International Superhits review by Green Day

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  • Released: Nov 13, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.6 (79 votes)
Green Day: International Superhits

Sound — 10
I love this album. It definitely has the best of best on here. I like the variety of the songs on here, like it goes from slow acoustics, "Good Riddance", to the mellow pothead's classic, "Longview", to the energetic and punk rock, "Minority". All of these songs are super catchy and easily get stuck in your head for hours; trust me, it can happen, but it's worth the risk of randomly bursting out in to song in the middle of Walmart, it really is.

Lyrics — 10
Okay, they lyrics on this album is nothing short of genius. Billie Joe is amazing, there's too much to lump together, so I will break it down to the best of the best lyrics: Longview - catches the exact feeling of being bored out of your mind, not just in the lyrics, but in the music too; " I'm feeling like a dog in heat, barred in doors from the summer street, in a house with unlocked doors and I'm f--king lazy." Welcome To Paradise - the way it was put together, like a letter, genius, very entertaining; " Dear Mother, can you hear me whining? It's been whole 3 weeks I have left your home. This sudden fear has left me trembling." Brain Stew - okay, I know I have already said this, but this song is like an anthem for all imsomniacs, it seriously captures the feeling of insomnia. It's amazing, not to mention, the music is perfect for lyrics, just the one guitar playing over and over, 'dudnt, dudnt, dudnt, dudn't.', amazing; "I'm having trouble trying to sleep, I'm counting sheep, but running out. The clock is laughing in my face, f--ked up and spun out of my room. On my own, here we go. My eyes feel like they're gonna bleed, dried up and bulging out my skull. Crooked spine, senses dulled." Minority - awesome! This song is all about being different, and I love it. The music and the chorus are so cool, they totally match the "Screw everyone else! Just have fun!", tone set by the lyrics: "I wanna be the minority, I don't need your authority, down with the moral majority, cause I wanna be the minority. One light, one mind flashing in the dark, blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts. For crying out loud, she screamed unto me, a free for all, f--k them all, you are your own sight." Macy's Day Parade - this song is a classic. It's about the matieralistic world and how usually what we think we want is not at all what we really want. The lyrics are inspirational and a real eye opener, not to mention, Billie Joe sings so well on this one, it's mindblowing; "When I was a kid I thought I wanted all the things that I haven't got, oh, but I learned the hardest way. Then I realized what it took to tell the difference between thieves and crooks, lesson learned, me and you."

Overall Impression — 10
Lyrics are absolutely amazing and genius, very deep too, somtimes hilarious. Vocals are awesome and mindblowing,tone and technique constantly change to match the tone of the music, not "perfect" like other singers out there (American Idol, teen popstar, flawless, fake-sounding, unoriginal), but rather unique and awesome, definitely a voice to pray for, always filled with emotion. Guitar/bass are awesome, may be simple, but effective. Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe are brilliant and have more talent in one pinky, than some guitarist have in their entire bodies. The simple riffs and chords keep the songs simple, not muddled up like some songs with overcomplicated guitar tricks that just ruin the song. The drums couldn't be better. Tre Cool is the King of Drums and rules all, enough said. They rock! That's my overall impression. There is no better band in the world, there couldn't be, it's not possible.

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