Kerplunk review by Green Day

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  • Released: Jan 17, 1992
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (66 votes)
Green Day: Kerplunk

Sound — 10
How Green Day miss this old, raw sound. This album already has that classic 'Dookie' touch, and has found that perfect mix of sound later exhibited in Dookie. Tre's drumming is a lot tighter than John's in 1039/SOSH and the gelling of the sound is great to hear. The speedy drumming, the grovvy bass and the power chords (the classic punk recipe) mix together to form, well, a great album. The bass is louder in this album than the rest of the green day albums, and that is good, because mike dirnt's bass is possibly at it's best in this album and the louder bass and softer guitar suits their sound very well (methinks). Tre's drumming is as flawless as ever, but he does seem to be using his cymbals less (relatively).

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics, well, Billie Joe has just started to show his shades of lyrical brilliance. There are still songs about girls (2000 light years away)but now the topics are becoming a bit more varied (unlike 1039/SOSH which was 75% about girls). In Android he talk about how old people were when they were young, and he wonders if he'll 'still be around' and be like the old men. In 'Who Wrote Holden Caulfield' (the charracter in that book) he wonders why the guy in the book keeps 'trying to take a stand but always ends up sitting' and so on. Basically, his lyrics are slowly forming a kind of substance and even though there are some corny lyrics here and there, the majority of the lyrics are resembling the trademark green say lyrics of later albums.

Overall Impression — 9
Kerplunk can be described as a transition from the raw energy and pace of 1039/S0SH to the pure Pop-Punk masterpiece of Dookie. The original 'Welcome To Paradise' is on this album, and if you hear the Dookie version immediately after this version, you'll hear the sound difference. Dookie's guitar is much louder and the distortion is more cutting. This might of course just be the difference in recording quality. Impressive songs: 2000 Light Years Away (this song represents all that is green day. Good verses, catchy chorus, speed drumming, grooving bass, etc), One For The Razorbacks (some great guitaring, and amazing solo, never say BJ can't play guitar), Christie Road (slower song, which picks up in the last verse and chorus. Sweet lyrics about visiting railroads and a street called christie road (duh) and spending time there), One Of My Lies (very Basket Case sound. Good song), 80 (good song with a good bassline), Sweet Children (a nice cheerfull song. This was in another EP but they added those songs do the album. Joh is the one who does the drums for these). This in whole was a great album. The only demeaning factor, possibbly, is the fact that the last 4 songs were from anolther EP. And you can tell. The quality of the songs (out of which one is a My Generation cover) and the quality of the recording is not very good, but this is a minor point. There's also a slightly out of context song by Tre called 'Dominated Love Slave' which is about begging to be hit and spanked by his girl. It's sung in a country western style so bit weird. I would definately buy it again, It's an album for anyone who wants a good pop-punk album that's not all squeaky clean like the other pop-punk bands these days.

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