Tre! review by Green Day

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  • Released: Dec 10, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (339 votes)
Green Day: Tre!

Sound — 9
This album right off the bat has a completely different mood then "Uno!" and "Dos!". When they said that "Tre!" would be "cleaning up the mess" from the two previous installments, and in a sense it does. The songs vary in sound from the slow, soulful "Brutal Love" to the regular Green Day sound on songs like "X-Kid" and "99 Revolutions". But there are also many songs that are more lackluster but it doesn't really make the album unbearable. As a huge Green Day fan, I think this album is one of the best out of the trilogy.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics in this album seem to be more mature on some songs, but some are just fun and don't make sense. Some songs deal with missing someone, and getting old then some seem to be just senseless lyrics like an example from a track called "Dirty Rotten B-stards" ("Calling all demons/ this is the season/Next stop is therapy/We're the retarded and the broken hearted/The season of misery"). This song is in the vein of the epics from "American Idiot", "Jesus Of Suburbia" and "Homecoming" but what the song lacks is the seriousness that those song had and this one is also shorter then both songs. Although the lyrics aren't always the greatest, they fit the songs perfectly and that gives the album an even better appeal. Billie Joe Armstrong also does and great job on this album, the way he sings on some of these is something that you have never heard on a Green Day album, one song that really stands out is "Little Boy Named Train".

Overall Impression — 8
This album as well as the other two are all fun and a nice return to Green Day's simpler style of songs. I personally think that this album is the one that stands out the most to me musically. This isn't not my favorite album by them that title is held by 1995's "Insomniac". Clearly the two albums are different in mostly every way so you can't really compare those two. The album most in common with this is "Nimrod" because they both have many different sounding songs on them. The most impressive songs on the album are "Brutal Love", "X-Kid", "Little Boy Named Train", "Walk Away", and "Dirty Rotten Bastards". What I love about this album is the fact it isn't so serious, it is light-hearted... Mostly. The songs are jump back and forth from sound to sound and it is a real trip, plus the harmonies on this album are pretty amazing and they really put alot of effort into getting them right it seems. If I lost this album or someone stole it, I would go right out and buy another copy when I had the chance. If you are a major Green Day fan, you will really love this album no doubt about it, but if you aren't a major Green Day fan, you might find songs that you like, and songs that you just flat out hate.

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    dont worry, ignore these TROLLS and just listen to 'em. let your heart decide.
    I absolutely love the song X-Kid. It's probably the best song lyrically from Uno, Dos, and Tre. It's really heart-felt. Though, I would love to learn how to play piano, just be able to play The Forgotten!
    Here's an easy way to dissect this conundrum: 1) Green Day used to be pretty decent 2) Now they are not, in any way. 2.5) The words "Punk" and "Rock Opera" do not go together. 3) The faces they are making on these god damn album covers is infuriating.
    Haha, there's a picture of Taylor Swift now on the frontpage of UG instead of this albu cover.
    absolute garbage from this band since American Idiot. some need to know when to call it quits and just do solo projects this band is going the same direction metallica has been careening downward for years
    21st Century Breakdown has been doing the best as of sales in the band's history, so you obviously don't speak for many people. Green Day is nothing like Metallica.
    Why are you comparing Green Day and Metallica? They are really good friends in real life.
    I've been a huge Green Day fan since the age of 7. I'm 19 now. (just to throw that in the face of one of the previous comments saying all Green Day fans are 13. Bite me!) I did really enjoy this album. Out of the whole trilogy, this was the one I preferred the most. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about it but I understand its a bit different to the likes of American Idiot and 21st, but I think the trilogy does hint at pre 2000 Green Day, maybe not a great deal but I hear it. But fans have to understand, the band can't keep doing albums like American Idiot, they don't want to be known as the band that continue to make music about politics. People need to give them a break, recently it seems they can't do anything right... I'm just sitting back enjoying the music they produce. Do you know they've given us 37 songs in a few months? To me that's something to be impressed with!
    I was recently discussing with other musicians how many bands seem to reach a certain pinnacle and then just go downwards in quality. One band goes faster than the other, but eventually they all fall. As if their "mission" has been completed with that one ultimate album and afterwards they lose their aim. It happened to U2, it happened to Muse and somehow I feel Green Day has had their pinnacle already too. I hope I'm wrong and they'll get back to some serious business for their following album and stop screwing around, cause I really loved them and American Idiot was a highlight for mainstream music.
    massive fan, the order of best to worst is clearly: 1.Tre 8/10 2.Dos 7/10 5/10I just can't help thinking that if they had taken the best 12-14 songs off all three albums they would have had a very decent album instead of what they have now.
    I cannot beleive how poor each album and the the trilogy is. There isn't even one album's worth of good songs here. I have been into this band since '94, seen them countless times. 21st Century Breakdown was not a good album, but at least there were 3 or 4 decent songs on it. I will always go to their concerts, because they are the best live band ever, but I'm not buying their albums anymore.
    I dont care, i love all green day albums! By the way, 1. Dos 2. Tre/Uno 3. blank Also i dont get why everyone hates nightlife, i like it. haters gonna hate.
    It's a real shame, I was expecting a lot more from this trilogy, but I was only really into a few of the songs from each album at the most. Still, hopefully they'll come back fighting, they've had a rough year so maybe the best is yet to come??