IV review by Godsmack

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  • Released: Apr 25, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (129 votes)
Godsmack: IV

Sound — 10
Good old, in your face, up your ass Godsmack. The difference is that they have added a few interesting little things in their sound. They have become slightly more melodic than before and used some weird intros on tracks like "Shine Down", which sort of mixed a little bit of honky tonk in with the metal in the beginning and in the solo. Even so, they keep true to their sound with trademark Godsmack riffs in the verses. Overall, it just makes it more interesting, showing that they are evolving into a better band all the time, something that is to be expected of course. They show that they can mellow out with my favorite song on the album, an accoustic number called "Hollow." Using a guest vocalist and very melodic leads, they pull it off quite nicely.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are still the same as always, mostly about how he is better than the man who tries to be like him but always fails to even get close, and instead tries to tear him down so that they will be on the same level ("Enemy"). He's tired of other people bullshiting him ("Truth") Basically it's Godsmack.

Overall Impression — 10
This album may not quite measure up to some previous albums, cheifly thier self-titled one, but it definately doesn't disappoint. Just an all around kick Ass album. The top 5 tracks in my opinion are Livin In Sin, Truth, Shine Down, Enemy, and Hollow. If it was lost, I would definately buy it back. If stolen, I'd beat the shit out of the thief, no question.

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    xluc1f3rx wrote: ^ Since when were Korn and Disturbed emo music? Grow up, seriously. And anyone who puts down metallica can **** off, as they are and always have been the biggest thing in heavy metal. Whether you like them or not, they are definetely not sucky!
    you have to admit they are in a bit of a slump right now though. st. anger sounds nothing like kill 'em all. hell load and re-load was better than that crap. at the very least, it wasn't S&M.....that sucked B
    if some of you hate Godsmack, then why are you looking at the reviews to their album? why? i'll tell you why, because deep down everybody loves Godsmack. theres nothin to dislike about them. Sully has great vocals and Tony is a great guitar player. Sure, he may not be Hammett or Dimebag, but he's pretty good. I love Godsmack, and even if you don't love them, you have to at least respect them.
    Please, don't comment on this if you don't like Godsmack, don't by the album, go listen to Green Day, Metallica, Joe Satriani, Mozart, Bach, or whatever kind of music you like. Personally I like Godsmack, and Disturbed, I really don't hate or think that any kind of music/band sucks, (Okay, maybe some bands, like those really crappy garbagebands ) I just prefer this type of music So do us all a favor, hate Godsmack all you want, but please don't comment, go listen to the music you like, okay? Oh, and don't insult peoples sexuality, don't use gay as an insult, I just can't stress that enough. Have a good day.
    Axeman_Shreder wrote: Godsmack sucks and so does Green Day. If you want to hear some real raw talent check out Arch Enemy and Children Of Bodom. Nu Metal is dead so its time to stop trying to revive something thats dead. Its time to move on and listen to thrash. I used to like Godsmack until i heard real talnet. Now, Godsmack is nothing more than a joke for those who refuse to let go of Nu Metal.
    All you proved by this quote is that you don't know what you're talking about. Godsmack isn't nu-metal. Nu-metal is defined as a fusion between metal and rap. This means that tradition nu-metal is basically metal were lyrics are rapped in a fast screaming way.
    DareBear02 wrote: Goddamnit! I can't believe people still listen to these baffoons! Godsmack has been sucking for years now and the fact that they are still around is a f*cking miricle in it self. They aren't singing about anything that's important or personal for that matter, no offense to any one who buys this record but you guys are probably still wondering when the next POD or Korn album comes out. Grow Up! There are Nu-Metal bands that sound better and have a little more respectability. Like Chevelle or Deftones, I dunno, it just frustrates me to see that a band like this would still be around and people would actually like them. They really aren't that aggressive in terms of hard rock, sure the guitarist uses a mesa boogie, and plays the same f*cking penatonic blues scale with some sh*t effects and have some guy who smoked too many cigaretts attempt to yelp angrily into a mike. I saw them perform a few years back (2003) in Germany, The Used opened for them (and I honestly hate that band) but they put on one hell of a performance, Godsmack looked and sounded like they were trying to be a older (like in their 40's) crappier version of a Godsmack Tribute group who were trying to reclaim their "youth" and failing miserably. I felt embarrassed for them as I watched the crown start to leave, and most of the people there came to see the godsmack! I dunno, they need to quit, I have a headache, and the fact people are ranting and raving about a sh*t-ass band only proves Billy Joe from greenday was right. You all are American Idiots, who would probably do anything to go into a gay bar and stomp on some "Fags" because it's the cool and masculine way to prove yourself. If Greenday couldn't save rock with "American Idiot" godsmack is the reason why, they give Hard Rock a bad f*cking name.
    Godsmack doesn't use a penatonic blues scales in any of theirs. If you sat down and listen to the music you would hear that. They actually play in F major and G major. So they solo with the F and F major scales.
    Hey everyone, how are you? Is it just my opinion or not many females posting? Maybe I'm the first? Anyway... Lets just skip what people like and dislike for a moment here... and stick strictly to Godsmack's new album. Frankly, Godsmack is one of the few bands now a days that actually keep their authentic quality, while stepping up their creativiness. If you compare to their other albums, you'll notice that they've really paid attention into tightening up their melodies and did a little more expansion and testing on different styling in accordance to riffs. Unlike other bands that just keep it safe and go into the studio and produce the same piece of nonsense they probably did on their previous albums... again, not a lot of stepping up in bands nowadays. In my honest opinion, Green Day is doing nothing but trying to create what they've already produced. You hear Billie Joe claiming that they are the "Modern New Ramones"? Nothing against the band, because I do appreciate their quality of style back in the Grunge Era, but lets be quite honest with one another here... Ramones is probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest Punk band of all of Music's history existance... how dare they compare their shitty selves with a legendary band? Besides, you can't compare Godsmack and Green Day... two different styles of melodic scaling, singing and riff patterns. Green Day certainly does not equal Hard Rock that is for sure rock on brothers & sisters