Tre! review by Green Day

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  • Released: Dec 10, 2012
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.3 (339 votes)
Green Day: Tre!

Sound — 6
On the balance of things Green Day's year has been average to poor, but trilogies tend to end with a big payoff. Mordor fell in "Return Of The King", Darth Vader got his face out in "Return Of The Jedi" and "The Matrix: Revolutions"... well, it had a lot of fighting. Proving they aren't blind to convention, Green Day have stuffed final album "Tre!" with charged rhetoric and bleeding heart drama akin to their most popular album, "American Idiot". In fact, so determined are they to demonstrate that this is the grand finale, they've opened and closed the thing with slow, swaying ballads. We'll get to "The Forgotten" later but as a curtain-raiser "Brutal Love" sets a certain precedent for seriousness.

The last two albums seemed to reject the pomp and ceremony of the rock opera' but it turns out they were just saving it all for "Tr!", which is slower, more considered and rather sentimental. The ease with which they knock those kinds of tunes out is commendable but yet again the best moments come when they pick up the pace and start bashing out the power chords with a bit of balls. The standout track (and only real exception to the album's serious mood) is "Dirty Rotten Bastards", a twisted eight minute beast with an attention deficit, jumping from place to place with none of "American Idiot"'s professionalism but all of its vigour.

There's a natural climax here but, alas, we have two more songs. Quasi-political ditty "99 Revolutions" is entirely forgettable, which leaves us with "The Forgotten". Don't be alarmed but this is a real "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" type effort slow, plodding drums, orchestral backing and a nice big guitar solo to top it off. If you've gone along with everything so far then this will close proceedings nicely but, even if not, Green Day can get away with this sort of stuff. They've done stranger things.

Lyrics — 5
It seems strange to admit that at one time this was a band that were celebrated for having their finger on the pulse of an apathetic youth and, depending on who you asked, American politics as a whole. Not quite the case anymore. They're still capable of tying together punk debauchery and pop sentiment nicely at times ("Meet me at the bathroom stall/meet me at the whispering wall") but generally speaking you're better off ignoring the lyrics as they have a tendency to hit just wide of the mark. As an example I think "Drama Queen" sums it up quite well - it's a twee, heartfelt bopper which intends well but the refrain of "she's old enough to bleed now" may have needed redrafting.

Overall Impression — 5
Billie Joe and co. are probably entitled to do whatever they like at this stage, and they could certainly do worse than to bash out a few reflections on a long career and long life. What's unfortunate is that without the concept, you lose the narrative and for all its hooks this album doesn't quite click as a long play. The band themselves even said that "Tre!" was "cleaning up the mess" from the party started by the "Uno!" and "Dos!". How much fun does that sound?

Let's be fair, though, and take a look at this trilogy as a whole. There have been twists and turns, highs and lows, rapping and ballads. The collection holds some of Green Day's best songs from the last decade and certainly some of their worst. Such a mixed bag can't be regarded as particularly strong and "Tre!" is probably the weakest of the bunch - but taken as a whole this project has turned out a damn sight better than "21st Century Breakdown", and wouldn't you have taken that at the beginning?

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    The Trilogy albums aren't perfect stand-alone albums at all. In fact, I have trouble going through them entirely. However, I could probably make a playlist of about 13 songs from the trilogy that I really, really like a lot. They'll be 13 different songs for everyone. That might have been the point: these albums aren't made to impress critics or to attract new fans, but they're made for the people who like Green Day already, giving them a lot of material. Listen to what you like, ignore the rest. Or not, maybe I'm wrong. I wonder if they were cleaning out their collection of songs to go a new direction after this?
    It seems like UG is just hating on Green Day. they basicly reduced all 3 albums to dust in their reviews, just by comparing them to the times "green day was still good".... aka "Im getting too old for new music". you should write a review about the albums. not about how bad the albums are compared to all their, in your opinion "good" albums.
    idk if theyre the same reviewers but its just like each one contradicts the next. green day stick with rock opera it sucks...they should be more fun, this albums too fun sounding and not serious enough...this ones too serious...if you dont like green day as a band then fine but dont try to pick apart their styles as if them changing would actually change your mind about them
    anvil is god
    Maybe the albums just aren't that good? The reviews aren't great but ratings are valid.
    Or maybe it's so good it's bad, like when you do a really impressive fart that disrupts the next-door neighbors dogs or something.
    I think it's hilarious when UG bashes 21st Century Breakdown, because I had a look to see what the UG Team rated it in their review of it, and they gave it a 9. Anyone else notice that?
    Ha, yeah. "It's a damn sight better than 21st Century Breakdown," yet it gets a 5.3 rating from UG, compared to 9 for 21stCB. Granted 21stCB didn't really have much longevity, it did wear thin very quickly, but it was still better than this trilogy on first listen.
    Honestly... In terms of greatness, my opinion is: Dos, Uno, Tre. Uno is a great album. A lot of fun to sing to and play, lots of actually fun energy. Dos is amazing. The garage feel mixed with the old-style of how rock (yes, rock. Not Punk.) used to be, is amazing. They really bring their talent out in this as musicians. Tre, well.. It's good, but not great. Dirty Little Bastards is my favorite, listened to it over and over. It's not a terrible album, but it's nothing to listen to over and over like (for me) Uno and Dos were. It is however a great way to close out the trilogy. I love any Green Day. It's all good. haters gonna hate on their sound, but that's just the listeners, not the fans. Any true fan IMO would appreciate the work they've put out regardless of sound. You can't compare any work together because Green Day (Still IMO) continues moving forward, American Idiot sounds different from previous. 21st Century Breakdown sounds different from American Idiot. Uno, Dos, and Tre are all different not only from each other, but also from 21st Century Breakdown and all their work combined. So, honestly, you can't really compare their new to their old because their sound keeps changing.
    this guys right, you can't compare any of their works. its safe to say that anything after dookie is corporate rock garbage butthole crap
    Green Day is one of those bands you listen to if youre first being introduced to punk...
    It's true, everyone saying "they should've just made one album of the best songs" is missing the point. Everyone has their own favorites out of the trilogy and this way they can just put ALL the music out there and let fans pick n mix what they want.
    Did I pick up the wrong TRE! album or something cos the one I got absolutely kicks arse and is just brilliant! Obviously there will be songs people will dislike in this trilogy, but come on, I'm probably 100% sure everyone would have a favourite out of all 3 albums. How about we just embrace the fact that Green Day is keeping rock n roll alive in an ever worsening musical world. UNO! DOS! TRE!
    You guys for real? Tre is absolutely fantastic. Having listened to Uno and Dos a few times and only really liking the first 4 songs of Uno, and finding the rest a bit shit, I was seriously considering not even bothering with Tre. But my god, wow. Mind = blown.
    Not fair, Green Day set it up that way, a warmup, the party, then the hangover. I don't see why everybody gives 21st Century Breakdown bad reviews, I thought it was a well complex album, and hell who gives 18 songs on an album these days? Green Day ****in did!
    youre not allowed to comment on a Green Day review if your sporting a Green Day avatar... pure bias right there.
    I think Tre is the best in the trilogy, Uno second, Dos last. It's funny how much I love Tre... it reminds me of Warning which I also love, yet everyone seemed to hate on Warning at the time as well. Dos had some awesome tunes but I find it doesn't pick up until the 6th track.
    No album can satisfy every person, But this trilogy - It's the complete package, everyone can pick their favorites with this trilogy .
    This is by far, not only best in trilogy, but one of the best albums they have ever recorded
    Dos was the best in the trilogy for me... the UG review of Dos downplays it awfully... it's worth around an 8-ish... and Tre, well... it is rather forgettable... and they had to associate the best song in the album with the Twilight Saga... not that I'm anti-Twilight, but c'mon... Green Day and Twilight? nah...
    Both appeal mainly to Pre-Teens so I can see why they would agree to doing a song for the soundtrack.
    Pre-teens? No...seriously...have you ever been to any GD fanpage? Most of the fans are 17-25 years old. Green day being loved only by fangirls is a stupid and incorrect stereotype.
    The only people I know who listen to Green Day in real life are my 13 year old brothers mates (who are also 13), scene kids who think BFMV are the pinnacle of music and the stereotypical nerds. Would you prefer these groups to be the stereotype instead?
    13 aren't pre-teens... but in my experience, Green Day seems to generally appeal more to adolescents than adults. The same can be said for Twilight as well, but people shouldn't be offended by what younger people appreciate. Not that I like Green Day or Twilight.
    Yeah I said the 13 thing mainly to see peoples reactions, but I agree with you that just because people are younger that there is no reason you should be offended by it, I would be quite impressed if I saw a kid listening to Charles Mingus.
    jason baird
    two things xplosive59. how many people do you kno NOT in real life. u should stop hanging round your 13 year old brother and his friends and get out into the real world get a life and make some friends. just a suggestion.
    Haha, It looks like my job of pissing off the fanboys has concluded, fun has been had by all I presume?
    why does billy always have that stupid effect on his voice now? it bugs the crap out of me!
    I will buy it. I have Uno and Dos. It's not like I'm not going to get Tre!
    If you didn't you would piss off people with OCD, they would be like "No! You gotta have the complete set otherwise it will effect the time space continuum"" or something, I dunno just rambling now...
    anvil is god
    Album is butts.
    Your contribution is poopoo.
    Which, in turn, comes from butts. It's kind of a viscous cycle.
    I'll assume you meant "viscious", but I really can't stop laughing at the thought of viscous poo. Spelling corrections and laughing at poop jokes? I really need to grow up
    Why don't you look silly. Attempting to act big and correct're doing it wrong! The correct spelling is "vicious", retard. Next time, think before you embarass yourself.
    My bad, but relax. If you're going to behave like a needlessly aggressive child, then I'm going to have to point out that you don't know how to spell the word 'embarrass'.
    Pssst... Welcome to the internet.
    I know full well how to spell embarrass, it was a device I employed to intice a response and it worked. I'm going through a brutal period in my life right now which may make or break life. Relationships are a b***h. My sharp tongue is uncalled for but I couldn't think of anywhere else to post. Apologies.
    for me it is Uno:8, Dos:8, Tre:7..... few very good songs, too much filler..... not timeless classic but really enjoyable...
    I thought Uno was great but I thought Dos was just trying to hard. Looking forward to see if this tops if off nicely.
    I liked 21st century breakdown more than this trilogy. I liked Uno & Dos was alright, Tre I felt was the worst and I didn't feel like that many tracks on any of the 3 albums resonated with me very much. At least with 21st they were working toward "something" and it was kind of epic. This is average bubblegum pop with some "punk" lyrics... sometimes.
    I liked all three of them, they are pretty good albums. I mean it isn't lyrical genius but why does it have to music not just for entertainment anymore? I think most music is good except for Rap...that stuff needs to go away so can Rock take over again.
    Not my favorite album they have done...but it has so much heart in it. It can really be felt. Thats why they are my favorite band.
    Dude this ain't Green Day this trilogy should be on Foxboro Hot Tubs discography.
    Why separate the two??? They're the same band. I consider the Foxboro Hot Tubs album to be a Green Day album. It is!...the same with The Network. Anybody who reads into the semantics of differentiating those "bands" is missing the point of the music.
    Last week I went to the record store and found out they are being sold at 18 each... if they're putting out three records in a year they should at least cut the price off, if I were a Green Day fan I'd be extremely pissed.
    It's Some Guy
    It's an album of highs and lows. When it's good -- like "Brutal Love" and "Dirty Rotten Bastards" -- it's really good. But when it's bad -- like "8th Avenue Serenade" and "Drama Queen" -- it's really, really bad. "Uno!" is the best of the three albums. "Dos!" is the most experimental and intense. And "Tre!" is just average. Having heard all three, I have to say this was an interesting experiment that was mostly worth it.
    It's Some Guy
    It's an album of highs and lows. When it's good -- like "Brutal Love" and "Dirty Rotten Bastards" -- it's really good. But when it's bad -- like "8th Avenue Serenade" and "Drama Queen" -- it's really, really bad. "Uno!" is the best of the three albums. "Dos!" is the most experimental and intense. And "Tre!" is just average. Having heard all three, I have to say this was an interesting experiment that was mostly worth it. If Green Day had just released the 15 best songs of all three albums, it might have been its best album in years.
    I thought Dos was the best one. Tre was probably my least favourite but tbh they did make a point that it wouldn't be as upbeat as the other two. Some songs on here are good, this is better than 21CB, but I probably won't listen to this over and over.
    I've been a pretty hardcore Green Day fan since about 99. This album is definitely the worst of the trilogy, but it isn't necessarily a bad album. It sounds like a collection of lost tracks from Nimrod/Warning. Dirty Rotten Bastards is a great ****ing rock song, however. Uno, for me, was an incredible fresh breath of air, while Dos was a great, fun record. Tre, just couldn't live up to the standard set by the first two. It's a solid Meh+.
    So much fanboy rage on these comments sections. "HOW DARE YOU NOT LIKE A BAND I LIKE! YOUR REVIEW SUCKS"!
    I don't get the point of these reviews... Can we have some useful/interesting articles instead ?
    Nice review, definitely right about the trilogy having some of Green Day's best AND worst songs. Glad to have them back doing punk instead of concept albums, not that I didn't like American Idiot, I loved it actually, but that was there fifteen minutes of fame in the "rock opera" world.
    I wouldn't say there is a rock opera world. I would just say they released a fantastic album that happened to have a story line. It was a great album and for most Green Day fans, they are still living those 15 minutes.
    Good to see my expectations of these albums were about right on the mark...looks like a lot of average to forgettable stuff with a handful of good songs tossed in.
    Ill admit, Im a bit biased when it comes to Green Day Ive been a huge fan since childhood. I think Uno gave us what we were expecting, which was a signature Green Day sound. Dos was a bit too much, but I still enjoyed many songs. Tre started out with Brutal Love, which was amazing, but as the album went on, I wondered if the entire album was about his wife. I mean, if that really is the case, thats still great, but isnt there anything else to write about? I preferred the angry Green Day.
    Billy Boy3
    Ahhhh comon you die hard Green Day junkies look around so much more contagiously similar pop/rock muzic out there, me thinkin mmmm? Green Days had it's day maybe there musically stumbling down the dead end road of pop/punk/rocksters and sold there deflated talent to American bollywood sensationalism (Twi-b-light) to inhance what sounds to me like a death rattle, but no no...not as loud as the door closing behind them RIP Green Day
    I am 14 and hate Greenday, I find them to be much too simplistic. My preference is Queen, Bowie and Muse. They have much more complex songs and their members are much better at their instruments. Matt Bellamy or Brian May could kick Billy Joe's arse any day!
    Haha, that's cute, little boy. Sure, Queen is a great band, but Green Day is ridiculously talented and have left an impact on America. You've got a long life ahead of you to discover that there are other bands out there too.
    Yea. Aren't you the special muffin? About the album, it's the weakest of the three, IMO. But I enjoyed "8th Avenue Serenade".
    Uno & Dos had some pretty strong songs. 'The collection holds some of Green Days best songs from the last decade and certainly some of their worst'. That's probably a good some up, it's a decent trilogy (i've only heard the first two so far)
    I'm glad bands now are allowing people to listen to the album before they go out to purchase it. Saves me a lot of money. I picked up Uno and I dig it. Catchy riffs, good choruses, brought life back into Greenday. I just can't seem to get into Dos as all and this album just goes to show they have to put a little AI/21CB vibe into their stuff. Yea they gave us 3 records, 37 songs and not even half of them I would consider memorable Greenday songs. Like UG said, they can do whatever they want at this point in their career, if they have a career still. Releasing these records without concerts has sure damaged the wallets of Billie, Mike and Tre. I've moved on from many bands and Greenday being my first obsession I've always gone back to see how they've faired and I can say with certainty that I don't see them releasing anything relevant in the near future.