Electric Blanket Review

artist: Greenwheel date: 07/18/2006 category: compact discs
Release Date: 2004
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 16
Electric Blanket never came out since the band parted ways with the label Island Records in 2004. The band made the unreleased tracks available through a media player on their official website.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Electric Blanket Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 18, 2006
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Sound: Greenwheel wrote an amazing album, that they didn't release, so what means this, you only can get it if you go to a show or you listen to it all day long on their website, all the tracks have a little touch from the '70s influenced in a lot of ways by the masters Led Zeppelin, the guitars sound awesome, with a lot of kind of chords and rhythms, the bass is perfect as always and the drummer do his dude too well, and the voice wow the voice, changing notes all the time, screaming very loud and passing to the next line without any problem, and the way that Ryan sings the songs make you feel the song even in your bones. // 10

Lyrics: Ryan, he had always a talent so amazing to write lyrics, with a very complex vocabulary and the way to write the entire verse and chorus. It's great, I'd pick Firefly as the one of the best lyrics on the entire album, All the tears that I've cried never came from my eye, deep lyrics for a music that sounds great. This time this record has some different lyrics than Soma Holiday, Good work. // 10

Overall Impression: This album it's my favorite album, even if I don't have it in my hands, I can listen all day long no matter how many times I play one song. Parents would be mad for all the intensity of the album, maybe it hasn't heavy rhythms but it has emotion, energy, aggressive and passion from the entire band. I'd pick Firefly, Janet Reno, Payphone, and Novocain has the greatest tracks from the album, but the selection was so hard, 'cause all the tracks are worthy to be considered the best ones. Greenwheel maybe couldn't be a commercial band as all the bands we use to listen, but I can't imagine how they don't expect to be too famous, they only want to be a great full band. That's what they are with no question. // 10

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