Easy review by Grinspoon

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  • Released: Nov 15, 1999
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9.3 (4 votes)
Grinspoon: Easy

Sound — 8
Easy is a great Grinspoon album. The overall sound is amazing especially when turned up really loud. The guitar is heavily distorted, the drums are massive, the whole sound is really brutal, hard and great. There are a few problems with the sound in some places though, i.e. in some songs the bass guitar is hard to hear. And on the last song Dial Tone the song is 9 minutes long! There is five minutes of silence at the end of the four minute song for some reason! It is really annoying! And track 15 is 4 seconds long with no sound. A joke? I hope not, because it's not funny! Overall although this album dosent really add much new to rock the way 'American idiot' reinvented the rock opera and 'The Black Parade' took music in a theatrical direction, Grinspoon's sound is great on this CD if you're not expecting a revolution. It's just a shame it stays pretty much the same the whole way through.

Lyrics — 6
The lyrics aren't overly deep and you wouldn't listen to this album for emotion other than anger and craziness. Sometimes the lyrics are angry (I don't need it, your f--king shit, Still at the end, better off dead), and sometimes downright mad (Yarni marni, oh yarni marni what's it all supposed to f--king mean now?) but there is not one song that I would listen to for good lyrics. The words do fit with the sound though, and in songs such as Ordinary and Ready One, the lyrics are just fun. Phil, Grinspoons lead singer is a great singer, an even better screamer and his voice fits well with the music.

Overall Impression — 8
It is not a revoulutionary album. But it certainly sounds good. The most impressive songs are the brilliant but short American Party Bomb, the heavy Better Off Dead, and the awesome Signpost. I love the distorted guitars and belting drums that sound awesome together. But I don't like the way that it gets quite old too fast and is too short. If it were stolen or lost I might buy it again but I'd most likely get the album "Guide To Better Living" by Grinspoon because it is heavier and newer and the sound isnt so similiar to other stuff. One of Grinspoon's finest hours.

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    Wrong! There is no way you can compare this to American Idiot or Black Parade. Wrong genre for one thing and Esay wasn't a concept album last time I looked. You obviously look for the wrong thing in Grinspoons music, their not about deep songwriting and if you went to any of their awesome live concerts you'd know what they write music for. By the way if you had the patience to listen to the rest of 'dial tone' you would have noticed the hidden track 'that guys a f...wit.' All in all I feel quite dissapointed by this review as it doesn't do Australia's Greatest Live Band any justice. Make sure you don't review Alibis and Other Lies when it comes out.
    To a certain extent I agree with rb26dett741 you're not doing Grinspoon any justice by comparing then with Punk and Emo bands such as Greenday and My Chemical Romance, they're completey different genres. I'm also very disappointed at both of you that you didn't mention Rockshow, it is on Best in Show and a great song. I don't realy agree with any of you scores Lyrics for me is 5 maybe 5.5, Impression would be 7 at best, but Sound I would give 9, you obviously don't listen to much Metal/Heavy Rock if you think it's pretty much the same the whole way through. So I'm not knocking your review but we obviously don't see things the same way, thanks anyway.
    thats ur opinion. I was comparing it to the way that green day and MCR changed music. Grinspoon rock live but when asked about lyrics 6 is fair.
    Solar Plexus
    Nice review, but you were a little harsh on the lyrics. Sure they dont make any sense but they fit perfectly with every song. But i agree with dial tone, i mean what's the point in putting it on your mp3 for instance? it's 4 times as long as the other songs on the album and the hidden track is not really as impressive as you would expect whilst waiting for 5 minutes. But there is a diverse sound throughout the album, like Party Bomb, Rock Show and Violent and Lazy all sound quite different. Oh well, this was a good review anyway, nice and detailed!