Welcome To Life review by Go Radio

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  • Released: Aug 13, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (21 votes)
Go Radio: Welcome To Life

Sound — 9
Go Radio is the project that keep Jason Lancaster in the music scene after he left Mayday Parade in 2007. He was almost done with music and was ready to pack his bags to never return...thank god for us he did return. This 'Welcome To Life' EP is the debut from Jason's new band Go Radio, who at the time was Jason Lancaster - Vocals/Guitar, Matt Burns -Bass/Vocals, Steven Kopacz - Drums and Tony Planas - Guitar/Vocals. The sound is a pop punk sound. There is no doubt to it that these four dudes are not just your average three chord pop punk band but a throw a new twist on the genre with intelligent lyrics, licks and melodies that are more then just generic. All in all there is no real ground breaking material on this album that will change the face of music forever... but what there is, is a breathe of fresh air on a very stagnate and boring pop punk genre.

Lyrics — 9
Only three lyricist stand out to me in this world... they are Conor Oberst, Jesse Lacey and this man Jason Lancaster... His Lyrics are not the most technical or original, but he just seems to be able to weave magic into some of the most generic lines and makes them flow perfectly. For example the epic yet heart wrenching closer 'Forever My Father' the chorus 'And I just needed you to pick me up Like you did when we were younger When the lightning and the thunder Had me clinging to your heart For someone to lift me up When I'm down and I'm forgotten You'll forever be my father And I'll be saving tears in jars for this one' Just shows how this wordsmith rolls... with nothing but pure emotion and truth. Jason writes lyrics that compliments the music beautifully, Just like in 'Dear Lucian, Dance Forever'...the lyrics are nothing fancy but they flow perfectly with the music and the 'feel' of the song. Jason has one of my favourite voices I have ever heard. It's unique and very distinct, by no means the 'greatest' voice ever but he can surely hold his own in the mix of all 'newer' pop punk singers.

Overall Impression — 9
01. Ready Or Not: the opening song follows a simple guitar riff of just octives going up and down the neck... Then goes all out into a heart wrenching chorus and ending that leaves chills running down your spine. 02. I Miss You: the popiest song on the record and will no doubt get stuck in your head.. 'I M I S S.. I miss you' haha 03. Your Birthday Song: the first song on the EP to focus on Jason's passing of his Father... not much I can say about this song except for... just listen to it and you will know why, This song means alot. 04. Dear Lucian, Dance Forever: another fun and poppy song, will no doubt get you dancing. 05. Welcome To Life: the title track and follows the same pattern as DLDF. A great song and one to be loved. 06. Forever My Father: now this track is amazing, with Jason singing with his brother Daniel Lancaster (Stages and Stereos) and his sister Erin Lancaster... this will no doubt make you want to go and hug your Dad. It's beautiful. I love this EP, a great buy. go and buy it you will not be let down!

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    is it possible that the lyrics you shared are about this guys father and the relationship they had but now does not and hes wanting it. Thats my take on the words
    actually.... they wrote this song the day they found out their father had passed away... drove to the studio.. recorded it... and played it at his funeral... --friend of the family
    Friend of the family? So is it true? He is my favourite musician. Your Birthday Song or Forever My Father?