Demolicious review by Green Day

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  • Released: Apr 19, 2014
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 6.4 (45 votes)
Green Day: Demolicious

Sound — 6
Alongside the impressive cast of artists who took the time and effort into releasing a new compilation of material for this year's Record Store Day, Green Day took an interesting approach while forming their latest studio effort, the humorously titled "Demolicious." Just as the name implies, Green Day's new album is largely comprised of demo recordings of songs which later appeared on the band's latest trilogy, "Uno!", "Dos!", and "Tre!".

The final cut which appears on "Demolicious" includes eighteen previously unreleased demos from these sessions, some of which remain highly resemblant of their polished formats, whereas others showcase an entirely different animal. Alongside the ad libbed vocal lines, amp feedback and even the occasional remark from members of the band regarding their latest take which dedicated fans will be able to appreciate, also present is the generic raw quality which so frequently comes hand-in-hand with demo recordings.

Selections such as "99 Revolutions" and "Angel Blue" stay true to the later performances captured on the studio albums, however the songs' live-in-the-studio atmosphere attributes additional energy into the cuts, as opposed to the sometimes over polished final product. An alternative version of "Stay the Night" is perhaps the most entertaining song in the collection, as it features a solo Billie Joe Armstrong performing alongside the delicate backing of melodic acoustic guitar.

While this collection does include largely miniscule differences with their finalized counterparts, which does introduce some uniqueness and new elements to catch the attention of listeners who are already well familiar with the material, it proves difficult to sit through these eighteen songs which have already delivered their impact and boast slight changes.

Lyrics — 7
Lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong's performance throughout this gathering of demo recordings tend to not waver that much from the versions which appeared on Green Day's studio trilogy. As anticipated when it comes to dusty demos, we do occasionally hear a drop in Armstrong's vocal performance. This minor feature fails to take much of anything away from the outcome included throughout "Demolicious."

Overall Impression — 7
In comparison to other "new" Record Store Day releases which at least included recordings which never made their way from out of the vaults or even onto a bootleg album, "Demolicious" may not stand out as the most creative album for the occasion. Dedicated fans will be able to easily appreciate this compilation, whereas familiar listeners may not retain the same level of enthusiasm.

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    State of Shock is so good. Yeah, the trilogy was "stripped down" in a way, but I felt like this new one really could have been on Dookie. Definitely a breath of fresh air.
    Demolicious was awesome. And 99 Revolutions didn't stay true to the finalized version. At the end there is a key change that wasn't in the final version and that is actually how they play it live as well. Sex Drugs And Violence and A Little Boy Named Train are both a lot better on Demolicious than they were on the trilogy.
    I agree with you on little boy named train, I ****ing hated listening to that on the trilogy, but I really like the way they changed it up for demolicious
    We're forgetting the point that Green Day was trying to make, releasing it on the 3 mediums they did and specifically NOT giving it a digital release. They even released it on cassette. This release deserves great credit just for those facts.
    What's the point in comparing it to other record store day releases? That shouldn't define how "good" or "bad" it is. just review it how it is. I thought it was amazing. It's like if pre-dookie green day wrote and recorded these songs for kerplunk.
    State of Shock is not very good, and it's clear that the good parts of it were stripped out and used in other songs. Despite this, I consider these to be the definitive versions of these songs. The bass at the beginning of Baby Eyes, that additional lead guitar flourish on Rusty James... Demolicious is pretty great overall.
    Can't you just write a normal review? Sure, 'They're Green Day we can't give them credit bla bla bla'. But come on, this compilation kicked that trilogy's ass, really cool raw sound. Like some said, it could've easily been on Dookie
    I was lucky enough to get it on RSD on clear vinyl, it's pretty awesome. I enjoyed hearing the raw versions of these songs, just as much as enjoy the original songs. The new song State of Shock was pretty awesome, but i can see why it was not included on any of the albums.
    Sound great and very complicated the drum and very shool happy boring! the song "missing you" really green day sound like that almost time XD.
    Leave it to UG to do a review without all 9's and 10's for once, and then having people who actually enjoyed the damn thing haha
    i'd never heard state of shock before but listened to it because i'd seen people on here saying how good it is turns out the verse is a direct rip of 'agony' by the muffs
    Could've even sounded rougher or dirtier - but hey, these guys are pros and have been doing this a long time. I enjoyed it immensely - even more than the 'final' versions on the trilogy. #rageandlove