Feel Good Inc. review by Gorillaz

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  • Released: Jul 19, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (19 votes)
Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc.

Sound — 10
This single (or should I say: series of singles) was produced after the Gorillaz song "Feel Good Inc." topped the charts in the UK and USA. Anyone who has heard this song knows that it is a wide variety of hardcore rap, bass guitar backup, and graceful vocals. Along with this Single, Three other singles were produced in other countries based on Feel Good Inc. In order for a more elaborate review, I looked around for these singles. In Japan: The Feel Good Inc single was released along with the brand new songs: "Bill Murray," "Murdoc is God," and "Spitting Out The Demons." Australia, The UK, and Overall Europe also released copies of the single, each with different combinations of the songs above (plus Feel Good Inc the Single Edit). However, I will only review the single released in the US, which is only available on iTunes. It was great to hear the great sound of Feel Good Inc on its own. The Gorillaz really went all out on the composition of the song. There is something for every person who likes a particular genre: There is a heavy drum beat for rocking out, 3 verses of rapping from De La Soul, a country-singing type style to the chorus, and a great bass-line (which any bass player from ultimate-guitar.com would love to play). Aside from the main song on the album, Bill Murray itself has a really positive sound to it. Why is it called Bill Murray? Well apparently there is a connection betweem Damon Albarn, (The Creator of Gorillaz) and Bill Murray himself, whether it be a close realtionship or just a respect for his comedy. The only way that I believe Bill Murray to be tied into the song itself is that the beat of of the song is much like that of a late 80's, early 90's movie. Which, Bill Murray starred in countless numbers of. (I.e. Ghostbusters, which has similar beats to the song). Spitting Out The Demons also made an appearance on this single. For anyone who has heard the Demon Days Gorillaz album, you would know that the album is very dark throughout. Well, this song is, in a sense, a happy ending to that album. It has a lot of keyboard in it to give it that lively feel of a cheerful mood. The techno-pop song Dare was turned into a "Soulwax Remix" for the single as well. The sound seems to be a little bit more hollow, and slower than the original Dare song. It is an interesting remix, and in fact a bit creepy with the constant moaning from Noodle, the band's funny young keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist. So the sound as a whole is excellent. Everything you would expect from the Gorillaz: great bass, drums, vocals, and keyboarding. Absolutely deserves the full rating.

Lyrics — 9
As I have mentioned in the review of Laika Comes Home, anyone who knows the Gorillaz knows that their lyrics are dark and mysterious. Well, for once in the Phase Two of Gorillaz, there are cheerful lyrics at hand. Like I said, Spitting Out The Demons was a "happy ending" to Demon Days. It talked about "Spitting Out The Demons" which Damon Albarn describes as being vague, anything from drugs to 'temptation' and more. Whatever 'corrupts' your life. Basically decribing it as sin in general. Bill Murray has only one line: "Too many days to get lost, many many people I've known got lost too." My personal interpretation of the lyrics means that you meet lots of friends in your life, but many of them may turn out bad in the end. A perfect example of this being High School, where you may come across old friends, only now they are into things that you may not agree with, making them lost in peer pressure. The 'days' could be a metaphor for how many times sin is a choice, and that sooner or later it will be chosen. A tad bit deep, which I why I really loved the lyrics to this Single, it made me think about thins I wouldn't normally think about. The only reason I give the lyrics section a 9 is because the lyrics to the Dare Soulwax Mix and Feel Good Inc. were the same as on Demon Days, so those two songs' lyrics were not unique.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall I say that this is an amazing Single. The Gorillaz once again have backed up their current hits with more amazing hits. It's too bad that some of the songs such as Bill Murray and Spitting Out The Demons didn't become as popular as they did, because (only in my opinion) some people would really get something decent out of the lyrics. A quick personal answer to some of the typical questions: what is your favorite song on the album? Besides Feel Good Inc. - Spitting Out The Demons. What is your least favorite song on the album?: If I had to pick, Dare-Soulwax Remix. It is nothing special. The two new songs are a great surprise and Feel Good Inc is forever a classic. What is great about it? The lyrics, the beats, everything. What is not so great about it? Nothing, in my opinion. Is it worth buying? Absouletly (requires iTunes). Is it the bands best album? Not the best 'album' but by-far the best single ever created by the Gorillaz. Well, there is my elaborately long review. I hope it could be some help to you Gorillaz fans/discoverers.

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    Daniel Pearce
    Jesus - i can't believe you typed all this for just 3 tracks...! Nice vocabulary anyway mate.
    I wouldn't call the chorus for "country" singing. To my ears it sounds like a normal alt. rock melody. Good interview though, and a 10 is damn right.
    Six years later and I can't believe that I typed this much, either. Sheesh. I REALLY liked this band.