Chinese Democracy review by Guns N' Roses

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  • Released: Nov 23, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.2 (847 votes)
Guns N' Roses: Chinese Democracy

Sound — 10
Overall, this album is very different from past gnr albums. In the old albums, the guitars were raw and bluesy, and there were no wierd effects. Now the guitars are more processed and less bluesy, and there are keyboards, pianos, and drum loops. It's a Great album though. Axl's voice is PERFECT! And for the most part so are the lyrics(although the title track is extremely stupid). The sound is very modern, the main sound is a mix of 90's grunge and industrial metal, but there are also touches of blues, soul, classic rock, and hip hop.

Lyrics — 9
Axl has always been a great lyricist, and a great singer. On most of these songs, his singing is awesome, and his lyrics are genius. But on the title track, his voice is processed and his lyrics are stupid. Axl sings in all his voices on this one, as well as some new ones. In the title track, he sings in his low voice. He sings in his middle voice in Better and Madagascar. He sings in a new voice in TWAT, Scraped, and Prostitute(he also sings in his signature wail) Catcher in the Rye, Riad n the Bedouins, and IRS. In Shackler's Revenge he growls, he uses his low "Mr Brownstone" voice in sorry. In This I love he almost sounds like Paul Mccartney.

Overall Impression — 10
Here's my impression of every song. 01. Chinese Democracy: begins with Chinese people talking and laughing over a synth drone. at 0:45 a palm muted riff comes in, followed by distortion. Then the rest of the band comes in. The guitars are awesome, and the song contains two guitar solos, however axl's lyrics are stupid and have nothing to do with the song. I give this 7/10. 02. Shackler's Revenge: the song has killer guitars. a meaning, and lyrics that have something to do with the song. This song is about being a serial killer, with Axl singing "I got an itching finger, and there'll be hell to pay, I'm gonna pull that trigger,and blow them all away." Only problem is that axl uses the death growl. 9/10 03. Better: KILLER GUITARS! And Axl's lyrics are perfect. Here Axl sings about a break up. And his lyrics are genius. Ron thal and Robin Finck's solo's make the song 10 times better. This gets 10/10. 04. Street of Dreams: the first ballad on the album. This song begins with piano's and strings and builds to an epic ending with Axl Wail ing. 10/10. 05. If The World: a cool song, with cool guitars and synths, and a bit of a funk rock influence, but Axl's lyrics are dumb. But this song is just a joke. It makes fun of crappy James Bond songs from the 70s. 6/10 06. There Was A Time: begins with wierd backing vocals but then gives way to piano, guitar, strings and a drum loop, with Axl singing about breaking up. Interesting fact, he hit the highest note of his carrer on this one. 10/10 07. Catcher in The Rye: begins with axl wailing over guitars and pianos, this song slowly builds to a killer John Lennon esque outro, which is appropriate, this is a tribute to John Lennon. 10/10 08. Scraped: great song. Axl's vocals are perfect, the guitars are loud, and the Brain's drumming is out of control. The lyrics have the f**k you of earlier songs, without axl actually saying F**k you. 10/10 09. Riad n the bedouins: great song. Begins with synth and bass and then transforms into a Grungy rocker with axl wailing over insane guitars. However his lyrics are stupid and almost funny "Riad n the Bedouins, had a plan and thought they'd win but I don't give a f*ck 'bout them cuz I am Crazy!" 8/10 10. Sorry: an angry song with that begins with Pink Floyd style guitars and builds to a heavy metal chorus. 10/10 11. IRS: begins with acoustic guitar and drums with axl singing "Oh, is it true, what they say of you oooooh oooooh" Then Electric guitars come in for the chorus. The song then goes back to acoustic guitar and drums, then to electric. Then it builds slowly but surely into an awesome head banging song, with Axl wailing like Robert Plant and singing in the double time style of Steven Tyler. Also features a classic rock style solo from Robin Finck and a crazy solo from buckethead (when I heard buckethead's solo I thought my CD player was broken). 10/10 12. Madagascar: begins with horns and strings, followed by axl singing "I won't be told anymore, that I've been brought down in this storm." I can't forget to mention the samples of MLK and those movies in the bridge. 9/10. 13. This I Love: this song is mostly Axl Rose singing over piano and strings, but it also features an awesome guitar solo from Robin Finck. This song seems to be a sequel to Estranged. 14. Prostitute: the final song on the album begins with an electronic drum loop and piano, with Axl singing about a loved one. This song features two guitar solo's from Buckethead, and an emotional piano and strings outro. The perfect way to close the album.

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    street of dreams and if the world are some good tracks i thought axl voice was really good on this
    Its pretty obvious that the best song on Chinese Democracy can not even live up to the worst song on Appetite for Destruction. Chinese Democracy sucked.