The Young and the Hopeless review by Good Charlotte

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  • Released: Jan 13, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.2 (63 votes)
Good Charlotte: The Young and the Hopeless

Sound — 10
One of a kind. All of their guitar, drums parts, bass parts fit perfectly into one another. They compliment each other in every way. This is a sound that everyone even if they dont like Good Charlotte will find at least one song on this album that they will like. Catchy pop-punks riffs, Heavier rock or bouncier pop, ballads, sometimes funny, emotion and serious, whatever you like. They capture a whole range of sounds that everyone will enjoy on this album. Definetly nothing is the same, but you can definetly tell they are not going out of their way and forcing the songs to sound differently, it sound like them the whole way through.

Lyrics — 10
Everything from helping suicidal people to making us laugh at girls and boys to making losers feel alright in the anthem, to poking fun at rich people. The lyrics are just incredibly awsome. They dont use lame rhymes like guy and buy, but you can tell its from the heart. Not to repitive, and you can definetly feel what they are saying. The lyrics go perfectly with the music, a really energetic feel that captures moments we often thought couldnt be explained.

Overall Impression — 10
The Young and th Hopeless will definetly make you feel better after you listen to it it will make you not just to sit around and do nothing, it definetly has a charm to it. Its one of those cds that not just one or two of those songs are good to listen then its done, but the whole album is something that will stay in your cd player for the whole 40 whatever minutes. Its definetly worth buying, even if maybe you didnt like one of their hit singles. I dont hate anything about it, Good Charlotte doesn't come close to being compared with someone else.

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