American Idiot review by Green Day

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  • Released: Sep 21, 2004
  • Sound: 2
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 7.7 (908 votes)
Green Day: American Idiot

Sound — 2
My friend bought this CD the day it came out and he played it for me. The sound is pretty good. Good beats and nice bass lines, and Tre just banging the hell out of the drums. But, it's all the same 3 or 4 power chord playing that's in the songs every radio plays today. One more step and I think Green Day will be Simple Plan. And the solos, when there are any, well suck. I think Billie Joe should keep off the soloing and just keep the hardcore guitar strumming for now. I do have to give them credit for keeping songs with such a simple sounds on the radio (American Idiot, Blvd. Of Broken Dreams, Holiday), but after the trillionth time you've heard them, they're not that catchy, just annoying. Billie or Mike or Tre, do us all a favor. Tell the radios or Much Music or whatever to only play your songs for a month at the most. I'm sure by the first week it'll be number one.

Lyrics — 2
I'm so tired of people whining about Bush and elections being rigged or unfair political dicisions. You idiots! Quit your whining! No matter what you say or do it won't help you! Get it through your head! You can't do anything about it! It's up to braindead poloticians! And Green Day was just the icing on top of the crap cake. Honestly, stick with good ol' lyrics about hanging out and rackin' with your friends or waking up after a party that lasted 'til 11:00am. Two days later. Quit the Bush crying and take this point of advice. Don't read anything about politics for a whole year! It'll give you something else to write about! So sit in your 10-car garage in your mansion you got from selling out to everything people want and right some good Dookie or Nimrod tunes again. Something along those lines.

Overall Impression — 2
I don't know. Personally, I think Green Day now are just Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and Blink 182 mixed together. It sickens me. They used to be awesome! Now, they've died to me. Sorry guys. You sold out. Horribly. You forgot what the rock was about and just did what everyone else was doing. You're just 3 walking trends with guitars. Go back to the streets and play some Beatles or something for money 'cause that's the only way you're gonna get a dime from me. And I literally mean, I'll only give you a dime. And a nickel if you're lucky.

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