Awesome As F**k Review

artist: Green Day date: 11/12/2012 category: compact discs
Green Day: Awesome As F**k
Released: Mar 22, 2011
Genre: Punk rock, alternative rock
Label: Reprise
Number Of Tracks: 17
Similar to most early 2000s' fetishes, Green Day has slowly deteriorated over the years.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 7.3
Awesome As F**k Reviewed by: UG Team, on november 12, 2012
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Sound: Warning: the first 20 seconds of buzz from overly excited fans may turn you off completely. As much as Green Day's latest live attempt, Awesome As F--k, excels when it comes to song choices and a disc title, the atmosphere almost seems fake. Not "here's some recorded fan orgasms"-fake, but kind of similar to the crowds you see on television during Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber concerts. The excessive yelps from females (let's hope) makes the aged punk rockers sound as if they're the kings of everything rock n' roll. Recordings of "Know Your Enemy" and "American Idiot" do justice with limitless momentum, but the latter track proves a fault: the material itself seems unorganized as rhythms flail around at different paces when transitioning from verse to chorus. The energy drives the live release yet fails to channel it in all areas; the band seems unmotivated at times ("She", "Going To Pasa") and only really erupts on the more popular radio numbers ("Holiday"). The lackadaisical approach could be attributed to their punk, I don't-care-what-you-think attitude which drips off early Green Day material like "Geek Stink Breath" and "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?". The question is however, does the shtick work for a live record? Not if you plan on spinning the album regularly and not just at a party when the parents are out of town. // 7

Lyrics: From a lyrical point of view, Awesome As F--k has the ability to keep the entertainment level at a standstill. The sound isn't as emphatic as other live albums, but the tracklisting can grab your attention, introducing you to Green Day's history, highlighting points when they were a group of nobodies, a rising phenomenon and aging rock stars. Taking content from various years is risky. Taking songs with lines like "Cause you know where I'll be found / When I come around," is smart. The disc's structure overshadows Billie Joe Armstrong's ramblings, cursing and odd shouting matches with the audience and so it should. Awesome As F--k doesn't shove a dozen chart-topping singles down your throat; it sedates you in doses, depending on your preference, and concludes with a blast of acoustic anthems that are hard not to know the words to by heart. // 8

Overall Impression: Similar to most early 2000s' fetishes, Green Day has slowly deteriorated over the years. They provided teens with a personal gateway into the world of punk and lyrics that begged to be etched into anything made out of wood. One musical and one mediocre album later, the alt rock giants have been chipped down to veteran musicians who still have that sparkle in their eye to perform. No matter your taste, the release Awesome As F--k shows both sides; a few tracks remind you of those anti-anything-good-for-you times while others slowly enforce why Green Day is slowly fading into an empty black sea. Most importantly, the record highlights a career and though it doesn't excel as a masterpiece collection of recordings, it's a definitive choice for those days where you just want to lose it to the tune of old-school chaos. // 7

- Joshua Khan (c) 2012

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overall: 8.3
Awesome As F**k Reviewed by: Paul*Stanley, on november 12, 2012
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Sound: Awesome as F**k captures what Green Day does live pretty well, and it's impressive that their 20 year-old punk songs can stand up so well next to their 2 year-old pop songs. If you're a big Green Day fan, you probably have Bullet in a Bible, so you've already heard some of these songs. The recordings of American Idiot, Holiday and Jesus of Suburbia are nearly identical to their previous live versions. Their new song "Cigarettes and Valentines" is great, and really adds something to the album so that you feel like you're getting some new material along with the classics. // 8

Lyrics: Billie Joe's back and just as good as ever. He mixes in his crowd-rallying yelps in with his singing, and it works well, but he lets the crowd sing whole verses a little too often (he lets them take the whole first verse of American Idiot). "Cigarettes and Valentines" stands out with catchy new verses which will be stuck in your head for days. // 8

Overall Impression: It's not the greatest live album in the world, but Awesome as F**k is a smart move from the Green Day camp. I didn't want to be buying Bullet in a Bible again, nor did I want to buy a live version of 21st Century Breakdown. Instead, you get a fun mix that isn't 2st Century Breakdown-heavy, and it revives some Green Day classics that still sound great. If you don't over-think Green Day's changes in styles and looks over the years, you'll have fun with Awesome as F**k. The live DVD is rather forgettable, especially if you already saw Green Day on their most recent tour, and feels a little slapped-together, seeing as the DVD isn't even the full concert. Overall, Awesome as F**k produces some memorable live recordings that we might not have otherwise heard, and some that we've already heard before, to create a really great package. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Awesome As F**k Reviewed by: GreenDay73, on november 12, 2012
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Sound: Personally I loved the song selection. Just when I kick back and feel like playing Green Day on my guitar for an extended period of time I always try to get a good mix of both their new AND old tunes and that is definetly somethingI think they have improved on in comparison to Bullet in A Bible. It didn't take much to get it cranked up to the point of making your heart race and the fact that they pulled songs froim all over the tour was, to me, a good idea. To me the whole part of listening to a Concert CD or DVD is to experience it like you were at a show and though not everybody love the "I said eh, oh"s Billie Joe loves to belt out to the audience at any time it alwys sends me back to the times I've gone to see them. Also compeltely loved the inclusion of their performance of "Cigarettes & Valentines" coming up to the release date that was probably one of the biggest things people were looking forward to. // 9

Lyrics: Billie Joe is not the greatest singer, or at least not in the fact that he can't belt out a tune at any note at will, but more then some I love how he can continuously put energy and want into some of the older songs (She, Goin to Pas, Geek Stink Breath, etc.). Also I've already mentioned the song selection, a good mix of new and old, but also which songs specifically was great. Songs like when I come Around, and even Who Wrote Holden Caulifield where he said "This is my favourite song of Kerplunk by the way" before the band started but also tunes like 21 Guns and American Idiot playing to them its not just about playing 17 songs and making money its about playing 17 songs and creating an experience. // 8

Overall Impression: Love the sound, love the songs, I think Awesome as F**K is an absolute goldmine start to finish. Whether you are partial to older songs like J.A.R. and Burnout or if you love the newer stuff of AI and 21st Century Breakdow there is something here for everyone to love. Probably the only thing thats really keeping this from being a 10 in my books is the length BIAB was a little over an hour and AAF is not much more but this is definetly something I'll have by my side to listen to for a long time. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Awesome As F**k Reviewed by: fee.young, on november 12, 2012
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Sound: Despite various comments such as that Green Day are "sold out" or are becoming "mainstream as F**k" I disagree. Green Day still have it. This CD blew me away. The songs were like supercharged versions of the album. The changes between songs were too blured and the rhythm changed around but overall they kicked some pretty decent sized ass. This is one of those CDs that you find yourself listening to even if you aren't the greatest fan ever. It doesn't even matter. They still punch out a blaring full sound anyone will dig. // 9

Lyrics: Billie Joe is still by far my favourite band leader. He doesn't have the singing voice of an angel at all but his voice suits the music down to the ground. Despite also play guitar he barely missed a beat. Some of the songs have similsr themes but they are mainly the older stuff which no one seems to mind. Despite changeing some of the lyrics to please of stir up the crowd, the only real problem was him letting the crowd sing entire choruses or verses. Otherwise the vocals were really good. // 8

Overall Impression: After over 15 years of punching out hectic songs, Blasting basslines and catchy beats, Green Day still have it. The standout songs would have to be "East Jesus Nowhere", "American Idiot" and "21 Guns". There wasn't really anything major wrong with it. If I lost the album I would definitely replace it. "Awesome As F**k" holds a permanent place is my top 20 CD rack For a very long time. I highly recommend it. Awesome as... Well... F**K! // 9

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