IV review by Godsmack

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  • Released: Apr 25, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (129 votes)
Godsmack: IV

Sound — 8
Godsmack has more of a country-metal sound, or that's what I call it. I've been a huge Godsmack fan since I heard Voodoo for the first time. They are a good crossbreed of metal-alternative, and have a couple good stoner songs. I picked up a copy of this CD two months ago, and I would say it is one of Godsmack's best. It looked like Godsmack was not going to come with another album for a while. When Shinedown hit the radio, I could see a CD coming, and it did. The only thing I did not like about this CD is the tone and some of the songs' lyrics, it sounded slightly softer than their other CDs. I have three Godsmack CDs in my possesion, and I think it surpassed all other albums of theirs and is a awesome choice for any Godsmack listener.

Lyrics — 10
Sully has a great deep, and sometimes angry voice. It is not an easy singing voice to imitate. The music in IV was heavy in most parts, soft in others. Instead of having heavy lyrics on a soft sound, or soft lyrics on a heavy sound, the lyrics matched the semi-heavy music the entiree time.

Overall Impression — 10
I put four as the number one of Godsmack's albums, and way on up there as opposed to other alternative bands. The songs on this CD I liked most were Shinedown, and One Rainy Day. The thing I love most about this CD was the matching lyrics and music. the thing I hated, though I didn't "hate" any of it was that it only had eleven tracks. If somebody was to steal my CD or I was to lose it, I would definately buy another one.

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    sassamafras wrote: DareBear02 wrote: Goddamnit! I can't believe people still listen to these baffoons! Godsmack has been sucking for years now and the fact that they are still around is a f*cking miricle in it self. They aren't singing about anything that's important or personal for that matter, no offense to any one who buys this record but you guys are probably still wondering when the next POD or Korn album comes out. Grow Up! There are Nu-Metal bands that sound better and have a little more respectability. Like Chevelle or Deftones, I dunno, it just frustrates me to see that a band like this would still be around and people would actually like them. They really aren't that aggressive in terms of hard rock, sure the guitarist uses a mesa boogie, and plays the same f*cking penatonic blues scale with some sh*t effects and have some guy who smoked too many cigaretts attempt to yelp angrily into a mike. I saw them perform a few years back (2003) in Germany, The Used opened for them (and I honestly hate that band) but they put on one hell of a performance, Godsmack looked and sounded like they were trying to be a older (like in their 40's) crappier version of a Godsmack Tribute group who were trying to reclaim their "youth" and failing miserably. I felt embarrassed for them as I watched the crown start to leave, and most of the people there came to see the godsmack! I dunno, they need to quit, I have a headache, and the fact people are ranting and raving about a sh*t-ass band only proves Billy Joe from greenday was right. You all are American Idiots, who would probably do anything to go into a gay bar and stomp on some "Fags" because it's the cool and masculine way to prove yourself. If Greenday couldn't save rock with "American Idiot" godsmack is the reason why, they give Hard Rock a bad f*cking name. hey go somewhere else and bitch
    AMEN brother.....yes godsmack took alot of styles and used them but soo did everyother band at one time....and saying godsmack is just like alice in chains yea there are similaritys but they both rock hardcore soo who cares.....just let godsmack keep making good music nd stop bitching at them
    I listen to Godsmack every now and then if the time is right. I never got any of their Cds, but I did download their most popular songs like "Awake", "Whatever", and "VooDoo". Those songs kicked alot of ass! So I guessed, hey! I'll buy the new Godsmack CD! So I did. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. I like "Livin in Sin", "Speak" and "The Enemy". But the same cant be said for the rest of the album in my opinion. It gets a little too soft. But I guess I say that since I'm mostly a metal fan, and I consider Godsmack a metal band (I saw them play with Metallica in the Madly in Anger with the World Tour), it's just this CD is... different.