Burial Ground review by Grave

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  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.3 (3 votes)
Grave: Burial Ground

Sound — 7
Contempt with staying in their comfort zone of old school death metal or in other words Slayer with modern hyper-gain distortion and blast beats, Grave wont be winning any new fans with their latest release Burial Ground. But then again if you ever heard of Grave you should know that they are the last band you should look at for any serious innovation. So there definitely won't be any amazing song structures or ultra technical solos(aside from Bloodtrail) or anything beyond what Grave normally do. Don't let the fact that the band is from Sweden fool you, the boys from Grave do not do melodeath, in fact most of the riffs you will hear are deep down in the dissonant range of death metal riffs.One of the better parts of the album is the decent tempo variation, there are fast songs, mid tempo songs and much slower songs, of course keeping in the traditional death/thrash vein there are quite a few songs with tempo/time signature changes within the song structure. Another ace in the hole, if you will, is the drumming which at certain moments gives out drastic sensations of being hit in the chest, almost like hearing the band live.

Lyrics — 7
Even in the extreme metal world there are lyricists who try to give the lyrics some depth or greater meaning but Grave's Ola Lindgren is not among them. He, again sticks to what he know best, gore and/or religion. The vocals are actually very clear and powerful, Lindgren sounds like he's screaming from a coffin and you are with him inside.The overall "dire" feel on the vocals somewhat overpowers the uninspiring lyrics and it stays in that fashion through out the album's length. Why change a winning formula?

Overall Impression — 7
The band is now a trio and the line up that recorded Burial Ground(Lindgren, Isaksson, Bergerstahl) was a solid one and in fact the band sounds the strongest since the reunion. So if you liked Dominion VIII I highly recommend this album. A couple of songs to check out would be: the opener "Liberation", "Bloodtrail" which has an incredible solo by Karl Sanders from Nile and the title song "Burial Ground".

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