Bullet In A Bible [DVD] review by Green Day

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  • Released: Nov 15, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 9
  • Production Quality: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.5 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (692 votes)
Green Day: Bullet In A Bible [DVD]

Sound — 10
Green Day's Bullet in a Bible was filmed in London, England, during their European leg of the American Idiot in 2005 in the highly-praised Milton Keynes stadium. The DVD shows the pop-punk band from Oakland, California playing for over 3-hours straight (despite only 115 minutes of it being on DVD), rocking a full-house and leaving the audience begging for more. Performing in front of over 130,000 people in only two days, this concert DVD is definitely some good eye candy. Filmed by Samuel Bayer, director of all music videos from the album American Idiot and Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit video, this DVD is full of footage both on-stage and off-stage, and the songs performed appeal to the various Green Day audiences from the 90s to the 21st century.

Content — 9
The DVD as far as I have seen is a bit limited on features, the main focus of this DVD being the actual footage played on the big-screen (forgive me if I'm wrong, only because I have the movie only on my iPod and have not seen the actual hard copy of the DVD). It is a live concert DVD. The movie itself has all the features in it already, though, with onstage, offstage scenes, interviews, and etc. Green Day's best was definitely shown on this DVD, the band playing hits from American Idiot all the way back to Dookie and Insomniac. However, fans may want to see more out of this DVD, for the setlist is rather limited for a Green Day fan. The DVD has cut out hits like the radio-hit She from Dookie or the chaotic, drug-induced Jaded from Insomniac. Even the underrated Homecoming, the second nine-minute anthem off of American Idiot, may have been appreciated. The setlist is, though, very nicely put together, and I was pretty satisfied.

Production Quality — 9
The production quality was gritty yet smooth and nicely put together. The grittiness and rough-around-the-edges quality to some of the songs and footage captured the feel of the American Idiot age of Green Day. Definitely eye-catching and a beautiful-mess to watch. However, some of the camera work in certain songs were a bit sloppy, sometimes the camera catching a few seconds of feet and very, very shaky camera work in some areas. Other than those very rare moments in the filming, the final product was beautiful and expertly tied together, from day one of the concert to day two.

Overall Impression — 10
Stunning. The DVD catches every dimension of Green Day, from featuring the entire touring band to even just the trio. Billie Joe Armstrong's wild antics on stage entertain audience members and have made me crack smiles and laughs here and there. Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool take the stage as well many times in the film, and are focused on a good amount besides the band's frontman (which is good: if you're going to see a band live, the entire band should be the focus in my opinion). With hilarious, dramatic, inspiring backstage footage, the movie is well equipped and shows more than just the band onstage. This is definitely an amazing concert movie, and should be on the shelf of any concert movie fan, even if you dislike the band or love 'em. The band from Oakland, California takes the stadium by storm and their presence is menacing and amazing at the same time, and Bullet in a Bible is all that is needed to prove that.

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    I wouldn't call this a perfect dvd there are some sections like in Longivew were the Helicopter shot from above shows bilie standing on the far left but really he was still backstage,,,there was few other stuff like that in there! I do agree i hate that they cut out five great songs!! I mean that would be the best to see homecoming/we are the champions/ would have been amazing to see with the confetti and such! and Maria and Jaded/Knowledge/She would have been greatt!!! But i had my hopes set for Awesome as Fuck and they blew it again this time by cutting out 3/4 of the councert!!!
    This is in response to all the people who are wrong on here: Black Sabbath is a metal band. Green Day is a pop punk band. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a post-funk adult alternative band. The Mars Volta has a better bassist than all three of those bands (Flea was in the band for literally two songs. He doesn't count) but I'm not comparing them. You really can't compare metal to punk, or really any genre to another, because each genre focuses on one different aspect of the music. Billie Joe has more singing capabilities than both Ozzy and Anthony Kiedis btw. Green Day is far from being the first punk band. The first punk bands included MC5, The Clash, and the Sex Pistols, amongst others. It's safer to say Green Day was the second pop punk band, behind the Ramones, and really the first band in the 3rd movement of punk music in the 90's. Sum 41 was influenced by Green Day. What you're saying is like "Man, REM sucks. Death Cab for Cutie is wayy better."
    shut up haters. green day rulez. black sabbath? i respected them for being one of the metals great but you can't compare metal to punk rock. its different. but, i want to say something. go ahead and listen good riddance by green day. it will make you think about your perspective about greenday