Insomniac review by Green Day

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  • Released: Oct 9, 1995
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (78 votes)
Green Day: Insomniac

Sound — 10
The sound on insomniac is amazing! It has so much power into it compared to Dookie (not saying that Dookie isn't amazing). This is Green Day at their hardest point I think because of the lyrics and the guitar playing.

Lyrics — 10
Billie Joe...what can you say? The guys a genious when it comes to song writing. The lyrics in this album were very strong and had alot of meaning to them. Billie Joe also has kick ass vocals as usual.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is none like any other. The most impressive songs on this album definitly are "86" and "No pride". I love everything about this album the only thing I hate is that the album is only about a half an hour. If i lost this album, of course I would buy it again. This CD is worth every cent. I suggest you go and buy get it ;).

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    Stuck with me is the second best green day song in my opinion, close behind minority
    Okay this cd is awesome! I love it and my fave song on this album is Stuck with me
    I love Brainstew and Brat is freakin' hilarious. This is definitely their darkest album. I had gotten this one and Warning at the same time, and after I finished that one, I popped in Insomniac and was blown away. Totally different. That's what I love about them, not all of their stuff sounds the same like some bands out there.
    Baltic Ave.
    The lyrics in this are so deep and filled with hatred....its awesome! This is my 2nd fave record by GD! I cant say I have a favorite song on this, they're all great! They pretty much made the record they wanted not what Reprise wanted. Definantly their most "punk" CD despite their major record label.
    Ranking the songs (because I can) 1. Geek Stink Breath 2. Panic Song 3. Brain Stew 4. Jaded 5. Bab's Uvula Who 6. 86 7. Walking Contradiction 8. Brat 9. Armatage Shanks 10. No Pride 11. Tight Wad Hill 12. Stuart and the Ave. 13. Westbound Sign 14. Stuck With Me
    belavista man
    Since we're ranking songs, my top five from here are; 1. Brain Stew 2. Bab's Uvula Who? 3. Geek Stink Breath 4. Walking Contradiction 5. 86
    Captain Sadler
    Great album. It really shows a band's value when they can write 14 songs that almost all sound alike, and still be awesome.
    Top 5 songs on the album: 1. Armatage Shanks 2. Stuck With Me 3. 86 4. Brat 5. Panic Song
    Ranking songs. 1) Geek Stink Breath 2) 86 3) Panic Song 4) Bab's Uvula Who? 5) Armatage Shanks 6) Walking Contradiction 7) Jaded 8) Tight Wad Hill 9) No Pride 10) Stuart And The Ave. 11) Brat 12) Westbound Sign 13) Brain Stew 14) Stuck With Me
    Best ****ing album ever! Ranking songs: 14 - No pride 13 - Tight Wad Hill 12 - Brat 11 - Stuart and the avenue 10 - Walking Contradiction 9 - Bab's uvula who 8 - Brain stew 7 - Jaded 6 - Panic Song 5 - 86 4 - Armatage shanks 3 - Stuck with me 2 - Westbound sign 1 - GEEEK! STINK! BREAT!