Dos! review by Green Day

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  • Released: Nov 13, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (288 votes)
Green Day: Dos!

Sound — 9
As the second part of Green Day's newest project, "Dos!" is a very good installment in the bands catalogue. Very good, but not much more. It does shine in certain moments but in the others it feels like it lacks some dept or motivation. So, onto the sound: As on "Uno!", the guitars have a rather strange, kind of mellow, but still a slightly distorted and crunchy sound just as it's the case with GD's latest live shows. If you ask me, it lacks some distortion, but I think they know what's best for them and what they want it to sound like. The bass is absolutely phenomenal. Mike did a really great job, in my opinion, his best since the work on "Insomniac" back in 1995. Bass sound is mostly just typical Green Day... Slappy (I think that's an appropriate word). It's light and catchy on "Stray Heart", lazy and kind of haunting on "Nightlife", kicka-s on "Makeout Party" (nice, old school Green Day solo) and simply good on the rest of it. I wish they've turned it up a bit on songs like "Wild One" and "F--k Time". As said numerous times already, while making "Dos!", the quartet took a different, more garage-like approach. Common mistake: They haven't said that it's gonna be a garage album, but an album featuring well known GD sound with a garage feel to it. Have they invented a new genre or subgenre? I think not, but they surely did something new for themselves. It's definitely an interesting new sound and it's great to see that the band always tries something new and different but still has a signature vibe to every song (example: chord changes). Also, although "Dos!" has a different vibe than a more old-school "Uno!", the albums definitely feel connected and don't feel discontinued in any way if played in a row.

Lyrics — 8
Very good. Better than on "Uno!", worse than on most of their albums. They're not deep and meaningful (except for the song "Amy") but interesting, creative and sometimes weird instead... It's like... Wow, who the f--k would have came up with that? There's definitely a party vibe going on, and I'm totally fine with it, but the main problem with the lyrics is some kind of stupid and generic motives like dirty thongs or babysitters... What the actual f--k? It would be alright if it was mentioned once, but some of these motives (not all listed above) repeat over and over through the whole paste of songs. There are also some lyrical connections with "Uno!" like "Stop when the red lights flash" that was mentioned on "Oh Love". Although most of the album is good and nothing more there is a song that definitely stands out of the usual party formula... "Amy". This is a sad, nostalgic and deep song about late Amy Winehouse. It's not out of the world but it's just touching. Not in a way that you wanna cry to it, but still, it's a pretty big mood changer, especially when you listen to the album for the first time. Garagy (is that a word?) "Lady Cobra", funky rap-rock "Nightlife", wild "Wow! That's Loud" and then slow, loving and intimate "Amy". "Is your heart singing out of tune, is your heart just singing the blues? Dirty records from another time, some blood stains on your shoes. May I have this last dance, by chance if we should meet, can you write me a lullaby, so we can sing you to sleep?" Beautiful. As for the singing, it's top notch as always. Billie did a great job, Mike did even a better job with his perfectly timed and executed backing vocals, and "Lady Cobra", although it feels strange to have a guest singing on a GD record did a fine job rapping on "Nightlife". Vocal effects are great, and not too heavy and distracting.

Overall Impression — 9
I won't compare it with other artists cause it's very difficult to compare a themed album that has a distinct purpose in the trilogy and is not a standalone project with a regular album. I'm just going to say that it stands pretty well compared to other pop-punk/rock artists and records released this year. Compared to "Uno!" it stands very good. Now I'm gonna analyse song by song and at the end, I'm gonna compare it with "Uno!". 01. "See You Tonight" Nice, laid down intro to the album. Short and sweet, nothing special. 02. "F--k Time" Party rock. Pop-song with a rock n roll twist to it. Not smart, but still a fun and libido-fueled song. Great. 03. "Stop When The Red Lights Flash" Great intro, rest of it is good. Classic Green Day wrapped around in their new sound. 04. "Lazy Bones" Well, Billie's a real drama queen on this one. Nice song, a bit ripped of from "AI"'s "Give Me Novacaine". 05. "Wild One" For me the most disappointing song on the record. I was so looking foward to this after hearing it live from Echoplex and on BBC1 but it didn't stood up to my expectations and hopes. The bass should have been louder and heavier, guitars more distorted and chorus simply better. I hoped for a slow, bored with the world song but instead I got just another fair song. Mike's backing vocals (although there's not much of them) are great. 06. "Makeout Party" My least favourite song on the album. I understand where they were trying to go with this song, but they simply failed. I get it Billie you wanna write a song with no rhymes and more song-writing freedom, but you just can't write a song in which almost nothing rhymes! The chord progression is ok, guitar solo is very good... I think I even heard some tapping or sth, but to be honest, I don't feel like rewinding it. Mike's bass solo is awesome. 07. "Stray Heart" My first favorite on the album, also a first single from it. Really catchy, with a 60's twist to it (yes, I meant the bass), and a nice subtle guitar solo. It's just very catchy and irresistible... At least for me. 08. "Ashley" Very good, "Nimrod" style Green Day. The verse is a bit repetitive and it's a bit annoying that it starts In medias res (kind of) with Billie shouting "Ashley!" Mike's backing vocals are once again great. 09. "Baby Eyes" My second favorite. Simply a great song. Reminds me of the Misfits in the intro. 10. "Lady Cobra" The main riff is a ripoff from themselves, actually. Listen to "Stop Drop And Roll" by Foxboro Hot Tubs. It's the same thing, but extended. Aside from that, it's a fair song. 11. "Nightlife" - I was a bit "afraid" when they first announced it but when I heard the preview on BBC1 I was blown away. Lyrics and rapping are good... Nothing special, but Mike's creepy, lazy bass and Billie's lazy voice with a suiting vocal effect are just amazing. It's pretty catchy too. Also, one of my favorites. 12. "Wow! That's Loud" Very good song full of pop-hooks. I really can't say much about it. I liked it. It's great. 13. "Amy" (look up to the lyrics section). Simply touching and magnificent. And now, comparing it to "Uno!" is it better? The answer is YES. It has a bit better lyrics and is more constant. If I was asked to throw out bad songs from both "Uno!" and "Dos!", I would probably dismiss "Fell For You", "Loss Of Control" and "Troublemaker" from "Uno!", while "Dos!" would only be short for "Makeout Party". That would leave "Uno!" with only 9 songs and that makes "Dos!" a clear winner. Maybe you've noticed that I haven't spoken about Tr at all. That's because, sadly, there isn't much to be spoken about. Tr's drumming (for the first time) is generic, lame and boring. Well, this record belongs to Mike who did a great job playing bass and singing backing vocals. I'm expecting more from my favorite GD member (Tr) on the third album which is in a way a tribute to the drummer himself. To sum up: - It's a bit better than "Uno!". - I loved "F--k Time", "Stray Heart", "Baby Eyes", "Nightlife" and "Amy" - I disliked "Makeout Party" - Rest of it is good. - This is surely an interesting direction for Green Day. Although they will probably never again record something like this, it's great that Green Day has explored yet another genre. - If it was lost or stolen, I would definitely get another copy of it.

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