you don't like my reviewing dude, you can always write your own
    Raining Kasch wrote: Matt Tuck on helium?
    GOTK's vocalist has a voice with a tone which most people would find hard to explain, but I guess you're right about the way I wrote it, should've just stuck with high-pitched