Chinese Democracy review by Guns N' Roses

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  • Released: Nov 23, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (847 votes)
Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy

Sound — 8
Well to me this album sounds really.. Really over the top sonically. The distortion on the guitars is really digital sounding and there is all kinds of different things going on musically in each and every song. I don't really see this mimicking any particular sound or style, I think it just represents Axl Rose at this point in time (big production). I mean I have to admit at first I really disliked this, but after listening to this album over and over and over again many times I think I can come out of it saying it's definitely good.

Lyrics — 9
I truly believe the lyrics on this album are incredible. The 2 songs that really come to mind lyrically (for me at least) are Catcher in the Rye, and Street of Dreams. Both songs are absolutely fantastic, 10/10 and I think Axl just wrote his heart out. Those two by themselves kind of make up for a few songs I can't stand (lyrically and otherwise) like scraped and shacklers revenge. Otherwise, the lyrics are nothing short of what Axl is capable of. Very very good.

Overall Impression — 7
I'd say its a very good album considering the situation that the band is currently in and has been in for years since the 90's. I wouldn't really bother comparing it to other albums because this one is very unique with all the hype and waiting that came with it. I believe the best songs on it are Catcher in the Rye and Street of Dreams, but I'll list out all the songs so you get a better idea. I love the creativity and the new sound from GNR but I hate how confusing it can be at times. 01.Chinese Democracy: 6/10 decent song. nothing special at all. 02.Shacklers Revenge: 1/10 no idea why this is on the album. 03.Better: pretty good song 7/10 04.Street of Dreams: 10/10 incredible song 05.If the World: 6/10 takes too long to get into it 06.There Was a Time: 7/10 excellent lead guitar work here 07.Catcher in the Rye: 10/10 as close to a perfect song as ive heard 08.Scraped: 3/10 I can see where they were going with it.. but it sucks 09.Rhiad N' the Bedouins: 5/10 Axl's singing on this one is annoying 10.Sorry: 8/10 I need to listen to this song more, because its solid 11.IRS: 9/10 awesome tune, no flaws really in my opinion 12.Madagascar: 8/10 not sure about the MLK thing.. but good song 13.This I Love: 7/10 really, really interesting song. very.. romantic 14.Prostitute: 6/10 nothing really impresses me with this one I think the best way to determine my overall rating is to average things out. So I just added up every rating I gave it, and divided by 16 (sound + lyrics + each song) / 16 comes out to a 6.8 and I agree. So 7 solid album, nothing to write home about however.

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    wanted to hate this album as i loved the original GNR but i just couldn't, every song is an epic
    What a load of shite, this record is a shambles, bring back the real Gunners!!!
    This album in a shambles, nothing good about it. BRING BACK THE REAL GUNNERS AND BLOW EVERYONE AWAY WITH A PROPER ALBUM!!!!
    Gotta look at it as a new band. Setting old albums aside, some of the songs are great(Better, Chinese, Street, Shacklers, Catcher, This I love, and Mada). Others are downright unmemorable and terrible. Yes I would have preferred old lineup though.
    The album is epic... Axl brings the best music into the 21 century... all the songs are great.... This is probably the best GNR album... its just better and more mature music ... Axl's high pitch vocals on Street of Dreams are his best yet...
    what tasteless idiot wrote that review from the UG team? this album takes time to appreciate, but once you do the album rocks.
    Track 1- 7/10 Track 2- 5/10 Track 3- 6/10 track 4- 9/10 track 5- 5/10 track 6- 6/10 track 7- 9/10 track 8- 7/10 track 9- 7/10 (could have been really good) track 10- 6/10 track 11- 8/10 track 12- 6/10 track 13- 8/10 (interesting?) track 14- 6/10 IMO Axl proved that his songwriting talent lies in piano based songs Could have been a good reccord, but too much digital input for my liking.
    This Album is good forgot about the orginal lineup and see this as a more of axl roses solo record and this is pretty good shit Better,chinese democracy, street of dreams, sahckler's revenge,cathcer in the rye and sorry these are my favourites i loved the old guns izzy,slash,duff,steven, matt but this album compared to velvet revolvers albums is a lot better cause at least he's got soul scott is miserable singer who let drinking completly f*** his voice up axl drank more but at least dosen't sound like a dying a dying fish for any G N'R FAN this is a massive change but is ver nice and addictive like the old gunners for some people the solos and rhythm might new to them cause they only listen to rock only but for those that have a more open music taste and listen to metal,blues,jazz, hip hop this record stands out a lot it demands your attention so for those expecting a salsh solo **** off cause he ain't the mastermind of the old Guns N' Roses it was izzy and axl TOGETHER slash added good guitar parts but who made the backbone for november rain and estranged ... Axl not slash just cuase he dose a mind-blowing solo dose not mean he made the song and axl proves it with street of dreams and this i love which also show us whats on axl's mind so all in all this album is enjoyanle more diverse and expreimental than the old gunners maybe not as aerosmith influenced but still holds some of the old guns n roses spirt
    i love the old albums even the Spaghetti Incident to any extent but give this album a try best songs to downlaod chinese democracy,better,street of dreams and this i love.