The Young and the Hopeless review by Good Charlotte

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  • Released: Jan 13, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.2 (63 votes)
Good Charlotte: The Young and the Hopeless

Sound — 8
The GC boys obviously didn't want to make a below average sophomore album. Even though I am not a big GC fan myself, this CD gives you a considerate amount of punk & is still quite enjoyable to listen to. Some people say that GC's songs have only 1 guitar part. But if you listen closely, it actually has 2 guitar parts in every song. As I said before this is typical punk. But with a darker, or even goth mix to it. Although this is not ground-breaking it is still above average & is a good listen.

Lyrics — 7
As always, here are my impressions on the lyrics: 01. A New Beginning - not really a song. Since it has no lyrics to it. Just an instrumental. But a nice 1 at that. It starts off very quiet & subtle with a choir & other instruments. But then explodes with drums & heavy guitars throughout the entire song. Great way to start the album. 02. The Anthem - typical punk song with typical punk lyrics. About being different & not doing as you are told. 03. Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous - great song & my 2nd favourite in the entire album. The lyrics are exactly what the title suggests, the lifestyles of the rich & famous. 04. Wondering - catchy song. About finding someone that you could trust in. 05. The Story Of My Old Man - I really liked the intro to this song. The chorus is great too. The verses are fast paced. But when the chorus comes in it goes all subtle & quiet. Obviously this is about Joel & Benji's dad. 06. Girls & Boys - good song. Very catchy. I especially liked the riff on the verses. As the title suggests, this is about girls & boys & the stupid things that they do. 07. My Bloody Valentine - at 1st I totally despised this song. But it eventually grew on me. I hated the lyrics though. It's about killing a guy just to be with someone. 08. Hold On - I liked the chorus to this song. Very anthemic. But that's about the only thing I like. I hated the creepy whispering on the bridge. About holding on to life cause it will eventually get better. 09. Riot Girl - the most "punk" sounding song in the album. Due to the catchy power chords on the verses. About a hardcore/punk girlfriend. 10. Say Anything - 2nd best slow song in the album. Starts off with catchy bass & goes into a slow guitar riff & then acoustic. Another 1 of the three songs about the Joel & Benji's dad. 11. The Day That I Die - my favourite song in the album. This is about what you would do on your last day alive. Strangely, it gives you an uplifting feeling when you hear it. 12. The Young And The Hopeless - since this is the title track of the album, you already know that this is good. The most anthemic sounding song in the album. The best part would have to be the chorus. Typical punk lyrics though. About being young & hopeless. Also about not caring about what people think of you. 13. Emotionless - another great slow song from the GC boys. I loved the chorus & how they sing it. Also about the Madden boy's dad. And how even though he hurt & left them, they still miss him. 14. Movin' On - great intro to this song. I didn't like the chorus though. But I do love the solo. Very "punk-ish". The lyrics go quite well with the music. Especially on My Bloody Valentine. The song is about killing a guy to be with someone. So because of this, the riff is a bit creepy at times. I wouldn't say that Benji's voice is amazing. I would, however, say that he has a very unique voice & it fits very well on some songs.

Overall Impression — 8
This is the only GC album I've bought so I can't compare it to their previous or later work. But I have to compare this to other punk bands like Simple Plan, I would have to pick Simple Plan. It is still a great effort though & great for their sophomore album. The most impressive songs would have to be The Day That I Die, because of that uplifting feeling that you get when you hear the song & My Bloody Valentine, mostly because of the chorus & that strange/creepy riff & overall feel of the song. I also loved A New Beginning. It's very different from what you would expect from GC. As a rule, I would never buy the same CD twice. As it is just a waste of money. But even though this were stole/lost I wouldn't care. Cause I have it in my computer. But I was never really a punk fan so I wouldn't buy any more of GC's CD's. Good CD, but just not for me.

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    I'm pissed off at people who hate bands like ggod charlotte They're a cool band that sounds good and rocks forget all you good charlotte haters