Dookie review by Green Day

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  • Released: Feb 1, 1994
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.7 (200 votes)
Green Day: Dookie

Sound — 10
Sound? Let me put it like this: I didn't have enough time to change my cds in the morning on the way to school. So one time I ended up listening to this record for about 3-5 weeks straight and it never once got old. It's not complicated musically. C'mon. Green Day opened the door for every band out there that had a three chord song.

Lyrics — 10
Incredible. I apply these lyrx to every aspect of my life. I write them on my chucks and lemme tell you about 80% of them are Greenday and from dookie. I guess I'm just one of those weirdos that thinks constantly about lyrics. Each song is special. Ima try to pick out my favorite lines from each song. 01. Burnout - "I declare I don't care no more" first line but it's short sweet simple and to the point. 02. Having A Blast - this entire song is good lyrically: "I'm taking all you down with me explosives duct-taped to my spine. No one here is getting out alive this time I've really lost my mind and I don't care." 03. Chump - "I don't know you but I think I hate you... Strange how you've become my biggest enemy and I've never even seen your face." 04. Longview - incredibly well written "I've got no motivation where is my motivation? no time for motivation. Smoking my inspiration." 05. Welcome To Paradise - "It makes me wonder why I'm still here. For some strange reason it's now feeling like my home and I'm never gonna go." 06. Pulling Teeth - "Oh god she's killing me!" hahah love it. 07. Basketcase - "Grasping to control so I better hold on." 08. She - beautiful song! I cannot say enough good things about this song. It's so well written and oh god just listen to it. Probably one of my favorite songs of all time. "She, she's figured out, all her doubts were someone else's point of view." 09. Saffaras Roots - not one of the best. "Why are you alone wasting your time when you could be with me wasting your time?" 10. When I Come Around- this line is my senior quote! "You may find out that your self-doubt means nothing was ever there, you can't go forcing something if it's just not right." 11. Coming Clean - by far the some of the best lyrics I have ever heard! "Secrets collecting dust but never forget skeletons come to life in my closet... seventeen and coming clean for the first time, I've finallyt figured out myself for the first time." 12. Emnius Sleepus - "and now I think I'm (your) sick and I want to go home." 13. In The End - "I've figured out what you're all about and I dont thinmk I like what I see." 14. F. O. D. - another incredibly good song! "I'm taking pleasures in the doubts I've passed to you so listen up as you bite this: you're just a f--k. I can't explain it cuz I htink you suck. I'm taking pride in telling you to f--k off and die."

Overall Impression — 10
Excellent! Anyone who says they don't like this album is lying and needs a big foot shoved up their ass. Like I said it's one of those rare cd's that you can listen to everyday and it will not drive you nuts. Everything flows together so well from one song to the next. If you got 10 bucks go to a used store and buy it like I did. But good luck, I wouldn't sell Dookie back for the world, I don't know who sold theirs back but it's mine now and I bet they regret it. Plus it has the sesame street guy "Bert" moshing on the back!

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