2000 Years Of Human Error review by Godhead

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  • Released: Jan 23, 2001
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.5 (4 votes)
Godhead: 2000 Years Of Human Error

Sound — 9
The fourth studio album from Godhead; relased on Marilyn Manson's label "Posthuman". When I first put this CD in, I was immediately drawn in by the thumping beat on the opening track, "The Reckoning", and then was blown away as the chorus opened up, impressively showcasing Jason Miller's vocal talent. The sound on this record features some thumping dance grooves (programmed by bassist Ullrich Hepperlin, known in the band by his stage name, "The Method"), heavy Manson-esque guitar riffs, and a great percussive back beat from drummer James O'Connor. Both Jason Miller, the vocalist, and the lead guitarist Mike Miller perform well shredding on this album. However, it does seem notable that while they have two guitarists, most tracks on the CD do not feature two distinctive guitar parts. The CD does feature some guest musicians, notably Marilyn Manson, with vocals on "Break you Down", and Twiggy Ramirez, with bass on "I sell Society" "2000 years of human error", and "Break You Down"; as well as guitar on the latter of the two.

Lyrics — 10
Jason Miller is a very unique and impressive vocalist. I would say he probably sounds most similar to Jay Gordon of Orgy, but I think Miller perhaps even covers a wider range of vocals. The lyrics certainly feel appropriate for an industrial album. The most clever track lyrically, is, in my opinion, "I sell Society"; which seems to be talking from the perspective of a salesperson trying to trick and win over a potential customer. The music and lyrics combine perfectly, setting the albums tone at a mostly dark and gothic sounding level.

Overall Impression — 10
Here is my track by track analysis: 01. The Reckoning - a great opening track, with a very catchy chorus and cool programming. 02. I Sell Society - another very solid track, with nice bass lines and engaging lyrics. 03. Inside You - a bit heavier than the previous two, but a very cool melodic slowdown at the bridge. 04. Sinking - another great chorus, perhaps my favorite song off the disc. 05. Tired Old Man - I don't like the slower grinding sound of this track as well, but good to listen to if you're in a crappy mood. 06. Break You Down - another heavier track, featuring Marilyn Manson on vocals, along with Jason. 07. Penetrate - picking the industrial feel back up, this track is amazingly cool on all levels, but especially the vocals.It was also featured on the Queen of The Damned Soundtrack. 08. Backstander - forgetable at times, but still a solid track. 09. Eleanor Rigby - they do a very nice job on this Beatles cover. A bit heavier than the original, but Jason's vocals almost make you think he wrote the song. 10. 2000 Years Of Human Error - the title track; decent, but not the strongest point. Maybe my least favorite, only because Jason doesn't give so much smooth melody into his vocals on this one. 11. I Hate Today - the slowest one; but one of the best. Genius lyrics, and a great riff at the end to close out the CD. Overall a very good cd; essential for any industrial fan. I'd not hesitate to buy another even if I still had this one.

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    People should not be allowed to review there favorite band because they just give it the best rating no matter how bad P.S first comment
    I liked this album a lot. They never really released anything as solid as this album, imo. But they are still a great band.
    People should not be allowed to review there favorite band because they just give it the best rating no matter how bad
    gODHEAD isn't my fav. band; I just really like this disc