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artist: Glittertind date: 12/17/2013 category: compact discs
Glittertind: Djevelsvart
Released: Nov 22, 2013
Genre: Viking Folk Metal
Label: Indie Recordings
Number Of Tracks: 10
With this album Glittertind have shown just how good they are with combining two types of music which, at first glance, is nearly impossible to combine.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9
Djevelsvart Reviewed by: MetalJohnny, on december 17, 2013
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Sound: Glittertind is a Norwegian Folk rock/Metal group. Their music is greatly influenced by the Norwegian folk music, which originally used instruments like the Harding Fiddle and Willow flute. It started as a one-man solo project, with a very raw and punk-inspired sound, which have developed throughout the years. This album is the first album where Glittertind is a full band, consisting of six people. The instruments used are a mix between the typical rock/metal band instruments and other folk instruments like the accordion and tin whistle. It also features a piano in some songs, and the first two songs also feature some sort of horn. The music is somewhat special, because they don't use the "normal" scales, but something along the lines of a modal minor scale with a high seventh step. But some songs use the standardized major and minor scales. The mixing in general is pretty good, but on some songs, e.g. "Sundriven" (eng: "Torn"), the vocals kinda end up overshadowed by choir "aaah"'s, which in turn prevents the lyrics and meanings to be passed on to the listener. On the song "Sprekk For Sol", there is an effect guitar in use, which at some points are way overdone, which might make the song hard to listen to the first couple of times, because you have to get used to the songs itself. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album is in Norwegian, which has a special kind of charm to itself, but the newer listeners might want to know exactly what the text is supposed to mean. The main focus on the album is about the dark years of the industrial revolution in Norway, which forced many people to move from the small farming communities and in to the cities, which forced the people to rethink their view of the world and ask themselves the question "Who am I?". Note: I will only talk about a selection of the songs, but will feature a track list at the end of this segment. The first two songs: "Inngang" ("Intro") and "Djevelsvart" ("Devil's Black"), is connected with eachother as they same some of the text, which say (directly/easily translated): "Will you wander together with me Down in the deep's uncertain path Colder, darker, I'll lead the way If you wander with me, you'll wander forward" This song is about a man who has deep psychological problems after moving to the city. Later in the song he sings about a bag he hasn't opened in many years. This bag symbolizes his inner self and problems. He hasn't opened it because of trauma after moving from his old community. The music fits along perfectly well with the music, and even features some cool and fitting growls. The next song to talk about is the song "Sprekk For Sol" (eng: "Burst by Sun"). This song does not fit within the rest of the songs, because of it's lyrical content. This song is not about the Industrial revolution, but it's dedicated to a fan, who was murdered in the 22. July terrorist attack in Norway. It is about the negativity and problems with right-wing extremism, and it says in the booklet they are 100% against this. The last song I want to talk (write) about, is "Trollbunden" (eng: "Spellbound"). It is, in my opinion, the best song from the album, and one of the verses perfectly describes how you react to it: "Sways and circles And pulls me in Catching rhythms which makes me blind" When I first heard this song, the feeling and consistent beat makes you only sit there and listen to it. The music fits perfectly with the lyrics and you just sit there and listen to it. Again and again and again. // 9

Overall Impression: Compared to the last album efforts from Glittertind, this album is my definitive favourite. With this album these guys have shown just how good they are with combining two types of music which, at first glance, is nearly impossible to combine. The most impressive songs on the album is "Inngang/Djevelsvart" (They are really the same song, only divided), "Trollbunden" and "Nymåne." Because they are catchy, cool and together shows the diversity of the band. The only things I really didn't like was the mixing with the vocals at some point, and the over-use of effects on the song "Sprekk For Sol," but if I lost it, or it was stolen, I'd definitely buy it again, maybe in vinyl version (yes, you can get it in vinyl). // 10

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