Megalodon review by Guttural Slug

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  • Released: Jan 1, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 5.2 (5 votes)
Guttural Slug: Megalodon

Sound — 8
At a glance this would seem like another small slamming death metal band with "pig" vocals and copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy type riffs, though if you sit through the 20 minutes run time you'll find it's a lot more versatility in this duo than what you find out there in the slam scene.

The first song, "Sirenens Kald," begins with an intro reminiscent of Iron Maiden's "Sign of the Cross" with a snare drum pattern and (synthetic?) strings. This track, in my opinion, contains one of the worst vocal performances on this album, they just come across as a bit thin. This keeps up for most of the track apart from a small bridge with some more intelligible vocals, for a few seconds anyway. The next song "Eye of the Cyclops" is not very memorable, though it does feature some sampling towards the end to good effect.

The third song on this album, "Hacksaw Surgery" starts off with a phased guitar, a sample, and then breaks into a huge sounding slam riff. The vocals on this song are probably the best on the album, the lyrics are intelligible and the guttural sounds are used effectively between verses.

The highlight of this album is "Paranormal Evisceration" featuring one of the best riffs of any slam album I have listened to in a while and a perfect blend of pig vocals and death metal growling. The drums are powerful and the attack this song presents is exactly how slam should be.

The quality of the production was a pleasant surprise, not too muddy, albeit a little too digital, though that can be expected with a drum machine.

Lyrics — 7
Not a lot can be said about lyrics, as the only audible ones are in "Hacksaw Surgery":

"Blood, sprays out of your face, as I press the spinning metal blade against your skin, amateur facial surgery assault, deconstructing your face, ripping- tearing- slitting- slicing, I cut you into pieces.

I wield my hacksaw and rev it up, I approach your lifeless body, shove the spinning tool down to your gut, intestines flies everywhere as I laugh hysterically. I take the saw and press it against your throat, Slashing, gashing, bashing, gushing. Your start to bleed, with no control.

I pick you up, strap you to a chair, then I begin to pull out your teeth.
Dental mutilation, blood gushes out of your gums, dripping on to your shirt, the white fabric stains red from the blood spill. I take my knife and cut you open, home-made liposuction. I slit the fat inside you and tear it out,

the putrid stench of you, fills the room. The aroma of your carcass is all too much, I puke into you and fill you up with chunder."

It's standard gory death metal. The lyrics are the least important aspect of this album, the vocals are used in a more instrumental sense rather than getting a message across, which I find better suits this album.

Overall Impression — 7
The only songs to feature blast beats on this album were "Pandemic Apocalypse" and "Paranormal Evisceration" which is a nice change for a death metal album, to not rely on blast beats for every drum part. I have found this album to be much more listenable than 90% of the slamming death metal records which tend to be rather repetitive and boring.

The best songs on this album were: "Hacksaw Surgery," "Paranormal Evisceration," "Isolated Insanity."

My least favourite were: "Sirenens Kald," "Eyes of Abomination."

This album is a great proof that a little digging can find you a great, underrated, modern album. My only problem with this album is that some of the pig vocals (mainly on the first track) can become tiresome, luckily they do not take up too much of the album. If the album were stolen or lost I would absolutely buy it again, I consider is a diamond in the rough of slamming death metal.

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