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artist: Green Day date: 05/01/2014 category: compact discs
Green Day: Demolicious
Released: Apr 19, 2014
Genre: Pop Punk, Pop Rock
Label: Reprise
Number Of Tracks: 18
Green Day compile together an insightive compilation of previously unreleased demos for their new Record Store Day release, entitled "Demolicious."
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 6.7
Demolicious Featured review by: UG Team, on may 01, 2014
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Sound: Alongside the impressive cast of artists who took the time and effort into releasing a new compilation of material for this year's Record Store Day, Green Day took an interesting approach while forming their latest studio effort, the humorously titled "Demolicious." Just as the name implies, Green Day's new album is largely comprised of demo recordings of songs which later appeared on the band's latest trilogy, "Uno!", "Dos!", and "Tre!".

The final cut which appears on "Demolicious" includes eighteen previously unreleased demos from these sessions, some of which remain highly resemblant of their polished formats, whereas others showcase an entirely different animal. Alongside the ad libbed vocal lines, amp feedback and even the occasional remark from members of the band regarding their latest take which dedicated fans will be able to appreciate, also present is the generic raw quality which so frequently comes hand-in-hand with demo recordings.

Selections such as "99 Revolutions" and "Angel Blue" stay true to the later performances captured on the studio albums, however the songs' live-in-the-studio atmosphere attributes additional energy into the cuts, as opposed to the sometimes over polished final product. An alternative version of "Stay the Night" is perhaps the most entertaining song in the collection, as it features a solo Billie Joe Armstrong performing alongside the delicate backing of melodic acoustic guitar.

While this collection does include largely miniscule differences with their finalized counterparts, which does introduce some uniqueness and new elements to catch the attention of listeners who are already well familiar with the material, it proves difficult to sit through these eighteen songs which have already delivered their impact and boast slight changes. // 6

Lyrics: Lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong's performance throughout this gathering of demo recordings tend to not waver that much from the versions which appeared on Green Day's studio trilogy. As anticipated when it comes to dusty demos, we do occasionally hear a drop in Armstrong's vocal performance. This minor feature fails to take much of anything away from the outcome included throughout "Demolicious." // 7

Overall Impression: In comparison to other "new" Record Store Day releases which at least included recordings which never made their way from out of the vaults or even onto a bootleg album, "Demolicious" may not stand out as the most creative album for the occasion. Dedicated fans will be able to easily appreciate this compilation, whereas familiar listeners may not retain the same level of enthusiasm. // 7

- Lou Vickers (c) 2014

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