American Idiot review by Green Day

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  • Released: Sep 21, 2004
  • Sound: 2
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 7.7 (908 votes)
Green Day: American Idiot

Sound — 2
That does it! I'm sick and tired of the blasphemy that Green Gay is inciting through this worthless album and the mainstream/pop culture! Both musically and (especially) lyrically. First the music. What the hell is good about this piece of crap? It's just a buch of easy, cliche powerchords and no originality nor innovation. Solos? Sounds ripped off and the average solo. Now normally, I'm a solo enthusiast, but only if it's a signature of its own, unlike the s--t piled up in this waste of CD production. The song "American Idiot" is the f--ing worst. Another thing to make clear, Green Day are not real punk! They are emo! Emo is not real punk! My friend, who has every knowledge of true punk and every artist that does it, even he says American Idiot sucks! He actually likes old Green Day too and says the old stuff sounds more like real punk, but American Idiot sucks because it sounds like mainstream pop-punk/emo and it is! This is the worst thing that has happened to music since Slipknot! And the only reason people like this bulls--t is because everyone else likes it, and you have a horrible, most horrible sense of music. Others are fans because they think the band members are 'hot'. Piece of crap. They look really gay. This is why talented artists are stuck underground; people like this crappy s--t like Green Gay today so they are mainstream. Also, "Jesus Of Suburbia." What's the big freakin deal? It's not satisfying at all! It's 9 mins long, and since that is mainstream people are thinking that is the longest song in history or something! F--ing bulls--t! There are too many songs longer than that! Take Dream Theater and its 10-min songs and the 42-minute "6doit", and Symphony X and its 20-min plus songs. Now these are true talent. Not this Green Gay crap. They are a Boulevard Of A Broken Dream of their own: to the dream of punk, shattered by emos like Green Gay. The only reason they get a bunch of Grammies is because they are too mainstream and people think they are the best band around, while talented artists are trapped in the underground.

Lyrics — 2
For those who remember me for my political beliefs in UG, you'll have an firsthand idea of what I'll say about the lyrics. "One nation controlled by the media"? Those goddamn anti-Bush retards are the new media! Because they are pop/mainstream, people are thinking you should hate Bush because their favortie arists tell you to do so. And I hate their pessimism of our country. They probably hate Bush just because he is republican, and will whine, bash and moan to get a democrat in the White House. But suppose a democrat is elected in the future, and he is so f--king liberal and commits extremely controversial acts worse that what the mainstream says Bush is doing. Bands like Green Gay would not bash the democrat and instead bash Republicans for protesting against that guy the way Green Gay and other emo fags are still doing today. There is more to our president than any of you pop stereotypes will understand. Aside from "Idiot", the remaining lyrics are just as bad because they are immature, and pop-influenced because that's what the public wants. And they say this is a concept album. Well, it sure does not flow together well at all. Like talented music, the other side of the political issue is crushed in the underground and has a right to at least make itself heard.

Overall Impression — 2
A total waste of CD production, instrument work, and all those minutes of a listening person's life. I'm ashamed of you people who can even think about calling this s--t "music". Seriously, how pop-poisoned can you get? The only thing that is agreeable about this crap is the title. Behold: Green Gay. The three american idiots.

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