21st Century Breakdown review by Green Day

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  • Released: May 15, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (829 votes)
Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown

Sound — 10
This album has shown how far Green Day has come from Dookie, and in a good way. They have matured in terns of topic choices, and also as musicians. The whole album still has that great energy as their earlier albums but is a bit more gritty and dark and more put together as a whole. 21st century breakdown isnt just an album to rock out to or to simply enjoy, its one of those life changing albums that make you stop in that moment and think about life. I completely love it, totally blew me away. I had high expectations of the album, but it shattered them. It really touches me on a deeper level, I can connect with it in every way. Its a stunning work of art, and its so easy to be drawn into it, even on your first listen, there's something so organic about it and even though its the first time im listening to it, its as though its the music of my life .It was so natural to hear it. The sound is really bigger than american idiot. And yes I do prefer this over ALL other green day albums. As you listen on there seems to be some kinda love-hate relationship going on. Basically both of them represent the 2 different ideas of how to deal with society today. This album sounds alot darker/grittier than american idot, the sound is also alot bigger. The use of strings and piano ads a beautiful/softer edge on some songs letting green day demonstrate their versatility as songwriters. There were more plays on effects regarding guitar, and some acoustic guitar thrown in as well. Its alot more diverse than pervious albums, with more variety regarding song styles and overall tones. Again dont expect this to be an album with raging technical solos, its brilliant in its simplicity. That being said, its not going to bore you with similar sounding riffs either (e.g american idiot). Certain sounds/melodies do remind me of the warning/nimrod era. This album definitely has alot of influence from musicals, hence the opening song of the century and restless hart syndrome . You can also hear the who and queen,maybe even AD/DC. Plus you cant deny their punk roots, and the clash sounds spring up too.

Lyrics — 9
It was written in a rock opera kinda way, two main characters Gloria and Christian. Gloria is as the bad says the torch bearer. She symbolizes hope and is kinda the one holding on to the edge. "She is the saint on all the sinners The one that's fallen through the cracks" Christian is kinda the hell-raiser, the anarchist, burning everything down, basically the opposite of gloria. "This diabolic state is gracing my existence Like a catasrophic baby" The album really touches alot of emotions, more so than any previous album ,and its way more intense on the emotional level than even American Idiot. You can literally feel the tenderness and love on last night on earth, its really a beautiful love song. Then of course there's the rage ,anger and rebellion on Know your enemy. To me really the most beautiful song is 21 guns there's really a tone of vulnerability in it for me and it really moved me to tears. Yes the band has improved, alot more diverse topics. They are a little more complex from American idiot, but still retains that signature Green day style of conveying powerful messages through simplicity. So you wont find complicated hidden metaphors here, but what are offered are songs which allow you to interpret with various meanings, hence it allows you to really connect and understand each song. Billie experiments successfully abit more on this album. For the first time we get to hear his falsetto, which works well when sparingly and appropriately used, like on this album. We also hear a deeper side to his voice ( modern world) and he screams on this too. He's also not as monotonous, making use of softer vocals when require. All in all he showcases a lot more then he's done before. He took some risks and they worked out great.

Overall Impression — 10
How does it compare to other Green day albums: With 21 century breakdown green day has officially outgrown the shadow of dookie, more so than even with American idiot. GOne is that laid back sloppy buzzy punk sound, like on dookie and 1039/smoothed out slappy hours. Replaced is a much bigger bolder more polished sound which is reminiscent of warning and nimrod mixed with American idiot and beefed up with better mixing and a more grown up sound with a touch more classic rock. BEST/comment on songs on the album : 01.21 Guns: very addictive and beautiful, edgy and vulnerable. Not like anything green day has done before. 02.Viva La Gloria: catchy, love the beginning. Nice mellow opening that jumps into classic green day. 03.Peacemaker: sounds like it could have been on warning. Jumpy and bouncy. 04.Murder City: not the most impressive but it had to be mentioned because its the only song that Sounds very much like something that could have been on American idiot. which tell you alot about how different this album is from its predecessor . 05.Last Night On Earth: sweet love song, which kinda reminds me of wake me up when sept ends, only because its a sweet ballad kind of song. 06.Little Girl: very broadway in the intro. Again sounds like something from warning (reminds me of misery ) nice upbeat and has that crazy dark carnival sound. But honestly what makes this album so great is that its a total package of songs that will inspire and provoke. There are no filler songs. They work together cohesively and add to each other. Every song is addictive and meaningful and are open to interpretation. I listened to the whole album with a critical ear, although I'm a massive green day fan, if this album was done by any other band I would worship them as well, so do not for one second think that I'm raving about this album simply because I'm a fan. Green day really out did themselves, this album pushes them beyond American idiot, and it really showcases a different side of them. 21 century breakdown is destined to be a classic album for me, on that I can never tire of. I cant get enough of it. I just want thank green day for the blood sweat and tears put into this album, because you can literally feel their emotions on it. I think it's very brave of them to put themselves out to the world like this, and being so vulnerable. Green day has always inspired me to be a better person and musician, and this album is not any different. To me their music isnt just something I listen to, it's something I live by and that gives me strength, hope, faith and inspiration. This album is their gift to the world. If it were lost: I'll run out and get another ASAP! cant live without it.

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