Metalusion Review

artist: Glen Drover date: 10/06/2011 category: compact discs
Glen Drover: Metalusion
Released: Apr 5, 2011
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Magna Carta
Number Of Tracks: 10
There's definitely a lot of shameless brown nosing going on for this album and artist and I'm not sure why.
 Sound: 3
 Lyrics: 1
 Overall Impression: 3.5
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overall: 2
Metalusion Reviewed by: JonBon_Ramboni, on october 03, 2011
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Sound: As far as the overall sound goes the guitar sound tinny and I can't hear the bass. There are no heavy riffs on this album. The only thing metal about "Metalusion" is that there's distortion on the guitar. The production sounds decent but very analog, almost like they recorded with dated technology. // 2

Lyrics: There are no lyrics as this is an instrumental album entirely. I suppose it could use some singing. Glen Drover sounded better than Dave Mustaine if you want "That One Night" and hear his back-up vocals. He should consider singing rather than guitar. I cannot give it a score here really. // 1

Overall Impression: There's definitely a lot of shameless brown nosing going on for this album and artist and I'm not sure why. Definitely listen to some samples before you purchase. If you discover there's a lot of wax in your ears after hearing the samples, rest assured, it's not wax... It's excrement! This is easily one of the worst CD's I have ever came across in the past 20 year of buying albums! If I had a personal hell, the devil would be playing this CD non-stop. It could be used overseas to win wars of attrition; it's that bad. Anyway, it's not very good at all and yet not entirely bad. It's probably best described as the definition of mediocrity. This entire album is instrumental; which is fine, but the songs lack any real hook. The songs are devoid of any theme. The non-stop guitar solos lack any soul as if they are just machinations of a guitarist playing scales really fast. I've listened to this album about 10-25 times and generally have to take breaks as it's extremely difficult to absorb. I do not find myself humming any of the melodies or finding the song playing in my head when I'm away from the stereo. I'm at odds whether it's unmemorable or boring or simply not my taste. For me, the graphics on the cover are exciting compared to the music therein. The cover art is very nice but it's quite cliche as far as metal goes. The photos of the GD Band are corny; these guys look like middle-aged men trying to be cool... Meanwhile they're far from it. There are some highlights however. Songs 3 and 4 are the best of the bunch and if you're in the right mood they are tolerable! Number three is Glen Drover's take on "Eygptian Danza"; the clean part in the middle of the song is really soothing. Despite this highlight, I'd like to forget the Egyptian's in antiquity if this is what I get. Song 4 starts off pretty good and is probably the most emotive part of this album but looses it's catch very quick. I personally don't care much for the 1st song, "Ground Zero", but the hype from most people is about that song. There was some hype about Vinnie Moore (UFO) and Chris Poland (Megadeth) trading solos on the first track but you cannot tell who's playing what... It could be all Glen Drover as far as anyone can tell. Here's a detailed breakdown of each song... 01. "Ground Zero"....................2/5 - the intro is catchy 02. "Frozen Dream"..................1/5 - heavy keyboards kick this song off on a bad note 03. "Egpytian Danza"................3/5 - the best cut of this album 04. "Colors Of Infinity"..............3/5 - the second best cut but loses momentum 05. "Illusions Of Starlight".........1/5 - the song title is the illusion here 06. "Don't Let The World"...........1/5 - epically lackluster 07. "Mirage".............................1/5 - can't rate it any lower 08. "Ascension".........................1/5 - more of the same 09. "The Purple Lagoon".............1/5 - Frank Zappa cover 10. "Filthy Habits".....................1/5 - Frank Zappa cover, the title may ellude to Drover's self-taught guitar technique Another short-fall is that the album is not very uplifting. It's very classical in feel. If I had a woman in my car or home I would definitely not play this album as it would sabotage any chances of getting lucky. This arrangement of music is perfectly suited for going on a medieval quest or mowing the lawn - take your pick. I'd rather mow the lawn so the engine will drone out the music. Caution to Megadeth fans, he may have been in the band, but this is not thrash metal. If you like obscure-metalish-Jazz you may dig it! Who knows... Maybe he got banished from MD because he cannot write a song if his career depended on it. As a matter of fact, he only composed 5 of the 10 songs on here; the others are covers. I met the GD band personally and they're not very nice people; very arrogant, self-absorbed, and egocentric. I really regret hearing this CD or meeting these guys. If you're in the market for instrumental guitar stick to the G3 guys like Joe Satch or Steve Vai. // 3

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overall: 3
Metalusion Reviewed by: Alfredo_La_Vipa, on october 06, 2011
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Sound: My impression of the sound on the album is okay. The sound here is pretty standard. The production is professional and the instruments come through well. The EQ is little high on the treble as far as I am concerned. I would expect more of a heavy metal tone based on the name of the album... But it's an illusion right. This is definitely not what I would expect from a guy who was formerly in Megadeth. It has a real Malmsteen feel to it. Five of the songs are originals and five are covers. It's all fantasy-esque progressive metal with a jazz feel to it. This is definitely not a thrash metal offering. Glen Drover said in an interview that he did all these songs "off the cuff" meaning he didn't plan them ahead of time. It really shows in most parts. 01. "Ground Zero": I agree with the other review, the intro is very catchy. The rest of the song is up-beat fast solos but the cohesiveness is missing. They seem like random guitar licks coming out of nowhere. 02. "Frozen Dream": Keyboard play a huge part of this song. They always seem to effeminate for metal. 03. "Egpytian Danza": Pretty good take on a classic song with a metal tone. 04. "Colors Of Infinity": Wanted to give this a higher rating but the song loses it after the intro, which is quite good. 05. "Illusions Of Starlight": Not feeling this one at all as it starts off slow and keeps going slow. 06. "Don't Let The World": Similar to No. 5. 07. "Mirage": More of the same. 08. "Ascension": More of the same. 09. "The Purple Lagoon": This is a Zappa cover. Where's the song? It's so short! 10. "Filthy Habits": Another Zappa cover. I've never heard Zappa so I cannot say whether it's better or worse. Overall, I'm not nuts about this track. This category is getting a four because although the production is good, the songs do not appeal to my personal tastes. These guys suffer from total Mozart syndrome! What is this? Metal or neo-classical with distortion. // 4

Lyrics: This is an instrumental album entirely and singing wouldn't really fit this hodge podge of songs as they are really just extended guitar solos that go on for multi-minutes at a time. If you like random solos and skeletal backing tracks then you wouldn't need singing at all. // 1

Overall Impression: First of all, I'm not a progressive metal fan but I was a fan of Megadeth so I picked this up. Nearly twenty dollars is my tuition fee and lessons learned for buying a prog metal album. I bought this thinking it would be good based on the samples on this website, and I was under the impression it would be like Metallica's "Orion" or something along those lines. Nontheless, if you give it a thorough listen you can catch a few catchy jingles and slamming grooves admist the boring parts. I usually listen all my music in my laboratory at work where I do my scientific testing. Good music really makes the work day fly by quick. This CD really put me on edge and I blundered a few experiments when it was playing. I had this CD in my car another day and my girlfriend told me explicitly to turn it off. I got a cold shoulder from her the rest of the evening despite changing the music. It's a real mood killer for women. I honeslty tried to like this CD entirely, but to the contrary this CD as a whole is an excremental masterpiece only worthy of the deepest fathoms of an incredible toilet. I just hate it so bad but I'm trying to like it. It feels unnatural. The ninth song is non-existant, it is a bunch of high-pitched wailing. The rest of the songs it seems like the band needs a minimum of 2 minutes to get a groove going. How can a professional band take that long? Couldn't they have edited out the warm-up jams out of the actualy songs? Oh let me guess, I'm wrong, boring music is just "experimental art". If you buy that line of artistic progressiveness jive then you'd love to pretend loving this CD, if not, steer clear and go grab some real metal. You would be much more happier. I know some dudes who took lessons with this guy and they said he cancelled a lot and would talk about himself most of the time. I hope it's not true as he seems like a nice guy on the videos. Glen, please do thrash metal with singing again, we will like it more! // 4

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