Good Morning Revival review by Good Charlotte

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  • Released: Mar 27, 2007
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 6.4 (159 votes)
Good Charlotte: Good Morning Revival

Sound — 7
Good Charlotte has had a couple of good sounding, well liked albums but this one seems to top it all. The bands singer, Joel Madden had been dating Nicole Richie at the time of the album and this resulted in many well like songs in her honor but with all due respect, he is better when he sings about his father. The emotions in past albums such as, The Chronicles of Life and Death album show more devotion and emotion than songs on the current album. The band has not gotten shorter, though the emotional content is not as strong, the new electronic sounds has been a hit. In the bands glory, lays one great song which has been their first single on the album, Dance Floor Anthem. The keyboards clearly show a chnge in the bands sound and it is very much for the better. Guitarist Benji Madden, takes more control of the guitar as his co-guitarist Billy Martin takes the keys. The bands explotion of electronica is a hit and pulls togather many songs and the overall potential of the record.

Lyrics — 7
Singer Joel Madden has improved very much throughout his career. His voice in earlier albums were a little hoarsed and raspy, but his ability to reach higher notes has progressed and has proven to be one of the better singers of todays current pop rock. His ability is very hidden though. He does not go off on some weird vocal solo, he lets his band share the stage, which is great. His vocal ability has range, very helpful when it comes to the bands offerings of musical style. This new album shows how Madden can do many different vocals, each song being harder or softer, simple or complex, flat or sharp, this that the other. He can pull it off. The lyrics have fallen a tad short this album. Some songs are good but others have a better meaing. His relationship with Nicole Richie has gone well acording to the song, Something Else. Although the lyrics themselves, match the song, the meaning is very, somewhat, sing-songy. He is much better talking about something that he has grown from such as huis childhood, not some extra joy. Vocalitywise, is gret, lyric-wise, could be better.

Overall Impression — 8
Compared to other artists, this bands album has done farley well. The joy of listening is very warm and suddel. I enjoy poping in the disk, kicking back and listeing. Their introduction song sets the tone to the whole album and I was excited the first time I herd the song. I couldn't wait to hear the rest. The overall album was great, but my prediction is ina couple years, it might be looked at as a start of something great.

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    Nexu wrote: jincasa wrote: theyre alright, havnt heard the album as of yet, but maby its not pop because synyster gates and m.shadows were featured on the album? people have to use common sense, syn isnt going to be all poppy and shit, hes going to be dark and heavy I doubt a few lines from someone will automatically make it different. plus Synyster Gates? Gareth Gates more like. All modern metal morons.
    dude modern metal kicks complete ass man.....and Synyster Gates is a much better guitarist than the two in this band