Insomniac review by Green Day

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  • Released: Oct 9, 1995
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (77 votes)
Green Day: Insomniac

Sound — 10
Green Day in 2007 is much different then this album in 95/96. I consider this still to be their darkest album they have and it is punk at it's truest. Straight forward power rifts which move quick to slow. Brain Stew may highlight this better then any other song, but honestly every song on this is unique and stands on it's own. The drums really bring this album to a new place. The symbol work is much more intense than any of the other albums in my opinion while Mike's base lines are much more complex and out there. The highlights of drums and bass are "No Pride", "86", and "Geek Stink Breath".

Lyrics — 10
Billie Joe does a fantastic job lyrically on this album. I like the lyrics really base the songs in true punk fashion. He really sets the stage for each song with the lyrics and the music fits great with them. "Bab Uveulas Who" is the best example of this. This is a straight forward album in terms of his singing and notes and such but there is something about his voice on this album over all the others that really appeals to me and found different and really good. Maybe it's the speed he sings or the raw sound which the album has which goes great with his voice, but of all the Green Day albums this one really is special in terms of his voice.

Overall Impression — 10
No lies or explanation needed about Insomniac. It is Green Day's best album period. Many people think because Dookie had so many radio hits and is so popular it should automatically be the best. Insomniac did however what few bands are able to do after a smash album like Dookie. Mature. There is a distinct matureness to this album, maybe it's the straight forward lyrics or the classic punk sound but this album is very impressive. I own every Green Day album and of any I listen to this has easily been played more then the others. Perhaps the other thing about Insomniac which really makes it so special is it really is Green Day's last true punk album. Nimrod saw a much different Green Day. This album stuck to their roots while maturing in sound and lyrics. It also was probably one of the last truely great punk albums we've seen in the last decade. Every song really is impressive because honestly each one has it's own feeling to it. I personally always loved Geek Stink Breath, 86, Jaded (for it's fast attack on guitar), and Bab's Uveula's Who. If anything ever happen to this album I would get another one asap. End of story.

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