Demon Days Review

artist: Gorillaz date: 07/25/2006 category: compact discs

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Gorillaz: Demon Days
Released: May 24, 2005
Genre: Rock
Styles: Hip-Hop, Alternative Rap, Alternative Pop/Rock, Underground Rap
Number Of Tracks: 15
Demon Days is still one hell of a comeback for Damon Albarn, who seemed perilously close to forever disappearing into his own ego.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.6
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
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overall: 10
Demon Days Reviewed by: americanmovie23, on may 27, 2005
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Sound: The sound on this album is very different from the first album. The first album was rap beats based off of really chunky guitar riffs. However on Demon Days, the guitars are much more smooth and the overall sound as far as bass, and beats are a lot more layered than the previous album. This should be credited to the album's producer DJ Danger Mouse. He is the DJ who combined The Beatles "White Album" with Jay-Z's "Black Album" and called it "The Grey Album." He really takes the sound in a whole different direction. The styles on this record are rap, alternative rap, lougne rock, and R&B. It kind of cuts down on the punk-poppyness of their self titled debut from 2000 but still this is just an amazing sounding record. There is nothing else out there like it. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are as to be expected from Gorillaz. They are cooky, and very distinctive as Gorillaz lyrics. However they are socially concious lyrics on this record. From songs like Kids With Guns, November Has Come, and Dare, Gorillaz has grown up. The best song on the album is Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head. It is read by Denis Hopper and tells an odd tale of greed, death, and destruction. Very impressive. // 10

Overall Impression: This CD is already going to go on my top 10 list of the year. It is jus so different, and so distinctive that, wether you like it or not, you have to respect just because it is SO different. The most impressive songs off of this album are Last Living Souls, Kids With Guns, Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc., El Manana, November Has Come, All Alone, and Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head. Do yourself a favor, listen to this great record. Top 10 of 2005! Withouht a doubt. // 10

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overall: 2
Demon Days Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 14, 2005
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Sound: Ok. Just in case you don't know, the Gorillaz aren't even real people. They are computer generated and so is there music, therefore requiring no talent at all. // 2

Lyrics: Lyrics suck. It sounds like someone wrote this song by just picking words that rhyme that don't even go together in a sentence. I could've wrote better shit than this in an hour. // 2

Overall Impression: If I need to say more, I wanna kill myself for buying this CD. I have no clue why and if someone stole it I'd either beat them up for stealing such a bad CD, when they couldve taken anything else or had a party cause it was gone (but who the hell steals CD's over money). Oh I stole his CD. Whatever, have fun with your free Gorillaz CD. // 2

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overall: 10
Demon Days Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 21, 2005
2 of 3 people found this review helpful

Sound: The balance between the oddity of music that satisfies eccentric tastes and accessibility that attracts wide appeal is what gains the band's popularity. Building up a line up between these two, Gorillaz may sound anyhow, but never typical. The new album just proves that. While Demon Days doesn't have Dan The Automator's work on it, DJ Danger Mouse (who got worldwide famous for producing the controversial The Grey Album) is in control over the albums' production duties now. The album is driven by a gritty energy, aggressive core and love of music. It sounds as weird as it's predecessor, but on the current CD every song has a story behind it and instead of lyrics in the CD booklet, the songs are featured with pictures, having the song's name, hidden on it. The record has a huge guest-list ?- a guest almost in every song. The assortment includes Shaun Ryder (of Happy Mondays and Black Grape), Bootie Brown (from The Pharcyde), Trugoy (from De La Soul), Dennis Hopper, MF Doom, Roots Manuva, Martina Topley Bird (from Tricky), and The London Community Gospel Choir. The first few tracks feel like a prelude to a beautiful and haunting "Dirty Harry." It maintains a funky groove, driven by Bootie Brown's energetic rap fused with children's chorus. The song itself is kind of a sequel to "Clint Eastwood" from their first album and it's one of the best songs on the CD. The band perfects it's techno and house sound in augmented by the performance of Shaun Ryder in the bouncing "Dare." That might be called his best recorded appearance for the last 15 years and the song itself is not less, than an electronic pop masterpiece. The oddly catchy first single "Feel Good Inc." with bluesy harmonica melody interrupted by Russel's punching rhymes has the appealing contribution from De La Soul that only adds to its intensity. Devilish Kids With Guns is remarkable for its killer bass line and the appearance of Neneh Cherry on the back vocals. Albarn is having fun with a cockney accent all through the track and Neneh steals Salt-N-Peppa's line "Push it real good!" to create a hypnotizing chorus. Like many other songs on the album, this one balances between two different styles and melodies, maintaining a pure Gorillaz sound full of funky and remarkable tunes. I can go on like this forever, describing every song and finding something different in each one of them, it's a thrilling music journey 'cause you never know what to expect around the corner and the band surprises you with every next song you hear on the CD. So I stop blubbering on (about sound at least), try it yourself! // 10

Lyrics: Gorillaz are famous for 2D (aka Damon Albarn) bizarre vocal performance. On Demon Days he got a generous help from a lot of famous musicians, but his vocal is still the defining factor for Gorillaz sound. His heartfelt and slurry voice involves you in the song's mood the second you hear it. Humming background vocal sound haunting, female voice add some texture, falsetto vocals add a touching feel and that all together create a lazy plaintive feel. The lyrics is the most powerful weapon of the band. Gorillaz write the very serious and at the same time wittiest and silliest lyrics ever. You may find the lyrics very deep and search for a hidden meaning behind the cartoon images or you may take it as a joke and think the band is just making fun of what they're doing. But my advise is -? get stoned and listen to the record again. You'll get the message the band delivers and... the truth is out there. // 10

Overall Impression: The new album is an album for lost souls -? filled with Albarn's sad melancholic vocals, it's a breath of fresh air for psychedelic lovers. It gives a listener something new to appreciate with every next play. The CD is a mixture of hip-hop, indie rock, trip-hop, punk, funk, dance to start with a few. Even though it's hard to imagine all of this on one CD, Gorillaz made it sound like an admirable and interesting mess. The creative freedom, which comes from the animation side of the project, not depending on record company and a whole lot of other factors, that embarrass most of the musicians, allows the band experiment in the oddest way. As 2-D sees the new album, it's the debut LP, repainted in different colors. Darker, more depressive and harder. But doesn't matter how dark the spirit of the song is, the band never looses its sense of humor. The songs may sound fun and silly, but never ridiculous. At the same time the melodies are clear, stiff and more structural. What started as a side project for Damon Albarn, is now called the missing link in the evolution of music. Now 2-D is complaining that Blur's frontman is copying his singing manner. Do you remember times when Blur albums were compared to Oasis records? Now critics compare Gorillaz to Oasis. Everything changes and Gorillaz are playing the music that faces the world we're living in, at least as they see it -? with innocent children chorus, aggressive rap, eccentric power and eerie sound. 2-D once said that there would be lots of fictional animated bands like Gorillaz, but everybody would remember that they were the first. While non-believer still considered Gorillaz to be a novelty, the oracle meanwhile came true -? Gorillaz gave birth to a lot of cyber projects with no real musicians around the world. Which just proves the genius of the creators. // 10

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overall: 10
Demon Days Reviewed by: waffler, on june 06, 2005
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Sound: This CD is great. It sounds incredible, with a bigger influence in the bass area, which "Murdoc" plays some of the greatest bass lines on any CD. The guitar is also more chords and cleaner than their self debuted album. The absence of Del the Funky Homosapien, of Self Debuted Album fame, isn't much of an absence. Just listen to "November Has Come" with MF Doom, or "Feel Good Inc." with De La Soul and you will still be in love with this band. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics, to some people, don't mean alot. But if you listen to them, you get stuck in a beautiful abyss of Damon Albarn's (2D) voice. You get into a world of power and corruption, uprising's against the large corporations, and much more. Albarn has always amazed me with his song writing skills, and his awesome voice, ever since I got into Blur. This is one great CD. // 10

Overall Impression: Comparing this album to their self titled is like comparing cheese to a car. They are completly different, in my opinion. Yet both of them are top ten CD's in my mind. Most impressive songs I think would be Last Living Souls, Kids with Guns, Dirty Harry, Feel Good inc., Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, November Has Come, All Alone, and Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head. You know what, screw it. The whole CD is the best CD, and it ties itself together at the end of the CD, so pick this CD up, it is one good CD. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Demon Days Reviewed by: Jak-Kun, on june 27, 2005
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Sound: The sophomore album of the cartoon-cunundrums, aka Gorillaz, is at first hard to place, and later easy. Intro, the first track (obviously), is an interesting feature. Seeing as the album itself is much darker than their self-titled debut, it poses an introduction to their new world. One thing I noticed about this album is it made a lot more sense than the last (don't even get me started on Left Hand Suzuki Method). The bass lines are a little more funky and noticeable on some tracks, particularly "Kid's With Guns" (which is great dispite it's somber tone), the quasai-futuristic-sounding "O Green Earth", and the growingly popular "Feel Good Inc.", however has an electronic presence as well, which in an extremely odd way seems to dull and magnify the emotion at the same time. My personal favorite is "El Maana", which sounds like an electronic Tom Petty or Eric Clapton of the future. I give this a 5/5, because it is one of the best albums I have heard in a while. I personally am very glad, and relieved I picked it up. // 10

Lyrics: I must be honest, I haven't taken the time to decypher the lyrics very well, but I must say that Damon Albarn, aka 2D (the one with the purple hair and no front teeth), has an excellent way of transferring his vocals into the music and having come out making sense. Very few are capable of that, the best of which (in my opinion) is Jonathan Davis. But in the case of Gorillaz, it has a sad, distorted feeling of perception, and you seem to feel hopeless, yet relaxed and tranquil at the same time. Another piece worth noting is the perfect addition of the laughter in "Feel Good Inc.". I thought having a single rap line being "Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Haaa" sheer genious, but maybe that's because I look at rap as the precussion of vocalism. I give it a 4/5, as it is very good, but it could be better. // 8

Overall Impression: The album known as demon days is a great buy if you enjoy softish rock, trip-hop, or tech-babble. It is the kind of album that an intellectual would buy, as opposed to something like I dunno Blink 182 (please don't hate me, but the lyrics are not mature, and that's what I meant by it). Like their privious album, they have had a slew of additions lending their talents. In the case of "Gorillaz", it was mainly Del Da Funky Homosapien, Lending his voice to (most memorably) "Rock The House", and the infamous "Clint Eastwood". In the case of "Demon Days", the first featured guest is none other than the seemingly maniacal De La Soul, but the big surprise was the cameo of Dennis Hopper's spoken dialogue in "Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head". I personally loved the album for all the reasons stated above, but there are a few thing I would change. The track "White Light" sounds to me like a cop of NIN, and I do not feel that to be in sinc with their sense of style. Other than that, you will not see me grimacing as I play this on my computer. Quite the contrary. // 10

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overall: 8
Demon Days Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 28, 2005
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Sound: The sound on the CD is pretty good, most impressive tracks being Feel Good Inc., Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head, and Kids With Guns. The overall sound is mellow and relaxing. The bass lines are awesome, but I wanted to hear maybe a few more guitar riffs. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty good. I did want to hear more of a range from the singer, but still enjoyable. // 8

Overall Impression: My overall impression of the album is that it is good. You will either love or hate this album. If it was stolen, I would probably replace it or beat the crap out of the guy that stole it. Before buying the album, I suggest downloading a few tracks to see if it interests you. // 8

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overall: 10
Demon Days Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 22, 2005
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Sound: I've listened to the Gorillaz since I was 11 or so, so I really enjoyed the new album. The intro does sound pretty f'd up, and yet it goes along with the CD. Murdoc lays down feel good bass line and sets the foundation for a lot of good songs. Even though I despise rap, I'm still giving them a five. And a note to "unregistered." His review stated that the Gorillaz are computer animated. They are drawn by concept artists. Secondly they are real people you (in the words of the great Les Claypool) "ignorant peice of s--t" (in case you're not a peice of s--t, sorry. I don't really know you, but you are ignorant). Murdoc Nicholls had a band before the gorillaz and everyone is a person in real life. Thirdly - their music is not computer generated, at least not the instruments. I don't care if you knock the band and CD, but at least get your facts straight, dumbass. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are awesome. Some might not think much about songs like Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head, but I took it seriously. I love songs that tell a story as much as I love ones that mean absolutely nothing. 2D provides excellent vocals. // 10

Overall Impression: The Gorillaz are unlike any other band so they're hard to compare. The most impressive songs are The last three tracks (Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head, Don't Get Lost In Heaven, and Demon Days) because they all are telling a story. I love the Gorillaz laid back style, but I hate rap. When it comes to buying a copy, here's how good this CD is: I have I copy I burnt from a friend, but because it's burnt the timing is wrond on the last two tracks so it sounds like the CD skips (the tracks are like one song together and on a burnt CD my CD player has a 2 second countdown before the song starts). This CD is so good I'm going to fork over 15 bucks to get a copy for the last two songs. Buy it now. // 10

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overall: 7.7
Demon Days Reviewed by: Rags, on january 30, 2006
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Sound: Demon Days is a huge step up from Gorillaz previous album. A confusing album, making you wonder what the hell he just said. Although there is a lack of fast paced guitar riffs and insane drum solos, Gorillaz give you something different, a calmer album than the usual, albeit slightly depressing also. It is very difficult to place a genre for this album, some hip-hop, but mostly indie. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics to this album weren't my favourite. They aren't bad yet not good either, there is no complexity, no hidden meaning in his lyrics. His singing skill isn't a brilliant one to follow, it is a typical Average Joe voice. Yet after all this bad singing and crap lyrics, there is something addictive about his music that makes you listen! // 7

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this album is high, Gorillaz are a completely unique band so there is no comparison. My favourite song on this is Kids With Guns, it features a crazy bass which will make your room shudder. If I ever lost this album, I would replace it immediately. // 8

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overall: 8
Demon Days Reviewed by: el_jedo, on july 20, 2006
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Sound: When I bought this album earlier in the year, I had high hopes, after listening to Gorillaz self titled album for several years. I was not dissapointed. Although different, the new album shows some of the Gorillaz flair that made the first album so great (catchy bass riffs, killer drum beats etc) and even develops a new style, with songs such as Demon Days, which features the London Community Gospel Choir, aswell as violins, violas, cellos and a double bass. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics in Demon Days go a bit deeper than the first album. Songs like Last Living Souls, El Manana and the great rap by Bootie Brown in Dirty Harry show a darker side to Gorrilaz than upbeat tunes like Rock The House and 19-2000 off their self titled album. The lyrics, although not pieces of literary genius (no Eminem style rhymes here) have been extremely well suited to the music, which is why the rating is high. Perhaps in the future it would be good to see more energy put into the words of the song, and less into the style of music to which they are matched. // 7

Overall Impression: All up, Demon Days is as good, if not better than the first album. The varied song style shows what Gorillaz is capable of as a band, which is good to see, although the original Gorillaz style shown in the songs is comforting for those that dont like change. In particular, Last Living Souls stood out to me as an especially good song, everything from the plain beginnings to the strong piano and guitar solos (which I have been trying to tab for months and still cant get it, and surprised to see no other Last Living Souls tabs on this site). If my copy was stolen I would definitely buy a new one, not only for the music, but the album leaf, which summarises each song into a picture, resulting in the coolest album leaf I have seen. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Demon Days Reviewed by: guitar^freak, on july 25, 2006
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Sound: Demon Days is a great album, mixing lots of different sounds within it. Tracks like Intro, O Green World and Every Planet We Reach Is Dead are a bit of a letdown in quality sound, because it all follows a kind of mainstream setup, such as O Green World, where to me it seems to repeat on and on for a bit too long. Demon Days is a gigantic step in sound from their first self-titled album, which usually consisted of punchy guitarness(if thats an actual word)and sometimes quirky concepts. Their new album, although still having some quirky concepts, is well, I guess, more "civilised". I say this because of the even wider variety they have introduced, such as the viloin, cello, double bass and cello. In the songs 'Don't Get Lost In Heaven' and 'Demon Days' there is even the London Community Gospel Choir taking part. // 9

Lyrics: Sometimes the lyrics are hard to understand but at other times are very clear and quite meaningful. The people like MF Doom, Bootie Brown, Roots Manuva played a good part in contributing to this album. The lyrics are sometimes just a bit stupid but generally good. // 8

Overall Impression: This is a very impressive album, and the little booklet inside the album is really cool. If someone stole this CD from me, I would hunt them down and hurt them wherever possible to get it back. The three best songs from the album would have to be: Kids With Guns (I just love the climatic, uh, climax), Demon Days (the beat is just so mellowing) and El Manana, which is just really deep and great sounding. This was definately worth me buying! Oh, and by the way, Gorillaz are a computer generated band created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, but, their music is not.Their music is real. // 9

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