Camembert Electrique Review

artist: Gong date: 11/06/2007 category: compact discs
Gong: Camembert Electrique
Release Date: 1971
Label: Charly
Genres: British Psychedelia, Prog-Rock/Art Rock, Canterbury Scene
Number Of Tracks: 11
Camembert Electrique remains undated after almost 30 years and hovers "strong and steaming" over most of the Gong catalog.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Camembert Electrique Reviewed by: kelaborn, on november 06, 2007
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Sound: Gong are a psychedelic rock band from various places in Europe. They are referred to as a cult band and stated themselves that they are a band which too few people love too much! They produce a unique sound of distorted guitar, clean bass, saxophone, and various other instruments. A strange mix of chords and notes come to together to create overwhelmingly good music. Camembert Electrique had some very original music on it. This album is more than music, it's a trip through the musicians thoughts, with colourfull lyrics and sounds produced by the artists. Many of their songs have long bridges, that's sometimes come in when you least expect it, but always gurantee good music. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics that Gong produce are crazy. Some of them are deep and meaningfull while others just appear to be mad and/or funny. I think that Gong try to get across a lot of issues in their music, in my opinion a lot of them seem personal that other people can usaully relate to. The lyrics match the music completely and a lot of the time it's almost as though the instruments are singing along. Daevid Allen singing voice is incredible with a big range of tone and pitchs, his singing is truly stunning and is all part of the essentials to take you on their Psychedelic trip. Ghilli Smyth provides amazing backing vocals, using space voice, without her the sound would not be complete. // 10

Overall Impression: You will be hard matched to find an album that can be compared to one such as this. There are 3 amazing songs that catch my ear, 1st: Tried So Hard because of the feelings expressed through the lyrics and the flute solo. 2nd: You Can't Kill Me, because of the amazing backing vocals from Ghilli Smyth and the catchy riffs in it. 3rd: Tropical Fish Selene is a brilliant song, it is the main psychedelic song on the album, it takes you on a truly amazing trip. Making you experience many emotions and making you feel peacefull and calm. I can truly say there is no part of the album I do not like, I love all of it. I strongly advise if your into psychedelic rock that you buy this album. // 10

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