Ad majorem Sathanas gloriam review by Gorgoroth

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  • Released: Jun 19, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (22 votes)
Gorgoroth: Ad majorem Sathanas gloriam

Sound — 9
Gorgoroth, for me, have always been the kings of Norwegian black metal. I find this album very similar in style to their last album "In The Twilight Of Idols" musically, lyrically and in it's atmosphere and spirit. A lot of their early material had a very harsh, thin sound, easily comparable to early black metal like Darkthrone and Mayhem, but this album has a brutal, thick and violent sound running all the way through. Songs like, "Wound Upon Wound", "Godseed" and "Whiteseed" hold tremendous blast beats from the drums (frost from satyricon), screaming from the gaahl and a havoc of guitars from infernus and king. where as songs like "Carving A Giant", "Sign Of An Open Eye" and "Prosperity And Beauty" hold maginificent brutal riffs and atmosphere. To me, this new black metal sound created by Gorgoroth could be classed as the beginning of the 4th wave of black metal.

Lyrics — 9
I think Gaahl has been the best lyricist, front man and vocalist for Gorgoroth yet. I do not think there is one word on this album that is not about satanish, anti-religion, spiritualistic freedom etc. Many of the lyrics on the album (the ones which you can decipher) hold such an epic atmosphere that it would frighten of a whole horde of viking warriors. Twice in the album Gaahl screams in a tortured manner, once at the beggining of a song and once at the end of a song where he is chanting and it dissolves into a wail that is so beautiful it is almost painfull to listen to.

Overall Impression — 9
As I previously mentioned, this album is not so different musically from their last. But these two albums were a massive move from albums such as "Under The Sign Of Hell" and "Destroyer", which are equally as impressive. I would certainly say that this album is worth listening to for all black metal fans, even though, it is undergone more production than the 2nd wave of black metal bands would have done. My favourite songs on the album are "Sign Of An Open Eye," this track has a phenominal, almost doom-metal riff, against a keyboard back drop and deep mutterings from gaahl, "Godseed" and "Prosperity and Beauty". I would certainly buy this album again if I lost it.

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    I love that you used the phrase 'satanish! Good review I think Gaash or Gaahl is one of the most entertaining interviewees I have ever seen.
    aha. arey you making reference to that Metal:headbangers journey film? that was pretty comical. i bet that was the most awkward silence that interviewee has ever had to go through. he did another series of articles with VBS and they are pretty interesting
    Gaahl is a comedic genius. "Where does Gorgoroth's inspiration come from?"....."Satan" *chugs wine* Gold I tell you!
    Erlend Johan
    I think he drank brown aquavit... It looked like a strong spirit. I didn't think Frost had so mutch choice when he was asked. xD
    Erlend Johan wrote: I didn't think Frost had so mutch choice when he was asked. xD
    so much coice in what? the drum style? ealy satyricon he used alot of blasts beats. but nowadays, not so much. but i dont like satyrion (mainstream black metal isn't true black metal)
    i actually wish i could delete this review now. this farce that has emerged with the band gorgoroth is a disgrace to black metal. the bands name belongs to infernus. anyone who agrees should join
    whitesummer527 wrote: lol take a chill pill its only music.
    death/heavy/doom/gothic/thrash/grindcore is only music. black metal runs deeper, its a way of life
    Black-Metal wrote: whitesummer527 wrote: lol take a chill pill its only music. death/heavy/doom/gothic/thrash/grindcore is only music. black metal runs deeper, its a way of life
    No, all metal is a way of life. And black metal is by far my favorite out of all of metal's sub-genres. But Gorgoroth is Gaahl's and King's now. And I think it should be that way. Infernus lost his mind. I mean really now, he's a legitimate theistic Satanist. Lyrically, thematically, and philosophically, Gaahl and King are so much more on point.
    That is true, I like this album and its direction much more than previous albums (although incipit satan is great). Gaahl and King also wrote all the music for Ad Majorem, so it doesn't bother me at all that Infernus left. The music stands for itself.
    i wish i could take back this review. infernus should have the rights to gorgoroth. not because he rights better music or anything (never the less, the albums he wrote were better than this one), but just because he is the founding member and he came up with the name. gaahl is their third singer and king their seventh bassist. gaahl and king have realy made themselves look like fools
    It weird cause while I do side with Infernus and it is all over for Gaahl, I still like his stuff with Gorgoroth. But I am glad Pest is back. I just like all their stuff.