Dos! review by Green Day

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  • Released: Nov 13, 2012
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.6 (288 votes)
Green Day: Dos!

Sound — 7
Still with us? Good. You've had a month and a half to take in the last Green Day album, and in that time you could have listened to it 1,861 times, made 25,440 cups of tea or read roughly a tenth of the news about Billie Joe Armstrong breaking down and checking into rehab. Somewhat overshadowed by other publicity, the first album in Green Day's set of three was a dull day at the office, reacquainting audiences with the "classic" formula after a decade of heady rock opera dramatics. Following a quick reflection period it's time to turn our attention to "¡Dos!" and see what's really going on with this trilogy idea.

Put it this way: they haven't split the material into three parts for stylistic reasons. "¡Dos!" is very similar to its predecessor in distilling the catchy power chord pop to a very basic form and keeping the quirkier stuff to a few select tracks. There are a couple of real stinkers among them, though; "Fuck Time" and "Nightlife" provide exactly the embarrassing ramblings we would expect from a drunkard rockstar having a very public midlife crisis. Also disappointing is the confirmation of Mike Dirnt's lost influence on bass barely a peep from a player who for many years was at the top of the punk game. Despite this, things do really get kicking on "Lazy Bones" and "Ashley" which, like many of the best Green Day tracks of recent years, are strong enough in substance that they could weasel their way onto "Dookie" or "Insomniac" if they wanted, cosmetic differences notwithstanding.

Lyrics — 7
Reading along with the liner notes is like moving through the rooms at a seedy Hollywood cast party. We start soberly and optimistically, go through all the necessary ego and debauchery (the name "Makeout Party" speaks for itself, as does its refrain of "Kiss Me There") and ultimately end on a sad, anti-climactic note with "Amy", a heartfelt dedication to the late Amy Winehouse who was herself a victim of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Sometimes it's hard to tell whether "¡Dos!" is celebration or satire if it is celebration then the Winehouse tribute was rather misguided - but either way the strongest moments occur when Armstrong pulls himself away from the party and sings from the heart, on "Lazy Bones", "Stray Heart" or the aforementioned "Amy".

Overall Impression — 6
The band seem undecided on whether they want to go for the big fan-service and "return to roots" or cling onto some of the high concept elements that brought them so much success. "¡Dos!" is a quick fix - thin on substance and prone to filler but good fun for what it's worth. I'm not sure if we're any closer to figuring out why there's going to be three albums of this stuff but there is, at least, a selection of good songs in there to hang your ears on until "¡Tre!" completes the picture in December.

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    Are you kidding me? Mike's bass is awesome.
    Indeed! Check out the breakdown section of Makeout Party. Great stuff.
    Mike used to be awesome. I've been trying to imitating his early years style. but the way he's been playing on the last records doesn't compares to what he was before. he's not the shadow of what this amazing bassist was on it's time
    Well, he plays what a certain song demands. It has nothing to do with him but Billie...he's the one who writes the songs. Mike's playing live is still great, what is actually most important. And I don't agree that he's a shadow ow what he was...imo he never had that atmospheric, lazy sound he has now.
    Mike is still awesome! If the reviewer did listened to Stray Heart at all, he/she/both would be able to tell that it starts off with an amazing bass riff.
    I tried to write a review for this album, but when I hit "Submit", I got an error screen and lost the entire review. This happened a few times to me already. Maybe they should get on fixing that little issue.
    Alan Archer
    I love it. It's a fun and good album, not a memorable one. Though I doubt they were trying to make a memorable album. They could have easily done a memorable album by releasing one album which consists the best songs from the trilogy. But instead they are releasing 37 or songs for their fans. I think it's a pretty dangerous move in today's music environment where digital singles are where all the hype is at. Green Day has always been a risk-taking band.
    I know right , they had two options , be praised by the critics by releasing one album with the best songs of the trilogy or release them all & be loved by the fans . They chose their fans .
    And I think it was the best option of the two.
    I don't know what the problem is. I personally love the album and uno, however I think dos is better. They play the music they want to play, and they are a very successful band and don't care what anyone thinks, and are playing the music they want to play. And that's what music is. Play what you want to play, not what others want you to play.
    More on the line of Subway or Applebees....Macdonald's class would be more the computer pop music that plagues the airways today. Green day still uses real ingredients
    Honestly, I haven't even listened to Uno yet... maybe someday...
    Listen to Nuclear Family, and Let Yourself Go. Maybe Stay the Night if you have time. Other than that the album feels like filler tracks. Kill the Dj i personally like but its off the green day spectrum by a long shot.
    Is it such a bad thing that they decided to release 3 whole albums full of simple, fun music? People wanted them to get away from the more operatic serious stuff, so they did.
    the guy who wrote this is a massive douchebag, mike's bass is awesome
    I don't hear what others are hearing when it comes to Mikes Bass playing. If you listen to Dookie and Insomniac he completely rips it, amazing work. As of recent his playing style has stuck to the same notes as Billie does his power chords. Then again, Billie is probably not giving him any creative freedom to play what he wants and is probably told to just keep rhythm. This album is weak in my opinion, Uno! was a great jolt of Greenday that strayed away from 21CB and AI. Hopefully Tre gives more of a punch, I did indeed feel this album lacking.
    Mike said that on American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown they were getting more focused on melody and music, where the bass wasn't driving the songs forward. The change to more straightforward bass lines was a conscious decision. On Dookie and Insomniac, he says he had to play that way to get past the wall of guitars and to give melodic structure to the songs.
    Ahhh, Interesting. You could then again see how they changed as a band during Nimrod and Warning, the bass line carried the beat in most of them but they were turning from the bass being prominent to the full band just blending as one. In some ways I can see some "roots" of older music popping up in new material but if they want a classic greenday style they need to give emphasis on the bass to carry a song. - Side note- For some reason with the band having each member on a cover I kinda figured that would mean they would extenuate the persons instrument on record. These just feel like a bunch of B-sides made out to be a normal LP.
    How can anyone really shit on Green Day. I was a huge fan of their early stuff (because i was in my late teens and that is the most important time in one's influential music pedigree) Kind of lost interest after Warning....But they have always and still put out solid rock albums(...thankfully someone still does)..THEY ARE THE MOST PROLIFIC, POPULAR, BEST-SELLING, AND SOLID ROCK BAND OF MODERN TIMES PERIOD! So talk shit you loser trolls. Because they will be remembered as on of the greatest rock bands of all time whether you like them or not.
    So if you don't like it you're a troll? I'll agree that I hate it when people go all crazy hating on a band though. Seems unnecessary.
    One of the greatest rock bands? No (although, it would be nice). The greatest modern-rock band? YES!
    I don't mind some Greenday songs but overall I don't care much for a 40 year olds posing with a bullshit rebellious youth image. That, and for the most part they're really not that musically talented, and one of the greatest rock bands of all time? You obviously haven't listened to many of the bands of all time
    I work at KFC and I was able to listen to this album three times before the restaurant opened, that being the first time I ever heard all of the songs. In the first round, it was scary, not knowing if the album would be a success, but by the third time listening I was infused with the melodies and singing the repetitive choruses.
    Who made the chicken while you were listening to Green Day when you should have been working?
    I was the cook, and listening to Green Day got me to get everything cooked even sooner than usual. Like a boss, Green Day rules.
    You assmunches forgot to mention Stray Heart. That's a good song. It kinda reminds me of their Foxboro side project.
    Was the reviewer listening to this album with a treble booster and no sub? Because damn, Mike's bass is probably the best thing about this record.
    I like how they actually manage to make themselves look young in the album arts.
    Well, actually, Mike's the only one who looks old.
    Tre looks pretty old too. He looks like hes trying really hard to look twenty again, but hes just covering up his oldness with makeup. I'd say Billie is the only one that still looks pretty young.
    Good album, shit review. Also, why all the hate on 21CB? I didnt think i would like it based on the singles released ( still don't like 21 guns and Last of the American Girls) but i sat down and listened to it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Was like American Idiot but with more spanish influence and i really dug that.
    I can't believe the hate Nightlife is getting, just because it has rap in it? Jesus christ, it's like when they released Good Riddance all over again. "WAAAAAHHHH YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT, PLEASE DON'T EXPRESS YOURSELF, JUST SPOON FEED US WHAT WE'RE USED TO." Nightlife is the best song on the album, besides Fuck Time.
    Even as someone who didn't like Nightlife, I agree. It seems people just hated on it cause of the rap elements. Personally I'm not a fan cause I don't think it worked out all that great, but I loved the slow pop funkiness of the chorus.
    I liked it. Not my favorite, but still good. And, Mike Dirnt's bass on "Nightlife" was sick.
    Better than Uno! in my opinion. Its faster, has incredible guitar and bass lines, and I feel it has more variety... Thats a lot coming from a long time Green Day fan like myself
    i was SO disappointed with Uno, like. damn. but Im really enjoying this one, It doesnt sound familiar which is great considering the structure of must of their songs. overall. 8/10. excited for Tre.
    This album is awesome. It is my favorite out of the trilogy so far. I loved Uno and I love Dos....both are great albums.
    Yeah these 3 albums are kind of like Green Day flushing everything out of their system so they can start fresh
    I started playing guitar and bass because of this amazing band. I can play every song of every record. It's so sad that the lack of feeling and energy is constant since 21st Century Breakdown. Billie Joe's Breakdown a few weeks ago represented, to me, the power of the first songs of Green Day. Hope that energy and anger retunrs to the band and make us proud once again
    No feeling in 21st century breakdown? O.o Whaaaaat? Why do so many people hate that album? I thought it was gonna be bad from what other people said, and because I didn't really like 21 guns but I actually listened to the whole album and was surprised! I really enjoyed it.
    I like dookie but i don't think it is their best by a long shot. Listen to American Idiot. Not a single song on there that you don't just wanna rock out to. 21st century breakdown, amazing imo. Uno, great, dos, even better, and tre is gonna kick ass. I love the trilogy, and glad to see Jason White finally get credit even tho he's been with them for a long time. Great album, crap review.
    jason white is awesome and i actually heard that they offered him a legitimate spot in green day but he didnt want the full attention that they all get which is really ****ing cool if they did
    Marilyn Mans0n
    For me, Wild One has the best Billie Joe's guitar solo ever! Just learn...And the whole album is the best of the year! YEAH! Green Day Rulz!
    No offence, but your review was s**t. Firstly Mike's Bass stood out awesomely!!! Uno wasn't dull if you were a real fan that actually knew more albums than dookie or American Idiot. F*** Time was originally a Foxboro Hot Tubs song, a non serious but kick ass sound, so lighten up. And as for the rapping on Nightlife, at least it was creative, which is refreshing. This album rocks in my opinion.
    You say that Ashley and Lazy Bones are the two best tracks? I think they are realllyyy bland and mediocre... Can't imagine how bad the rest of the album is.
    Each album they release just makes me believe more and more they got lucky with Dookie.
    Yeah, and they got lucky with Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning and American idiot too?
    Talent wise, 1039 and Kerplunk should be added, although they didn't sell well at first.
    Well actually...Green day's best record quality-wise is 21CB. Some people don't like it but it's a great album.
    I always found it funny when people told Green Day they sold out with American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming are both songs exceeding 8 minutes (long for a pop-punk band at least) without any set structure (no choruses). A couple songs on 21st Century Breakdown have songs that change halfway through. This isn't exactly groundbreaking, but it does show at least they they do try to not JUST make music for the masses.
    Nope, they didn't get lucky with American Idiot. It just sucked.
    I quite enjoyed American Idiot. It's a departure in style from say Dookie but that doesn't mean it's bad. It's just angstier and a little poppier than their other stuff.
    If it sucked they definitely got lucky, considering how successful it ended up being...
    successful =/= good Personally not a huge fan of Green Day anymore, but they do have some good songs.
    To start, if you don't like the music, don't listen to it, and don't complain about it on this site. I despise One Direction's music, but do you see me making a stink about it on pop music sites? Second, UG, Mike is an amazing bassist, and as a live performer he is almost unmatched as a bass player in my opinion. And as for having lost influence, he has a signature Fender bass, Green Day is one of the most successful bands ever, and he just did a massive interview with Guitar Center. That sounds pretty influential to me.
    I can appreciate what Green Day have tried to do - three albums is ambitious and a breath of fresh air for what is currently a very saturated music genre. However, I have not been impressed with either Uno or Dos. It's my personal opinion that they have lost a lot of their inspiration - they can't pretend they're 20 any more. Green Day are not a bad band - far from it, they're still one of my favourites - but these albums have been poor. There's no variation in the songs, there's nothing that jumps out, the drums are horrifically repetitive, the bass has no excitement to it, and I keep praying that they will soon change to a fourth chord. I still like them, but these albums will not be played by me very often.
    ive listened to both and a lot of stuff jumps out as very different. plus the good ole sounding stuff. but it seems like people with your kind of opinion said they were tired of the dramatic serious sounds of american idiot and 21st century breakdown and then got less serious stuff with these two and still arent happy.
    I do appreciate that they've tried to reignite the 'old' sound they had, it does show. But I personally just don't felt it worked in these albums. I think it may have been because 3 albums is a lot of material and not all of it is top notch. I really enjoyed American Idiot, I thought it was great - I was bitterly disappointed with 21st Century, but Uno and Dos don't seem to have the flair that American Idiot/Dookie/Insomniac etc had.
    Green day should of just took a little more time and put less filler songs and more good songs on their albums OR just take the good songs and make one awesome album. Hope Tre is better!
    Nightlife, what r u doin. Nightlife plz, STAHP!
    Shut up. Honestly! Fucking get over it, it's different to their usual stuff, so what?! I'd hate it if they stayed the same their whole career! I love Nightlife and I quite dislike Amy and Stray Heart, but I don't complain, and I most certainly don't skip them on the album! I would never
    I liked their new stuff (Kill the DJ e.g.) but seriously, if Nightlife wasn't into Green Day's DOS but into Flo Rida's last record.. would you still think it was great?
    Given that it's a Green Day song and not a Flo Rida song, I probably would. That's an invalid point.
    I've gotta say, they have defo gotten alot worse since they started out... everything up to and including American Idiot was good, but after that...byee
    if you can honestly tell me that shenanigans is better than 21cbd than youre just stupid.
    I thought it was ok. I liked it a lot better than Uno, but I still find a lot of the songs pretty forgettable.
    Mike used to be awesome. I've been trying to imitating his early years style. but the way he's been playing on the last records doesn't compares to what he was before. he's not the shadow of what this amazing bassist was on it's time
    I'm actually really enjoying UNO and am pretty excited to buy DOS tomorrow. UNO really does feel a bit like classic greeday. Short, fast and catchy songs
    The Spoon
    Not sure how to feel about the music, but I've always enjoyed Billie's voice.
    This is a powerful album because the guitar is raw, the bass is rupturous, the drums kick ass, and Billie Joe is a moster at singing these awesome lyrics! GreenDayNation!
    Dude, seriously, don't embarrass yourself and GD fans in majority. If guitar on this album isn't one thing, then it isn't raw.
    It seems better than iUno!, that's all I'm saying. I did indeed sound like a jackass though. The guitar is unbelievable in 'Stop When The Red Lights Flash'. I dare you to get that sound RitchieRamone, if that's your real name, and I doubt it is. I respect all things rock/punk, so treat me with dignity dammit!
    I just read that you liked Dirnt's bass. I guess we can agree on something. Go listen to Knowledge off of 1,039 Smooth. It's superb.
    its pretty mucch thhe same sound across the three albums. tweaks obviously but basically its the same overall sound. theyre all very well produced. but no the guitars are not raw theyre very processed lol
    Then why the f*ck can't I get that brain stew sound?! If you know it, tell me!
    their sound for these three albums is super produced. Chris Lord-Alge mixed it. different sound than other albums by them but i meant that these three are consistent with each other. youre most likely not gonna get that sound by plugging in your amp and tweaking the settings lol
    This album actually sucks. The song Nightlife is almost unbearable to listen to.
    I'm thinking of listening to them all in a row, that will be a good test i think.
    Saw them live in 2009, Billie Joe didn't even play guitar.
    Hey I saw them in 2009 too. Billie played guitar basically the entire show. Pretty sure you didn't see Green Day.
    Billie Joe doesn't play the lead on most songs, as a lot of singers don't. That's what touring guitarists are for. But he does play rhythm guitar on almost every song they play. The only time I've seen him without a guitar is during St. Jimmy.
    Jason is not a touring guitarist. He's the member of the band.
    Technically being a member of the band doesn't mean he's actually a "member of the band," if you know what I mean. He gets no media credit as a member of the band, he just gets paid equally by the label. In fact, if you watch their live shows, he stands almost backstage to play so that he's not in the way of the rest of the band. And they still have a touring guitarist.
    Not anymore, now he is being credited as the 4th member. He's also on the cover of the making of the trilogy titled "Quatro"
    I know what the next on dis going to be called...wait for it... THREE!!!!!
    Not sure if really stupid... Or just a really bad troll.