Chinese Democracy review by Guns N' Roses

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  • Released: Nov 23, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 2
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.2 (847 votes)
Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy

Sound — 7
This album has no such raw emotion as when it featured Slash and Duff. Without Slashes bluesy licks this is not an Hard Rock GNR album, which I miss. Buckethead plays beautiful lead parts, and Robin Fincks solo in 'This I Love' is the only solo with some emotion. The album leaves an wall-like feeling. It is my favourite bands newest album, but it has no soul, like in 'Welcome to the Jungle', 'Sweet Child O' Mine' or in 'November Rain'. Axl went bananas in the studio, and started to play with the effect buttons. I'd say, that he has went bananas from money and power. He used way too many elements, and if he wonders, why doesn't the song, 'Chinese Democracy', be in radio and TV, is because he ruined the song and the album with the non-sense intro something 40 seconds long with people talking something in China. Way to go, nut-case! (Please don't get offended by the last comment! Someone had to say it!) It 'Leaves the taste that's bitter sweet, where's gone the blues?' (Edited lyrics from 'Street of Dreams') Slash back to Guns!

Lyrics — 6
Lyrics were a disappointment, which weren't so original and good. In fact, it has no emotion and soul, as I mentioned before. I have nothing else to say about the lyrics, other than his inspiration changes with every song from place to place. Overall under nothing special with the lyrics. Axl sings his s*&% lyrics as well as always.

Overall Impression — 2
I had high hopes with this album. I got it for Christmas, and I just had got new stereo system in my room, and I started to listen to it. I listened for half of the song 'Chinese Democracy', and I put the album in to the shelve, and then I listened to GNR 'Greatest Hits'. I was truly shocked of the new direction of Guns. In the end of my Christmas vacation, I regained my courage and started listening to Chinese Democracy. Now I had the courage to listen to it, and now I have to say, ais the only good song there. I must mention 'There was a Time' as an second best song in the album. Not so effect-pumped like other songs. Overall, I am disappointed. This was nothing special. If this album would disappear, it wouldn't be so missed.

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