Streetcleaner review by Godflesh

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  • Released: Nov 13, 1989
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (7 votes)
Godflesh: Streetcleaner

Sound — 9
This is one of the most furiest and innovative albums of the history of metal during the final decade of '80s, Godflesh is considered one of the pioneers of industrial metal, also, one of the maximum influences by many, even more than Ministry, which they released "The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste" in the same year. In the underground scene, after a few moments in Napalm Death to record "Scum" in 1987, the British Justin Boadrick lefts the pioneers of grindcore to focus in the probably most important project in his awesome carrier, Godflesh, this band probably contributes a sound never heard before in the metal, the most innovative and original also, Godflesh probably, was the only band in combine the elements of lo-fi in the metal. The elements of lo-fi was the low production, the brutal but simple guitar riffs adjusted in a very big distortion, but in general, repetitive music, in longer songs, specially the battery, but that is the hard thing of the album, probably the music of "Streetcleaner" is simple, but had much things that to one listen is very difficult to find, this album requires a lot of patience, much more the entire discography of this band, Justin Boadrick is a complex musician, and his innovative sound influented so much.

Lyrics — 8
There's nothing much more to say about the lyrics, just a little words, just little lyrics that talk about destruction, antisocialism, violence, disagrees with the society, etc... But also, the lo-fi effects, and the devil voice of Justin Boadrick (specially in the track "Streetcleaner") scares so much, but also, the focus much more on the instrumental and the lack of singing and words was much more influential for the sludge metal, which probably didn't existed still in the '80s. Nothing like Godflesh have used this structure before and after the industrial metal.

Overall Impression — 10
I didn't listened Godflesh before, this album was the only I've listened from them, but I have much things to say about "Streetcleaner," this album doesn't compare, nothing, NOTHING, to the other bands of metal in the '80s, this album is nothing compared to any other band of '80s, "Streetcleaner," simply was an album PUT OUT OF CONTEXT for the time, really I can't understand how this album was released in that year, even still today, this album surprises me, because I've never listened an album with this innovative sound before, I don't get also that how this album wasn't controversial. The lo-fi elements of Godflesh, but also, the excessive experimentation of this was the big thing that makes to Godflesh an original band, they have their own style and no one copied them, but have a big influence in much bands. Let's talk a little big more of "Streetcleaner." Much consider "Streetcleaner" like an industrial metal album, but I've consider an indie metal album, because have much elements of indie rock included in the most dirty sound of heavy metal and hardcore music (like the music of Napalm Death), and have this, this album is the most original thing I've listened, but also so difficult to listen too, however, the people that have patience, gonna listen to this album so many times, because is one of those albums that to one listen isn't to find all the things to enjoy much more the work. And for this, the overall impression to this album is a 10, because exist an history before, and after "Streetcleaner." Excellent album, I didn't get why isn't here before.

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    Yes, it was a really great album - for me as almost anything that Justin Broadrick has done (he has a loooot of bands and projects). Also my favourite Godflesh album is "Us and Them" (1999) - less typical for them, with more electronic influences, but still raw and dark!
    saw them live, It felt like being in a factory possessed by the ghost of every dead rocker trying to escape grating hellish eternal. It's a truly unique experience. Two guys guitar, bass, a macbook spitting out mechanized drums, no frills.
    I don't know what indie metal means, industrial metal sums this up perfectly. You've got samples, an artificial, 'machine' like drum sound, dissonance, the same lyrical concepts. Indie metal is some non descript term that won't net you any bands that sound similar, but if you want stuff like Ministry, Swans, Big Black, you gotta be more specific.