Alibies & Other Lies review by Grinspoon

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  • Released: Jul 23, 2007
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (11 votes)
Grinspoon: Alibies & Other Lies

Sound — 8
Grinspoons back to their best and their new album has shown great improvement in all aspects of their music and probably earned its title as a best yet from Grinspoon. With renewed vocals by Phil Jamieson hitting the right note and sounding better than ever before. This album still contains their heavy-riffs but is a little softer than their older albums but at the same time keeping the fans happy with some heavier songs throughout the album for those who like the heavier side their first song on the album "Black Tattoo" with great heavy guitar at the start and "Living In The City" has great verses. The reason this album sounds softer seems more to do with the vocals they seem more stretched out and less monotone. Songs such as Minute by Minute and Leave It show the major improvement in Phils vocals, they are also nice and catchy and leave a fresh new sound to grinspoon with acoustic guitars and light drumming, it keeps the album varied.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are well fitted especially on "What You Got" this is a balance, without finding their way in to the horrors of extreme pop hits. As said above Phils vocals have dramatically improved and I still think that Minute By Minute shows that he can give the passion and emotion a vocalist needs. Phil is the icing on the cake of grinspoon. The lyrics for most of the songs seem to suit but some are hard to interpratate.

Overall Impression — 9
I beleive this is Grinspoons best yet and a start to a new sound for the band. The Standouts of the album for me were Leave It, Choir Boy, Business = Pleasure and Outside Looking In. The Best part about their new album is the way they have introduced softer music into their band I myself rather softer music or soft-rock. Their new album also sounds very original and none of their songs really have the same beat or sound. The only thing I don't like about it is probably the vocals for melted holiday they seem kinda western style or country type music I believe it will be their best seller yet. If this was stolen I would probably just burn a copy off my computer or buy a new one I wouldn't think about getting something else it's well worth its money.

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    i heard black tattoo on the radio and was quite pleased. though weirdly enough, i haven't heard a single thing about the release of the album. sounds like its worth checking out though.
    i dont like black tattoo, phil really irritates me now. my friend is burning me it 2nite so i guess i will find out if i like it or not tomoro
    Dainus wrote: Phil is the icing on the cake of grinspoon
    lol its funny because he's a recovering ice addict but i really like this album a lot
    its alright, its no guide to a better living or easy but hey i suppose there maturing and stuff
    Quite a good album. Good balance of solid crunchy rock songs with the odd well-made ballady track. Phils voice is definately a standout, varies well between the tracks.
    les_paul_01 wrote: i heard black tattoo on the radio and was quite pleased. though weirdly enough, i haven't heard a single thing about the release of the album. sounds like its worth checking out though.
    yea same, i heard it was coming out but all i knew that a single had been released until now
    i reckon the softer sound suits them way better. saw them when touring their new songs in smaller arenas and people seemed to respond to songs like minute by minute and leave it way better then their harder stuff and this was when their new album wasnt even released yet. What do u mean the vocals are improving? i reckon grinspoon are pretty much upthere in the aus/rock scene for a long time now lol. but i agree with your comment on melted holiday
    this was my first reveiw when i was 16 so be soft on me ay
    i seen them live at sawtell rsl they were so good and they comin up again soon in coffs any1 there??