Nimrod review by Green Day

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  • Released: Oct 13, 1997
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.6 (77 votes)
Green Day: Nimrod

Sound — 10
Impressing, catchy, it still blows me away after having it for so long. I think they tried to have an album that stuck out among the others and this one is definantly it because of the expierimentation. They added so many different instruments and made some of the most awesome melodies, it's not even frickin funny. The sound overall is very comparable to Insomniac except (unlike Insomniac) instead of having dark melodies and dark lyrics (the most basic formula for Insomniac) it has a bit more poppy (although not as poppy as Dookie) melodies and deep, dark, lyrics. All I'm sayin is that if you listened to the CD then check out the lyrics like I did you're in for a HUGE surprise. I would describe the tone in this as an angry, frustrated, hopelessly hopeful, rash, and very intense cd.There are three songs on here that are unique in their own way being Take Back, Last Ride In, and King For A Day. Straight up slap you in the face, slit somebody's throat, look at me the wrong way and I'll spit on you, Sid Vicious attitude punk rock. I love it. In King For A Day Billie Joe sings about a cross-dresser, there is also a horn section in this song too, it's hillarious! In Last Ride In they play with some sort of jazz band and play this spy-sounding music there's no lyrics, but who cares it shows that they're talented musicians. In Take Back Billie sings about some sort fight he had, he screams the words "Take Back" for the chorus. I've heard lots'o'different opinions on the three, but I personally like them. It shows versatality.

Lyrics — 10
You can tell Billie Joe had a lot of mixed feelings during these sessions, just listen and heed the lyrics you'll see what I mean. This album was aimed at all their old friends back home who hated them when they signed to Reprise. They're try to get the message across that if you listened to them before Reprise happened and still like them just the same, then you're a true fan, but if you called them sell-outs and hated them for signing then they'll hate you back, but they'll still remember all the good times they had when they didn't fight with their old friends. Like I said earlier the melodies and instruments are somewhat a bit poppier than Insomniac, but the lyrics are deep and filled with hatred and anger. FYI: If you like the metaphoric and the "confused" lyrics of Insomniac, that's awesome because I do to, but Billie pretty much tells you straight up how he feels in this and dosen't beat around the bush and make you guess what he feels. The guitar remains tuned standard the whole album this is a record considering the fact that they played a half step down from Kerplunk to Insomniac. Mike Dirnt is the best bassist punk and most alternative music has ever seen because his tone and licks are unlike anything I've heard in all music. You gotta give Tre' Cool some regognition too because of the way he uses his cymbals and drum rolls to add to the mood of whatever song they're playing. Billie Joe's voice is like so unique and he sometimes reminds me of Johnny Rotten. I love how he snarls. Never say Billie Joe can't play guitar, even though like 80% of their songs use 3 chords, he make solos up in seconds in his mind, I've seen him do it live. He also demonstrates it in 1, 039 and Kerplunk so you can shut up or go listen to those 2 CDs if you think this way. The instruments really, I believe, serve as a sort of, in a way, setting and provide an overall mood in the songs.

Overall Impression — 10
I think they really had one in the bag here. Green Day is awesome being my 2nd fave band (Ramones all the way baby). The only albums that are better are Kerplunk (my fave) and Insomniac (my 2nd fave). Third for me definantly but when it comes to being unique, this record is numero uno. Album hot spots are Hitchin' A Ride, The Grouch, Scattered, Uptight, Jinx, Haushinka, Walking Alone and Reject. All love, no hatred at all towards this work of art. If some chump stole it, I would steal one of his favorite cds and get it back. If I lost I'd buy two more just in case I lost it again. You get wayyyyy more than you bargain for (there is 18 frickin tracks). If you're not alright and know it (like me). We should talk because we could get along great and go on cool road trips and make funny knock-knock jokes together and stuff. You'll really enjoy this record it was sort of like a stepping stone to me discovering who I am. I love Green Day, there are so many of their songs I've pretty much lived (if that makes sense) I can relate to evreything they sing about. If you're new and want some test material for Green Day, this is the perfect CD to get to know their sound. I can only hope my own punk trio, Baltic Ave (that's right, monopoly and Atlantic City Baltic Ave).

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