Chinese Democracy review by Guns N' Roses

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  • Released: Nov 23, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (847 votes)
Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy

Sound — 9
I have been a Guns N' Roses fan for years now, and I have everything from Appetite for Destruction to Use Your Illusions, (everything in between) and when I was very excited for this album, even thought Axl was the only person left. At first, I didn't like the album very much at all. but after listening to it anywhere I went, I really started to like it. It never will sound as good as the original Guns, but they are still Guns n roses and they still made a great album.

Lyrics — 8
To start off, Axl Roses' voice is still just as good as it was, if he uses it right. There are songs on here that definitly show how good he is. He does experiment a little, but in a good way, usually. His lyrics are very good, and he did a very good job. 01.Chinese Democracy: easily one of my favorites off this album. It starts off with a good riff, and and also shows that Axl can sound just as good as he used to. 02.Shackler's Revenge: a lot of people, I have noticed, don't like this song. I, myself, like this song alot. The only thing that I noticed was that it sounds way too much like modern rock from the 2000's, not the good old 80's GN'R. The guitar is pretty good, but, doesn't sound like GN'R. 03.Better: this song could fit in with with earlier GN'R stuff really easily. Axl is very good on this song vocals sound different, but good. the guitar was very good on this track, in my opinion. 04.Street of Dreams: people were saying how this was one of the best songs on the album, but I don't think it is. The song itself is very good. But, I don't like Axls first voice tone when he starts the song. I like the second one, the screaming, raspy one. But this song is very good, nonetheless. 05.If The World: this song was so weird when I first heard it. I just thought, "This isn't GN'R!." But after listening to the album alot, I have come to love this song. If you listen to it after awhile, you will come to like the sound of the song. 06.There Was A Time: pretty good song. This song is a lot like If The World, GN'R experimented with their sound. It turned out pretty good. Axl did a good job singing. 07.Catcher In The Rye: one of the suckier songs on this album. Maybe if Brian May's part was left in it would be a little better, but doubtful. I don't like Axls voice on this one. It just doesn't sound like him. He did a good job, but I want different from him. 08.Scraped: one of my personal favorites. Starts with Screams from Axl, then some booming riffs, all put together to make the heaviest song on the cd. Sadly, it is the shortest song on the cd, but it is one of the best. 09.Riad N' The Bedouins: the other sucky song on this cd. I don't like this song, it doesn't sound very good. There isn't much to say except, not a good song. 10.Sorry: a very good song on this album. Axl sounds great, and his lyrics rock. A new sound for GN'R, but very good. Great slower song. 11.IRS: this is another song that is good. Lyrics are good, but would have been better if he had a little more emotion, well more screaming. Very good song though. Guitar riffs and solos pretty good. 12.Madagasgar: a completely different sound for GN'R, but it is a good song. Later on in the song, it gos into quotes and such, which do last a long time, but oh well. Axls tone is pretty good, just have to get used to it. 13.This I Love: very good ballad, but I had to get used to it before I liked it. As with all these songs, they have to grow on you. Guitar sounds a little to distorted for a ballad, but still good. 14.Prostitute: last song on the cd, and a good one at that. Axl rocks, and it shows here. Perfect closer to a great cd.

Overall Impression — 9
This album sounds like it came right after the Use You Illusions. I can't believe it took around 17 years to finish. I just hope it doesn't take that long for the next one to come out. Chinese Democracy showed that they are a good band with the new members, and can do a good job. Hopefully, someday we will get the orginal GN'R back, but that is a slim chance. The best songs were 1.Chinese Democracy 2.Scraped and 3.Shacklers Revenge/Better. Love - Axls singing, they finally came out with the cd. Hate - the originals are not there. If it was stolen or I lost it, or it got deleted off my computer, I would get another one.

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    mercurymay wrote: Richycinsideme wrote: bad review 10 out of 10 this albums classic Agreed. It's easily hands down my favorite album in the world. I've been listening to it non stop for about a week. I understand where the reviewers are coming from, I just don't share their view. FYI, I'm a huge fan of Appetite. Axl has changed music yet again.
    Your a ****in fruit cake. Guns N ROses is every CD before this crap Chinese.